Jodi Benson in Hello, Dolly! Orlando, FL

Jodi Benson in Hello, Dolly! Orlando, FL

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#1Jodi Benson in Hello, Dolly! Orlando, FL
Posted: 6/22/24 at 12:35pm

Caught the first performance of Dolly! Last night at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando. What a wonderful performance. Albeit, her first performance, Jodi Benson is a superb Dolly Levi. Having seen the last five ladies from Bette onward (including the tour) Jodi Benson should have been passed the torch in the last revival, if not on the road.  Her characterization was truly fleshed out. She found laughs in moments where I hadn’t expected and displayed a wonderful determination throughout. Her PARADE was sublime. Her legacy is her characterization of Ariel for which she still is representing in her work, though her voice is as mature, nuanced and powerful. That woman can SING. 

I did not catch Gypsy on Ft. Meyers last season and doubt I’ll get to Rodchester for the next production. It’s quite clear from last evening, that Benson should return to the stage in roles that suit her as she is a wonderful musical theatre performer. 

If you’re local and can snag any remaining seats, do try to get over to Steinmetz hall. I’d give anything for a cast recording.