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MOTHER PLAY Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 May 27 2024, 11:38:08 AM

As of a few days ago, it was not going to extend. That was before this weekend's cancellations, but I wouldn't expect any schedule changes.

What Next For The Majestic?
 Apr 28 2024, 08:30:12 PM

Hearing an announcement coming soon?

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO Broadway Previews
 Dec 2 2023, 12:27:33 PM

I caught the 8th preview and thoroughly enjoyed it. At that point it definitely needed some work, but it sounds like they're doing a great job getting that work done at the moment. Looking forward to going back after the holidays!

What Next For The Majestic?
 Dec 2 2023, 12:24:11 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Is something still trying to come in for Spring?"

My industry friends are hearing that something is booked for the spring. How rigid that booking is, I have no idea but it seems they're currently confident that the reno will be done.

The Cottage - Review Thread
 Oct 24 2023, 10:53:28 AM

shirleybrunner145 said: "I think the NY Times is too strict. It is clear that Andy Serkis and Reece Shearsmith deliver engaging performances as the bumbling brothers, each bringing their own comedic timing and chemistry to their roles. Jennifer Ellison also stands out as their captive, portraying a tough and resourceful character."

What in the bad AI heck is this comment?

What Next For The Majestic?
 Oct 22 2023, 10:33:53 AM

Broadway Flash said: "when will this open?"

When will what open? The Majestic? When they're ready to have a show in there again.

Phantom Closing?
 Aug 13 2023, 09:31:53 AM

Listener said: "I clearly asked if the Broadway show was filmed during its 35 year run. Any cast, at any point. That was the question.... I'm basically just trying to get a sense here of which performances in 35 years may have been taped with real cameras for whatever reason."

It definitely was filmed several times. I believe the 10,000th performance, the 25th anniversary performance, re-opening on Broadway, and original cast were filmed, and there were poss

Phantom Closing?
 Aug 10 2023, 09:55:33 PM

Penna2 said: "Your argument that it was still Hal Prince isn't relevant to that question. It had nothing to do with Cammack wanting to change the production. No one wants to lose millions of dollars to prove a point. The failure of the show only proved it wasn't a draw anymore. The show was losing $1,000,000 a week, for whatever reason. Other shows opened and did well with the openings - The Music Man for one, Funny Girl was another after that mess was straightened out, so th

Phantom Closing?
 Aug 10 2023, 04:05:57 PM

Penna2 said: "Only speaking as someone who has following POTO for a number of years, this particular staging was nothing to write home about for a number of reasons especially this one caused the show to close after 35 years."


The original, Hal Prince production that ran 35+ years in two countries isn't anything to write home about, because it "caused the show to close"??? I would love to understand your logic there.


CAMELOT to close in July
 Jun 28 2023, 06:21:12 PM

Such a shame. I feel like LCT has a massive marketing problem. It's almost become a fluke for a show there to get a run of more than a few months.

re: Last note of 'Phantom of the Opera'
 May 30 2023, 04:21:16 PM

defenses said: "Wow! This is a very old thread but it’s fascinating to see that some things don’t change. The title track you hear is recorded until “sing my angel of music” then again for the high note. I’m pretty sure the actors usually sing over it (at least it sounded like they did when I was close), and sometimes you can clearly hear the Christine hit that note at the end over the recording.

(They stopped using the doubles, though, so the

New Look for BroadwayWorld! -- No Searching?
 May 4 2023, 10:30:42 AM

ElephantLoveMedley said: "Really not loving how message board posts are now shoved in between two dense columns (articles and videos). It's so much text all at once. I wish posts had more horizontal real estate instead of 1/3 of the page (when they're 100% of the reason I'm even on that page to begin with)."

Yeah this is incredibly messy, and I find it incredibly hard to read the message board. There's just too much stuff happening around it. This fee

Phantom Closing?
 Apr 15 2023, 05:39:54 PM

I've heard from a few people that it'll be Laird tonight. Until the house opens take that with a grain of salt.

Phantom Closing?
 Apr 15 2023, 04:37:28 PM

defenses said: "I don’t remember seeing anything about rotating phantoms. Pretty sure this is an emergency situation."

I saw some posts about people wishing they would do something like that, but there was never an announced plan other than the current cast would be finishing the run.

Phantom Closing?
 Apr 14 2023, 07:55:29 PM

"She doesn't even go here!"

Phantom Closing?
 Apr 10 2023, 08:52:27 PM

chernjam said: "Do you have a link to this interview?"

I believe this is the one being referred to.

Phantom Closing?
 Apr 6 2023, 03:47:58 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Also, is standing room at the Majestic similar to the WinterGarden? With a wooden beam and the numbers on it?"

Very similar to that, yes!

Phantom Closing?
 Apr 4 2023, 09:41:04 AM

Wick3 said: "Did anyone go last night to Ted's final performance as Phantom?!?"

I did! He was absolute perfection in the role. Amazingly high energy, spot-on vocals, and definitely driven by Hal's direction. It wasn't my last time seeing the original just yet, but if it was, it would have been a worthy last trip.

Phantom Closing?
 Mar 15 2023, 04:17:16 PM

pmensky said: "A lot of this is true, but it’s sort of like robbing Peter to pay Paul."

I actually fully agree with this statement. It's all about cutting down on total costs, not eliminating them entirely. As far as the actor pay goes, they don't pay young people less just because they're young, but the London cast is all quite young which was done intentionally. Casting younger (especially in the ensemble) means casting less established actors, wh

Phantom Closing?
 Mar 15 2023, 01:10:01 PM

pmensky said: "I don’t understand how the show could come back cheaper when it currently uses technology that is 35 years old, and the show recouped? My understanding is that the most recent tour that was scaled down was scaled down to play smaller venues, not because it was less expensive."

By closing the original production, they can add automation, have a younger cast that wouldn't push for higher salaries, and cut down on the royalties that get paid to

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