Deborah M. Norris
Posted: 2/19/20 at 1:35pm

Why is Hannah Corneau leaving Wicked????

carolinaguy Profile Photo
Posted: 2/19/20 at 3:28pm

She's been with the Broadway company since May. Perhaps her contract is just up?

Just remembering you've had an "and" When you're back to "or" Makes the "or" mean more than it did before

Deborah M. Norris
Posted: 2/19/20 at 5:41pm

Aahhh....she is such a FABULOUS Elphaba!!!!  LOVE her voice!

Posted: 2/20/20 at 8:42am

While I've heard reports on her being an incredible Elphaba, there could be numerous factors for her leaving the production. Maybe her vocal chords need a rest. Maybe she actually had a shorter contract than expected. Maybe she's leaving for another project. Who knows? But whatever the reason may be, so happy for those who DID get to see her. She was out the night I saw it. Still an incredible show, but I was sad to have missed her. 

Broadway Buddy
Posted: 2/20/20 at 11:11pm

I saw her on her second(?) week. (June 1. Didn’t love the show but she really stood out. Great Elphie. May try the lotto a couple times before she leaves. Would love to see it again just for her.

Miles2Go2 Profile Photo
Posted: 2/21/20 at 1:11am

Saw this tonight. It is one of my favorite shows, but had never seen on B’way. Only on tour. But bought a ticket because Alexandra Billings (Madame Morrible) was cast then was worried because she’s been sick all week. But when I entered the theatre, her name was on the board so I was happy. I was a little disappointed because Ginna Claire Mason was out and Brittney Johnson was in as Glinda. The last time I saw Wicked (3x in the span of a week) 2 years ago on tour through Tulsa, GCM was Glinda and she was perfection. Still I was excited to see a new (to me) Glinda and Elphaba (Hannah Corneau).

My seat was Row D, Seat 4, Right Orchestra. While I wouldn’t exactly call my seat obstructed, some of the ensemble or scenery occasionally blocked my view of things happening mid-stage or upstage. Of course, I knew what was happening based on previous viewings so it was just less than optimal. I wish I had picked a seat a little further back in center orchestra, but as I recall those seats were more and now I understand why.

I have to say that I still think the best Wicked cast I’ve seen to date is still when I saw it 3× 2 years ago in Tulsa. My cast then included GCM (Glinda), Mary Kate Morrissey (Elphaba), Jody Gelb (Madame Morrible), Jason Graae (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), and Mili Diaz (Nessarose).

Brittney Johnson’s performance was a different take on Glinda. Hers is a less ditzy, more grounded Glinda. No helium voice here.

I was moved to tears more than once (I’m Not That Girl, As Long As You’re Mine, No Good Deed, For Good).

Went a bit crazy at merch table. Before show, I got the “New York Soecisl”, which includes t-shirt, magnet and mug, all exclusive to the NYC production. Plus the socks. At intermission. I picked up the window card which I got signed at stage door.

At stage door, Brittney Johnson, Alexandra Billings, Riley Costello (Boq), and Shoba Narayan (Nessarose) came out.

Deborah M. Norris
Posted: 2/27/20 at 10:49am

How did you like Brittney Johnson as Glinda?  I would have loved to see Alexandra Billings, period, although I just cannot imagine another Elphaba than Hannah Corneau!  She is the epitome of Elphaba!  That voice inflection!  Gives me chills!  Cannot wait to see who she'll play next!

While I plan to attend numerous more shows, I would LOVE to see Wicked again!  I plan to visit NYC again in December and I am seeing only dates for the show thru September.  Do you happen to know if it will still be playing?

seaweedjstubbs Profile Photo
Posted: 2/27/20 at 11:37am

Unless something crazy happens, WICKED will still be around in December. :)

Deborah M. Norris
Posted: 2/27/20 at 11:44am

YAY!  Thank you for the info!  I hope GCM will be playing Glinda still...she's fabulous!!!

Plannietink08 Profile Photo
Posted: 2/27/20 at 6:11pm

How is Alexandra as MM?

"Charlotte, we're Jewish"