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Alice Ripley as Norma Desmond?
 Feb 9 2016, 11:03:36 AM

I'd go.

Happy 95th Birthday Carol Channing
 Jan 31 2016, 10:11:50 PM

I expect Fantod got a bunch of PMs. And I admire everyone's discretion.

Is Broadway and the Tonys more diverse than Hollywood and the academy awards?
 Jan 27 2016, 12:29:32 PM

I was typing at the same time as Wayman, who has a much more complete list.

Is Broadway and the Tonys more diverse than Hollywood and the academy awards?
 Jan 27 2016, 12:27:12 PM

I can think of David Henry Hwang, B. D. Wong, Lea Salonga, and Ruthie Ann Miles. There may be a fifth, but I can't think of who (or quickly find the answer via Google).

Is Broadway and the Tonys more diverse than Hollywood and the academy awards?
 Jan 27 2016, 11:17:18 AM

And I read somewhere that only 5 Asians have ever won a Tony, though Caucasians have won 28 Tonys for their work on Asian-themed shows. Interesting if true (and I expect it is).

Is Broadway and the Tonys more diverse than Hollywood and the academy awards?
 Jan 27 2016, 07:52:43 AM

I think it is, too. Though the first non-white Best Actress winner wasn't until 2004.

 Dec 10 2015, 04:18:00 PM

What can you expect from someone who has a picture of Eva Braun as their avatar?

 Oct 26 2015, 03:43:01 PM


 Oct 16 2015, 03:00:42 PM

I've loved The Wiz ever since I stumbled across the OCR and begged my mother to let me buy it. And when I begged her to take me to see the original tour (I did a lot of begging as a kid), I loved it even more--and so did she. I didn't care for the movie (poor Mom actually went and sat in the car rather than see it through), but I recently saw concert versions at both 54 Below and at SummerStage, and I love it still. Neither of the latter made use of the book, of course, and I

 Oct 9 2015, 02:46:18 PM

I was just talking about the Les Mis recording. But you're right; her final performances of Evita sound as though her cab is outside with the meter running.

 Oct 9 2015, 02:33:50 PM

That tempo would have been the conductor's choice, since all of her lines are sung except for "Give me that letter back."

 Sep 23 2015, 10:37:26 AM

I liked this response:

The Greatest Sondheim Song
 Sep 3 2015, 12:56:49 PM

One show only; kind of a snuff play.

The Greatest Sondheim Song
 Sep 3 2015, 12:47:20 PM

^ Finally, that musical version of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? we've all been waiting for!

Julie Andrews or Vanessa Redgrave: Whose rendition of
 Sep 2 2015, 12:17:13 PM

But then I have always found it difficult to sexualize Julie Andrews.


Even when she showed her boobies?

John @ Signature Theatre Co.
 Aug 26 2015, 06:43:58 AM

No sentence beginning with "Though the entire audience would like to . . . " can end with anything approaching accuracy.


re: The ORIGINAL Majestic Theatre - anyone have a picture of it?
 Aug 19 2015, 04:52:05 PM

The 1903 Wizard has long been on my time-travel wish list.

The Original Production of Rags
 Aug 19 2015, 10:15:56 AM

Stratas famously missed a lot of performances at the Met due to illness, but I don't recall hearing that she missed performances of "Rags" (of which there weren't that many anyway). Of course, I could be wrong.

The Original Production of Rags
 Aug 19 2015, 07:54:58 AM

I only ever heard positive things about Stratas's behavior (including from someone in the show).

There was much to like about it, including some gorgeous music--and singing--but as Wilmingtom says, there seemed to be a good half dozen plot lines. But Stratas, Kuhn, and Kert were all wonderful, I thought.

Brilliant casting at Williamstown!
 Aug 17 2015, 10:03:38 AM

I wouldn't necessarily call the music poorly chosen, but it certainly ranged all over the globe, which struck me as a little odd.

I'd love to see this Josie again; I can only imagine she'd deepen an already lovely performance.

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