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Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/12/24
 May 14 2024, 10:07:29 PM

kdogg36 said: "Matt Rogers said: "Not hard to do with their terrorist ticket prices."

Can you name one person who's been forced against their will to buy a ticket to this show? There are no consequences whatsoever to saying "no" to their ticket prices - I know this from experience. This isn't typically how terrorists operate.

I mean, surely there are consequences to saying “yes” to their ticket prices if th

2024-2025 Broadway Season
 May 12 2024, 06:22:54 PM

@EDSOSLO858 thanks for keeping track of all the upcoming shows! Do you mind updating your original post with some of the shows you’ve added so far (it’s such a great resource for keeping track of things)

Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)
 Mar 19 2024, 10:05:36 PM

Reviews seemed to have finally dropped and they seem pretty middle of the road but with praise for the sheer outlandishness of it all.

I will say, after seeing it both in previews and last week when it apparently opened, the show is a lot of typical MRJ fun but I do agree with a lot of the critics in that it doesn't know whether it wants to make a statement about the dark aspects of the show (religious purity, sexual assault, toxic masculinity) or just make light of it all for a story about vaginal teeth. 

Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)
 Dec 16 2023, 12:37:45 PM

I feel like this could go either the route of Carrie the Musical (yet another horror flop) or Book of Mormon since MRJ talks a lot about leaning into the religiousness of it all. I wanna be excited for it as A Strange Loop and White Girl in Danger fan but there’s been pretty bad industry talk about how problematic the producer Mark Gordon is (both with this and other theater projects) and I’ve heard he has a heavy hand in steering this creative process

Isaac Butler NYT piece: "American Theater Is Imploding Before Our Eyes" and needs a government bail-out
 Jul 19 2023, 08:16:32 PM

There have been so many shows that aren't "preachy" that have failed on Broadway since the pandemic (Almost Famous, Bad Cinderella, Camelot, now Grey House) and some with very serious subject matters (Parade, Leopoldstadt) that have done very well, that when people comment about woke theater being a major reason why theater is failing... it makes me scratch my head. Obviously there's a current audience for more heady topics that touch on the real world AND call out social in

Beanie Feldstein in FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Feb 10 2022, 02:09:24 PM

Sutton Ross said: "Thanks so much."

You're welcome.

Beanie Feldstein in FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Feb 10 2022, 11:52:06 AM

BrodyFosse123 said: "BWAY Baby2 said: "LOL- I thought it was interesting that the right wing is anti-semitic- and then the progressive left wing sees Jews as part of WASP culture and thinks it is fine to cast POC as Jews who struggled against so many odds to achieve in this society. Not fair- and it annoys me. That is why seeing Lehman as a black man- or Ziegfeld as a black man is okay- but you will never see a Jew cast as MLK or Michelle Obama."

Same sc

Funny Girl 2022 Revival
 Oct 6 2021, 06:42:54 PM

Playbill_Trash said: "So will legitimate anger about Jane Lynch taking a role away from a Jewish character actress get any attention beyond these boards? Before you respond, think about whether what you would say about this would be acceptable if it was regarding any other minority - then ask yourself if you’re just telling Jews to “get over it”. Would it be ok to say that to any other minority about their representation? Give me a break.

I’m person

Oklahoma subtext
 Aug 31 2020, 12:07:36 PM

Frumious Bandersnatch said: "Homoeroticism in a scene does not necessarily imply sexual attraction between the characters. The scene was plainly homoerotic."

^ This. I don't understand this passionate denouncement that audiences would find homoerotic subtext in a production so sensually charged. Both The Hollywood Reporter and Vox (along with some BroadwayWorld thread users) noticed that audiences found subtext, and finding that subtext doesn't diminish the show at all. Weird that Sutton finds it so "reaching" and "desperate" when all of her posts are fighting against what some audiences have read implicitly...

Racist Rainbow
 Aug 19 2020, 10:17:58 AM

I don't understand people who are like "I'm not offended and I only care about current behavior" but then use their so called better spent energy to defend people that they agree said messed up things. Like if you made up your mind to not care then why not just... move along? Simply digging up a person's old tweets (and there are a lot in this bunch) shouldn't be a problem. Broadwayworld and Rainbow's fans have a choice in ignoring the tweets or waiting

Disney+ developing Once on this Island film adaptation
 Jul 31 2020, 09:04:34 PM

Alex would be a wonderful return, as many others have said! I guess acting appropriately like an earth goddess and one made-up report is too "high on himself" for some people.

would also love to see some returns from the original production! cameos from Kecia and LaChanze would be so cute

George Rose in My Fair Lady
 Jul 27 2020, 07:14:26 PM

don't know how Dumbledore came up in this thread lol but the circumstances around Rose very much read like a Michael Jackson tell-all: brilliant performing talent with an affinity for exotic creatures and boys...

would've loved to have seen the production though. rarely see featured roles shine so brightly nowadays, or I guess pre-covid days


Adding that this thread touches on a lot of issues and theater seediness which is interesting to see. My parents

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