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Horror On Broadway?
 Jul 3 2024, 03:13:28 PM

The only examples I can think of truly being scared at moments watching a play is Hand to God (mainly due to the gore) and The Humans

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024 ART
 Jun 3 2024, 09:48:04 PM

Color me shocked that Florence didn't include her song "Over the Love" which was written for The Great Gatsby soundtrack (2013)

What is the BEST Show You Have Seen on Broadway
 May 24 2024, 01:00:54 PM


Fun Home

Shuffle Along 


Angels in America (2018 revival)

The Glass Menagerie (2017 revival) - I was so taken by Sally Field and Joe Mantello that I didn't even mind the paired down production

What is the worst production you have ever seen on Broadway? What is the worst show?
 May 23 2024, 01:58:20 PM

American Psycho is the only show I regret spending money on. The only exciting moment was the end of the first act when blood splattered on the vinyl curtain. Other than that, totally abysmal. Sometimes when I need a laugh, I think of the moment where the set was covered in blood in Act II and they needed a way to get rid of it, so the solution was to have the ensemble on their hands and knees cleaning up the blood while singing the word "cleannnnnn..." repeatedly

Great songs given to minor/insignificant characters
 Feb 5 2024, 07:46:16 PM

He Plays the Violin - 1776

Young Pretty Girl Like You - Promises, Promises

The Miller's Son - A Little Night Music

All of Cats 

BURLESQUE MUSICAL in development
 Jan 23 2024, 05:30:39 PM

Word on the gay street is that Christina will be playing the role of Tess so this actually makes two of the leads as co-writers

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development
 Dec 15 2023, 01:08:51 PM

Rentaholic2 said: "Maybe I'm in the minority here, but...

1) I don't hate the new material, and there's not as much of it as people seem to have suggested. It's mostly very rhythmic ("Workin'" and "Agoo" are basically just percussion), which I think meshes well with how they've re-orchestrated much of the pre-existing material. It also doesn't sounds much more modern/out-of-place than the stage songs to me. "Keep It Movi

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development
 Dec 10 2023, 10:05:21 PM

JP2 said: "TaffyDavenport said: "Too Beautiful for Words" is listed on the soundtrack, and, regardless, "Miss Celie's Blues" wouldn't replace it anyway. It would replace "Push Da Button," if anything, but it hasn't, since both are in the film."

Lyrically, "Miss Celie's Blues" does the same thing narratively that "Too Beautiful For Words" does in the musical.

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development
 Dec 9 2023, 10:05:07 PM

Just got back from a screening - overall, I thought it was a solid movie (I've been looking forward to it since it was announced). However, this is largely a remake of the original film that uses some of the material from the musical rather than an adaptation of the musical. For those curious, I'm going to post the songs cut from the musical 

Spoilers below! 

My biggest gripe is that they cut the storyline of Celie and Shug living together later in life

Jennifer Lopez to Star in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Film
 Dec 8 2023, 07:35:27 PM

She really does have star-power and her performance in Hustlers showed she can carry a fun performance while staying grounded. Excited! Just autotune the f*ck outta her! 

re: Funny and Unforgetable Ad-Libs
 Nov 7 2023, 02:31:00 PM

When I saw Angels in America: Perestroika a few years back, the nurses/stagehands wheeled Nathan Lane onstage in his hospital bed but forgot to lock the wheels in place so the whole bed started rolling towards the edge of the stage right before two cast members grabbed it and averted disaster. After the bed was actually locked into place, Lane made a comment along the lines of "I knew I should've gone to Mount Sinai instead..." and the crowd went UP

Streisand Reworking Funny Girl Ending
 Oct 10 2023, 08:22:31 PM

Ah - this makes more sense! 

Streisand Reworking Funny Girl Ending
 Oct 10 2023, 06:04:37 PM

Um. What? 

Who could replace Josh Groban?
 Oct 5 2023, 05:53:03 PM

Nicki Minaj as Lovett is the gayest, most insane casting choice I've ever heard, and I'm ready to mortgage my home to buy a ticket

Director Jamie Lloyd next project is Phantom
 Sep 27 2023, 03:35:51 PM

The Distinctive Baritone said: "pmensky said: "And Emmy Rossum turned 17 years old three days before principal filming of the movie began."

Yeah, it was a “different time.” That casting decision has not aged well. She also was too young to be able to properly sing the score…Generally, I try to pretend that movie never happened. The casting of the two leads, among other poor directorial choices, make it unwatchable IMO.

Which Actors Have Done Multiple Broadway Shows Together?
 Sep 11 2023, 05:02:51 PM

Sherie Rene Scott did Rent with Adam Pascal before they met again for Aida. 

Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad are about to reunite for Guttenberg. 

Did SJB and Megan Hilty ever cross paths at Wicked? 

Truman Capote-based musical in development from Ryan Scott Oliver
 Jun 27 2023, 02:48:40 PM

Michael Cerveris, Josh Gad, or Nathan Lane

Would love to see any of the three take this on! 

 Apr 13 2023, 02:07:20 PM

I saw this at Playwrights way back when - don't even think I realized Hnath wrote this at the time. 

Evangelicalism is an evergreen themes so I would definitely check out a new production

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Apr 10 2023, 05:21:15 PM

God bless the Ariana fans 

These leaked images are exciting. This costume!!!!

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development
 Apr 5 2023, 05:27:57 PM

Any rumblings of when we will get a trailer? 

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