Who Are You?

#1Who Are You?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 9:51pm

I have a very odd question but I’m watching real housewives before bed and I can’t stop thinking something…..who are you all? 

I read these boards every day, almost compulsively. I get all my news here. I know people’s screen names and profile pictures by heart. Even if there are people I don’t care for on these boards, I just can’t help but be fascinated by you all. So I just would like to ask, who are you?

I’m not asking for anyone to reveal their names (that would be a VERY bad idea), but I’d love to learn more about you all. Be as vague or as specific as you’d like  

I’ll start: 


Im 24 years old. I’m a white gay guy from the south who got a BFA. I went to school for acting but am much more interested in pursuing comedy. I usually come on these boards when I’m bored at work (which is a lot) or when I’m really high off an edible on my couch (which I am right now), which is why I’m sure I always have so many typos. I’m a cancer survivor. I’m pretty unserious, but take theatre very seriously and love it so much. I love plays, but musicals will always be my favorite. I’m at a show at least twice a week. I love to laugh. Not even just at the theatre, but in general.  The shows I’ve seen the most are here lies love 13 times and wicked I don’t even know how many times (maybe 15+????)

Also my name is in honor of my queen Bernadette peters. Love you girl!

So I guess that’s it. That’s where I’m coming from when I post on these boards. 

Who are you? 


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#2Who Are You?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 9:54pm

Just someone who appreciates going to the theatre and keeping up with the latest industry news. I’ve loved doing this for years and it’s nice to be real close as an NYC native. I hopped on these boards during the pandemic to keep myself occupied, and it stuck — it’s a great privilege serving as LimelightMike’s successor launching some of the preview threads. 

Bonus points if you know to squawk when you read the current signature at the bottom of my profile. 

Oh look, a bibu!
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#3Who Are You?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 10:29pm

Who Are You?

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#4Who Are You?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 10:34pm

Who Are You?

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#5Who Are You?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 11:11pm

I am a theatre lover with strong opinions and mediocre taste.

I'm not trained in, nor work in any performing art.  I know so little, and unashamedly reveal that regularly here.

I am banned from posting on /r/Broadway because they're a bunch pansy a$$ woke children who don't like people who speak the truth.

50, male, HIV positive for 20+ years.  Fortunate to live in Canada with public health care that pays for all my meds.

Being diabetic would probably be worse.  People can still die from that.

Living on the West Coast, Broadway felt quite inaccessible for most of my life.  Now I work an awful job where I'm paid enough that I can try to get to NYC once a year.   

I'm not wealthy.  I am satisfied in the cheap seats.

Traveling is almost I think about all day long at work to get me through.  Also donuts.  Yesterday my boss said to me in front of the whole office, "I don't want you to get angry with me but I have some criticism for you..." I was like uh oh did I accidentally send that email where I told the president to go f himself?  Then he's like, "I think you are eating too many donuts. You know sugar is really bad for you as you get older.  You should eat more leafy greens."  It's not like I'm taking donuts that other people want - I'm the person who brings in the box of donuts for the office and I pay for them out of my own pocket!  Maybe once or twice a week, not every day.  And I always make sure there is a honey crueller for him.  I just said "OK thanks for your concern."  Then I spent an hour scrolling through the internet looking at Broadway, Opera, movie, & travel news while pretending to work.

Inception was a film that came out in 2010.  I've seen it once.  It seemed like a cool word to use as a nickname when I joined.

There are about 100 Barbie dolls on display in my living room watching me while I lay on the couch typing this into my phone.  I bought custom made mink coats for my Ken dolls long before that frigging movie came out.

I actually met Greta Gerwig on the sidewalk in Midtown in 2022 and I think I scared her a bit. 


#6Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 1:04am

33-year-old straight male who lives in rural Minnesota. Have worked in adult foster care & other mental health jobs for the better part of a decade.

Very involved with community theatre in my area as a board member, audience member, actor, occasional director and aspiring playwright. I also make regular trips to the Twin Cities to see various professional and amateur performances there. 

Outside of theatre, I'm into film, literature, and cooking and I follow awards ceremonies like the Oscars and Tonys like other people do professional sports.

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#7Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 5:03am

I'm a Geordie lass, 48 years old. 

I have been going to the theatre since my teens, albeit mostly regional, but I have been known to pop down to the West End occasionally.  Last year I went to see Back To The Future and that's when I became a huge fan of Roger Bart.  When he joined the Broadway cast, I joined this forum so I could comment in the BTTF threads.  This is why my knowledge of Broadway (and some of the actors) is fairly limited.  I'm very much a casual theatre goer, but my love for Roger's work brought me to N.Y. this year and I did see three other shows while I was here.

My username comes from the job I did for 19 years.  I worked in a supermarket and operated the Lottery terminal.  On busy days I would sell hundreds of Lucky Dip tickets.  My profile pic is from my Derren Brown era and it's what he used to chuck into the audience to choose random participants during his live performances.

My other interests include going to the movies, going to gigs, and editing videos.

The shows I have seen most often:

  1. The Rocky Horror Show
  2. Back To The Future - The Musical
  3. Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert

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Dylan Smith4
#8Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 9:29am

I'm a white, Gay, 24-year-old Theatre Lover and director from Central Pennsylvania.

I am fortunate to only live 2 hours away from NYC and tend to go up about once a month. If I lived closer, I would probably go up every weekend, lol! Just love seeing as much theatre as possible! 

I recently graduated from University with a BA in Theatre. I will be moving to London in the fall to pursue an MA in Theatrical Directing. The goal is to settle there afterward. I love London so much and cannot wait to call it home soon! Obviously, I will be seeing as much theatre over there as possible. Hell, I did that when I was there last summer. 

When I came here, I did not think to create a username so...I just used my regular name. Just wish BwayWorld would allow us to change our usernames if we made a spelling error, etc. I love to interact with different people on here and talk about what we all love, theatre. 

Some of my favorite musicals include Cabaret, Waitress, Hamilton, CHESS, Parade, Kimberly Akimbo, and so on.

Thanks for creating this thread @berniesb!tch! When these threads can get really tense at times, I like to have a thread where we can get to know one another and just have polite conversations. 

The idea is to work and to experiment. Some things will be creatively successful, some things will succeed at the box office, and some things will only - which is the biggest only - teach you things that see the future. And they're probably as valuable as any of your successes. -Harold Prince

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#9Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 9:48am

My avatar is a barber shop very near MacArthur Park in LA.

#10Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 7:12pm

44-year-old white queer guy from North Carolina who now lives in Brooklyn.  I work in higher education and was a theatre major for a split second in undergrad before I realized I much preferred being in the audience.  I'm a bit of a completionist, so I try to see everything that opens on Broadway, especially now that I live in the city.  I average 1-2 shows per week and try to catch as much off- and off-off-Broadway as the budget will allow.  I try to (but don't always succeed) find something positive in every show I see, but I usually forget to lead with that when I'm talking about a show.  Theatre helps me process this crazy world we live in, and I'm so grateful to get to live at its epicenter.

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The8re phan
#11Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 7:17pm

Who Are You?


seriously thou, i'm a 40-something gay male theater operations professional........ try not to take anything too seriously, and if the COVID shutdown taught me anything, I try not to take anything for granted either.

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Charley Kringas Inc
#12Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 7:49pm

And I'm a 30-something gay male theatre operations professional, lol. My mom used to take me backstage when I was a kid and it wasn't the applause that hooked me but the magical sense of creation. It never fails to amaze me how you can take this big black box and invent a whole world that lives inside of it.

Though I absolutely do not have the funds to see everything, or even most things, I've been collecting bootlegs long enough to know how to get the most out of what I can't see. It's very, very exciting to be able to follow along with a show as it develops and opens, and I really sincerely appreciate this board for not only the commentary and news, but the archival element. This board is an honest to god historical treasure.

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#13Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 7:55pm

I'm Brigitta. She's Louisa and she's thirteen years old and you're smart. I'm nine and I think your dress is the ugliest one I ever saw.

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#14Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 8:19pm

37 year-old gay male from southern Connecticut. I trained in acting and have been performing on stage for nearly three decades. I work a full-time job outside of the industry, but I've been fortunate to play many, many dreams roles on stages throughout CT and NY. Being in rehearsal for a show/part that I love, and that asks a lot of me, is my happy place. When I see theatre or film, it is through the lens of performance and emotional truth that I can analyze and deconstruct the piece.

I saw my first Broadway show (Phantom) at the age of twelve, and have been hooked ever since. I do try to see as much as I can every season, but I'm getting pickier as I get older. I want to make sure that what I'm seeing is either well-crafted, significant, bold, or some combination of the three. I don't have much time for shows that are "just fun". I crave depth in what I pay to see, but I also believe that even more flamboyant shows can be a vehicle for deeper meaning (Some Like it Hot, for example, is a show that I didn't expect to be so cathartic despite its frivolity).

#15Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 10:06pm

I have loved reading all these responses so much (especially the GIFs)


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Broadway Flash
#16Who Are You?
Posted: 5/15/24 at 11:55pm

Inception, why do u think you scared Greta ?

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#17Who Are You?
Posted: 5/16/24 at 12:54am

Broadway Flash said: "Inception, why do u think you scared Greta ?"

I was heading to the subway, turned the corner onto Broadway near Eataly across from Madison Square Park. This woman was walking towards me, and I was like "Why do I know her?" Suddenly I realized who she was. I came to screeching halt.  I think I left rubber on the sidewalk. I'm a 6'1" 250lb bearish type.  She was startled, and took off her headphones.  Then I blurted out, "Your movies are amazing!" She said, "Oh thanks" & then kept walking on her way very quickly.  I yelled after her, "I'm  a tourist!"  I was sort of trying explain my ridiculous behaiviour.  She didn't look back.  She must have thought I was a complete nut job.  I was in kind of shock.  She's one of my most favourite actresses.  



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#18Who Are You?
Posted: 5/18/24 at 9:54am

I'm 40yo who lives and works in the NYC tri-state area for the past 22 years. I have 2 jobs (main job that pays the rent/food and a side job that funds this theater habit.)

I first joined BWW back 10 years ago when asking about Hedwig and the Angy Inch. Name is not from Wicked but from the song "Wick" sung by John Cameron Mitchell in the musical The Secret Garden.

Since I live in the area, I watch shows via rush/SRO/lottery/discounted tix first and don't mind sitting anywhere in the theater. If I absolutely loved the show, then I'll gladly save up $$$ and pay full price to sit in the seat I want to sit in to see the show a second time. 

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