Eureka Day cast

#1Eureka Day cast
Posted: 6/18/24 at 2:48pm

Amber Gray, Jessica Hecht, Bill Irwin, Thomas Middleditch, and Zoe Chao

#2Eureka Day cast
Posted: 6/18/24 at 3:02pm

This is a GREAT role for Hecht. Worked on a production of this a few years ago. Expecting another Tony Award nomination for her.

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Jordan Catalano
#3Eureka Day cast
Posted: 6/18/24 at 3:08pm

Oh, that's an exciting cast!!!!

#4Eureka Day cast
Posted: 6/18/24 at 3:28pm

Has Thomas Middleditch done stage work before?  I really enjoyed his performance in Silicon Valley and I'm pretty excited to see how he does.

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#5Eureka Day cast
Posted: 6/18/24 at 8:47pm

So excited for this. MTC has a great year ahead of them

#6Eureka Day cast
Posted: 6/18/24 at 8:55pm

Agreed. MTC had a fantastic season last year and im excited for more. What a cast!


#7Eureka Day cast
Posted: 6/18/24 at 9:19pm

Does anyone know the 3rd show they’re doing? Fall show?

#8Eureka Day cast
Posted: 6/18/24 at 10:11pm

This is an impressive cast to match the Old Vic cast from a couple of years ago which demonstrated what a fantastic play this is. My only worry is that Jessica Heck will come off very passive aggressive in a role that Helen Hunt played very sincerely (just because that's the kind of actress the wonderful Jessica is).

#9Eureka Day cast
Posted: 7/6/24 at 7:37pm

Anyone have any inside information (or just some informed speculation) as to whether the entire Broadway cast will be making the move to DC for the show's run at the Kennedy Center next March 4-22?