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 Mar 26 2024, 03:54:30 PM

somecheapfrenchthing said "I also partially agree with the poster who mentioned feelinglike something might've gottenlost along the way from Williamstown to Broadway... can't exactly put my finger on what it is, but I don't get the same chills from this current version that I got my first two viewings at Williamstown. For that reason I'd love to see some of the old stuff reworked and reinstated."

I saw the LJP production and was left feeling the same after seeing the first Sat preview. I even missed the marionettes, although I am apparently the only one

 I am glad they've restored the earlier opening and hope that sticks. I think it frames the story better. May they will see their way to giving the Baron and Baroness their Act I number back, too. I thought it was very sweet and helped the audience invest in them individually and as a pair, so you care about them once the end of Act II rolls around.

My wife who also saw the LJP production didn't mind the changes at all. Gotta love art.  I am rooting for everyone involved and hope they continue to make good use of the previews.

 Mar 26 2024, 03:29:36 PM

terrilovesNY said: "Could anyone in attendance comment on seat locations? Wouldthe first few rows be too close and considered a partial view? Thoughts on mezzanine or orchestra? Thanks!"

I sat Orchestra Left, Row G, seat 10. It was a slightly limited view (could not seem most of the projection screen on stage right that tells you where the show is in time), and Eden was hidden from view for a little bit of the wedding song at the beginning. To me, it was a fair price

 Mar 26 2024, 03:20:34 PM

EDSOSLO858 said: "I will say that Eden had one of the more iconic opening lines of dialogue in recent memory in the La Jolla iteration, and I’m disappointed it was cut for NY."

I saw the first Saturday preview and was bummed by a lot of the changes they made to Act 1. I don't think any of them were an improvement. Thrilled the LJP opening and ending are back.

LEMPICKA announcement teased for next week
 Oct 30 2023, 12:05:45 PM

I am so excited to see this on Broadway! I've already got my tickets for that first Saturday evening preview.

I have been waiting for this announcement since the La Jolla production closed. Fingers crossed that much of that cast will join the Broadway production with Eden. I thought George Abud and Jacquelyn Ritz in particular were so good.

What will be the biggest anticipated show of 23-24
 Apr 18 2023, 11:58:33 AM

Is there any word on Lempicka's chances for Broadway next season? 

FAT HAM Reviews
 Apr 18 2023, 10:44:57 AM

I saw this Sunday evening after missing out on rush to the evening Peter Pan Goes Wrong. I went in pretty blind and had a good time. I bought my tickets using the TodayTix rush - luckily they still had availability in the afternoon.

Full casting announced for GOOD NIGHT, OSCAR
 Apr 18 2023, 10:41:41 AM

Jonathan Cohen said: "The only thing that didn't work for me is none of the characters really change that much from the beginning to the end of the play. Instead the big dramatic conclusion revolves around a musical performance, where Sean Hayes really plays the piano.

He's good if not professional level good, and gets thunderous applause from the audience. My problem is everyone is reacting to what Sean Hayes the actor accomplished, I don't think the moment re

Which Digital Lotteries Have You Won Since Broadway Has Been Back ?
 Apr 18 2023, 05:02:02 AM

I was in NYC this past weekend and entered a bunch of lotteries Friday through Sunday. The only one I won was Little Shop of Horrors, which I accidentally entered for Thursday night when I was trying to see how the telecharge lottery page worked (d'oh!).  Does anyone know if a win on telecharge knocks you out of the running for other lotteries for a spell? Wasn't sure if me going 0-16 was just rough luck.  I didn't win any luckyseat or broadway direct lotteries either -

 Mar 16 2023, 11:55:29 PM

Took my cousin to the evening performance tonight -- Gavin was out again (still?). Not sure if he's been in at all this week. 

 Mar 13 2023, 05:03:27 PM

bholtzinger544 said: "I saw it on Broadway in December and honestly enjoyed this performance more. Montego has really grown into the Witch and seemed to be having a lot more fun in the role than I remembered. Such a delightful moment in the woods."

Was Sebastian in when you saw it last December? Having seen both he and Jason in the past week, I much preferred Jason. I agree he's a great Baker. I wasn't sure if SA was just rusty since he's been out for

Shakespeare Theatre Company's King Lear
 Mar 13 2023, 01:06:20 PM

this_is_ridiculous said: "avoid the front row - absolutely worth the trek. Patrick Page is doing incredible work. Hope this production has a future life. His performance deserves to be seen.. widely."

I bought row D - whew glad I snagged tickets when I did; it's no longer on TodayTix.

Who Have You Gotten Stuff Back From?
 Mar 13 2023, 12:37:19 PM

Nice! Stage dooring has not made a regular return at the Kennedy Center as yet (e.g. the ITW tour has signage up that they are not able to sign or greet fans due to health protocols, likewise the recent Guys and Dolls production), so it's good to hear that one can sometimes get lucky with a mailed request to an off-Broadway theater too. 

 Mar 12 2023, 09:00:59 PM

Don't know how long this has been the case but Sebastian's back on as the Baker. Gavin is out tonight, I presume because of his solo show tomorrow night.

ETA:  Gavin's concert tonight (3/13) has been canceled, per the KenCen website.  I hope he's alright/wish him a quick recovery, as the case may be.

Shakespeare Theatre Company's King Lear
 Mar 7 2023, 02:14:03 PM

I bought a ticket yesterday after reading Peter Marks' review. Although I really dug Page in Hadestown, I had convinced myself I didn't need to see another Lear so relatively soon after the Glenda Jackson production. What do I know? Clearly nothing. I'm looking forward to next Sunday.

Sidney Brustein Todaytix rush
 Mar 7 2023, 02:07:42 PM

When my wife and I saw it last Sunday, I overheard a $96 Row A Balcony ticket being offered to the young man who was first in the Standby line. But I have to imagine standby is pretty hit or miss.

The only discount I've seen for this show besides the TodayTix rush is BAM's 50% off same-day tickets offer for their members.  



 Mar 4 2023, 12:21:45 AM

yyys said: "Montego Glover as the Witch was great....did she play on Broadway?"

Indeed; she shared the role with Patina Miller, who is The Witch on the most recent cast album. I had a chance to see the production a couple times in NYC at the St. James but this was my first time seeing Montego - I agree she was very good! For me Patina played the comedic Witch bits a little better but I really liked the nuance in Montego's performance in the second act.

 Mar 3 2023, 11:51:50 PM

TarHeelAlan said: "And TodayTix is offering 9am day of show rush tickets on their app for $35. We rushed on Tuesday and got Right Front Orch row Q. Excellent seats, regularly $89."

Thanks for the heads-up! I rushed today in DC and got F16 (right front orchestra). I see they've put the show on MYTIX for the rest of the run, so there should be rush available for most remaining performances.  

There was a sign at the Opera House stage door s

Broadway Discounts
 Oct 2 2022, 12:12:54 PM

dramamama611 said: "Looking for codes for:


& Juliet (Juliet1 doesn't work)

Kimberly Akimbo

Thank in advance!

20JULIET as a voucher code will take an extra $20 off a pick-your-seats & Juliet order on  TodayTix. Between that and the fact that tickets are already some $40 cheaper on TT versus buying from the show's site, you can save a decent amount on a pair.

LEMPICKA Pre-Broadway at LaJolla - News & Discussion Thread
 Oct 1 2022, 04:32:14 AM

While I wait patiently (sighing emoji here) for more news about the Broadway transfer, is there any word on when the full off-Broadway cast recording will be released?

Binoculars Recommendation?
 Aug 22 2022, 08:39:56 PM

I use a set of the ones linked below, which I snagged on sale a while back from an optics shop. I like them and always have them with me if I am sitting mezz or balcony, but I suspect they are not 10x better (in terms of noticeable image quality) than a $30-40 pair of concert/opera bins


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