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Billie Eilish wants to write a musical
 Feb 19 2024, 12:41:14 PM

She should adapt Poor Things as a musical. Chavkin as director. Do we see the vision? Where do I sign?

Broadway Cares ripped for directing funds to Gaza
 Feb 13 2024, 10:20:21 PM

They should've sent more.

FOLLIES Movie Adaptation in the Works!!
 Feb 13 2024, 10:18:50 PM

I think people always talk about Meryl as a Sally, but I think she's more of a Phyllis.

FOLLIES Movie Adaptation in the Works!!
 Feb 13 2024, 04:22:32 PM

Apparently Leslie Manville is a trained classical soprano so she's now my choice for Sally.  One of our greatest living actresses.

I do think they should cast older. I think people just looked older in 71 (all the booze, cigarettes, and lead).  I think actors in their 80's are much too old however. I think mid-60's is the age cap.

I think Spielberg directed the f*ck out of West Side Story and I do think the material would be a good choice for him. He's

Wicked Movie Musical Teaser
 Feb 11 2024, 11:47:46 PM

Owen22 said: "Oh my God, the over-critical bitchiness in this thread! It's a trailer for god's sake. That looks wonderful IMO.

You people are why we can't have nice things.

We should all clap like seals as they throw slop at us.

Wicked Movie Musical Teaser
 Feb 11 2024, 11:28:59 PM

John Adams said: "QueenTwinnied said: "Beloved…..Ariana is white"

She's Italian. My bad in describing her as LatinX. Should have said, Mediterranean. Still, she's gorgeous as she is. I still don't see why she was whitened up. No reason to do it and it makes her look awkwardly unnatural.


Miss Ponytail has been blackfishing so hard her whole career that when she finally drops it for a role, everyone thinks s

FOLLIES Movie Adaptation in the Works!!
 Feb 11 2024, 10:55:23 PM

joevitus said: "Georgeanddot2 said: "Ti West's obsession with nostalgiabation cinema makes him the wrong director for a film about the danger of nostalgia and living in the past."

Or the perfect one.

Well I think he's also just not a good enough director for this material (I would argue that he's actually a very bad director). As an artist, I don't think he's... a very deep thinker.

Wicked Movie Musical Teaser
 Feb 11 2024, 10:49:41 PM

Looks terrible. This flat, melodramatic, digital, video game look that all big movies have adopted in recent years needs to end. It's just awful. Chu is a terrible director and such a dull choice to direct this too.

FOLLIES Movie Adaptation in the Works!!
 Feb 10 2024, 06:22:19 PM

Ti West's obsession with nostalgiabation cinema makes him the wrong director for a film about the danger of nostalgia and living in the past.

Broadway Honors System
 Jan 16 2024, 02:36:05 PM


 Jan 12 2024, 12:05:47 AM

Wished this ended on the scene where they sneak the booze into bed, making their drinking addiction almost like a sexual fetish for the two of them.  Would've been such a dark, interesting note to end on. Mutually assured destruction.

Kelli and Brian are incredible in this show.  Great performances from them.  They try their best with the material they've been given.  The songs don't seem to really do anything or go anywhere although they *sound* kind of

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’
 Oct 30 2023, 02:47:44 PM

Shockingly bad casting.

Sondheim/Ives HERE WE ARE @ The Shed
 Oct 29 2023, 12:30:30 PM

Idk I think Here We Are sounds more golden age and Square One sounds a little more modern (and much less random). But anyways...

Rachel Bay Jones Sally Durant Plummer when????

Sondheim/Ives HERE WE ARE @ The Shed
 Oct 29 2023, 12:23:35 PM

Is the show not a musical comedy? I think Here We Are sounds much more like an old fashioned musical comedy.

Sondheim/Ives HERE WE ARE @ The Shed
 Oct 29 2023, 12:15:42 PM

It wouldn't be the first time that the title of a Sondheim show is mentioned several times IN the show.  It actually seems like a Sondheimy thing to do.  I found the constant repeating of that line jarring next to the pretty random title of Here We Are.  It also seems that Sondheim wished for the title to be Square One.

CONFIRMED: CABARET at the August Wilson Theatre, Spring 2024
 Oct 28 2023, 03:53:44 PM

Broadway is not dead.  It has been MURDERED by ticket prices.

Peter Pan Tour with a Male Star
 Oct 28 2023, 03:10:04 PM

Huge win for twinks.

Sondheim/Ives HERE WE ARE @ The Shed
 Oct 28 2023, 11:07:21 AM

Some more thoughts:

Here We Are is such a bad title.  Square One is obviously better suited to the show, especially since it's said in the show several times.

I was also hoping that this would take a much darker, horror tone in the second act and have a much less hopeful ending. Turning The Exterminating Angel into a sort of musical comedy is... a choice.

Very sad how afraid Ives is of really going after the rich. It comes off as a light teasing, whic

Sondheim/Ives HERE WE ARE @ The Shed
 Oct 27 2023, 11:33:43 PM

It bothers me how ashamed this is of being surrealist. It overexplains everything instead of just letting the weird stuff happen for us to then interpret. A lot of stuff in the book really doesn't work, especially in the second act and it misses the point of the two Bunuel films it pulls from.

It winds up being anti-poor people, pro-rich which really sucks. The satire falls completely flat. Very right-wing, surprisingly. A lot of the cast is very good, but doesn't make the mate

Sondheim/Ives HERE WE ARE @ The Shed
 Oct 27 2023, 09:51:01 PM

Just got out of the show and... yeah idk.  Some great stuff in the first act and the set is really great.  Would it be crazy if I said that Ives simply isn't an interesting enough writer for this? His book doesn't seem as unhinged and funny as Sondheim's score.  Too much logic in this Bunuel adaptation.

I'll share some more of my thoughts when I make it home.

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