FOXY BROWN musical in the works

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#1FOXY BROWN musical in the works
Posted: 5/30/24 at 10:46am

The legendary Pam Grier Ph.D stopped by The Jennifer Hudson Show where she teased a musical adaptation of her 1974 Blaxploitation classic Foxy Brown.

"We're going to be doing Foxy Brown also as a musical," Grier announced, though she didn't elaborate much, leaving one to wonder if the rapper Foxy Brown will somehow be involved...she won't be.

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#2FOXY BROWN musical in the works
Posted: 5/30/24 at 1:10pm

When I was in high school, I bought a dollar-bin triple-disc compilation called "Superbad! The Best of Blaxploitation." It was a collection of theme songs and soundtrack cuts from the Blaxploitation and Blaxploitation-adjacent films and TV shows of the late sixties and seventies, and it was GLORIOUS. (The playlist is up on Spotify, definitely check it out.)

I fell in love with the sound of grimy funk, jazz fusion and black singer-songwriter material of the era. Which leaves me wondering, which would I prefer: an original score, or a Blaxploitation jukebox?