12/18 Mind Mangler, 12/19 Rockettes/Back to the Future


#112/18 Mind Mangler, 12/19 Rockettes/Back to the Future
Posted: 10/30/23 at 4:11pm

Hello all, 

I am bringing a group to the city the week before Christmas from our theatre in Michigan. I purchased tickets to three shows before I had my numbers finalized and I now have four extra tickets for the following: 

Monday, December 18 - Mind Mangler at 7 p.m. - New World Stages - $89 each (Row C, Orchestra)

Tuesday, December 19 - Rockettes Spectacular at 11 a.m. - Radio City - $111 each (Row C, Orchestra 3)

Tuesday, December 19 - Back to the Future at 7 p.m. - Winter Garden - $139 each (Row S, Orchestra)

Please contact me if you would like any of these seats. This is the group rate. We can arrange payment and it would be easiest to meet at the theatre as all of these tickets are will call. 

Thank you!


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