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Theatre Extras vs Play by Play (primarily for plays and off b'way)
 Apr 23 2018, 01:17:25 PM

Let my Gold Club membership lapse and considering an alternative.

While catching an occasional Broadway show is is a very nice bonus my primary interest is plays and off broadway. 

For venues like The Public, Signature, 59E59, Roundabout, MTC, CSC, Lincoln Center, Skirball, Michael Schimmel Center, BAM Harvey, etc. which would folks who have experience with both recommend: Theatre Extras or Play by Play? 

re: City Center seating
 Apr 14 2015, 02:11:29 PM

"^^Nothing is called "Gallery" at City Center, not sure what you're talking about. It's Orch, Mezz/Grand Tier, and Balcony. "


Do note the many posts above that refer to the gallery and see here:

In any case, my response has been updated to reflect the "Balcony" name now. 

Whatever the name, the highest tier of seating at City Center is extremely high up. Higher and farther than any Broadway theater and a more extreme angle than the Met. 

re: City Center seating
 Apr 14 2015, 02:06:51 PM

I would definitely take rear orchestra. The top Balcony tier at City Center is REALLY high. Watching the tops of heads on stage high.

The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin
 Jul 18 2013, 06:47:07 PM
"This opened tonight. Are there reviews? Does anyone even care?"

Apparently not?

How is TheaterMania's Gold Club?
 Apr 13 2012, 03:27:05 PM
We're definitely just as interested in Plays as Musicals. So if you were going to recommend only one of the others after TM Gold Club which would it be?
How is TheaterMania's Gold Club?
 Apr 11 2012, 05:08:44 PM
So I'm already a member of TM Gold Club, which of the others would you most recommend to augment that? (AE, PbP, or TE)
American Globe Theater? Any one have experience with their shows?
 Oct 9 2011, 06:36:22 PM
Google doesn't seem to be any help in this regard. Other than their own website I can't seem to find a single review posted anywhere.

Has anyone seen any of their productions?

 Aug 23 2011, 10:23:42 PM
Fourteen Flights - Can't offer as much unconditional praise as earlier reviews, but can still say it's very well worth seeing. (and the 2.5 hour investment)

Most worthy of note is what may well be the best writing of this year's Fringe.

The actors were really very good, and admirably handle an enormous amount of text, but I still felt emotionally detached even during the most cathartic scenes.

Unfortunately this play requires much more than competence to reach it's

 Aug 23 2011, 10:15:03 PM
For anyone that enjoys dance:

When The Sky Breaks in 3D - an all female hip hop dance crew brings the beats, pops, locks, and lots of soul to Dixon Place. Don't even bother with the 3D glasses because while the background projections are nifty, the glasses take away from the real stars busting their moves up front. 7/10

Chien De Moi - A Carnegie Melon dance company (and friends of the outstanding PigPen troupe) bring a beautifully staged and choreographed collection of pieces t

 Nov 11 2010, 01:20:57 AM
I enjoyed it more than most (apart from bjh) but I'll eat my hat if more than 1 in 5 critics offers more than an outright pan to lukewarm review at best.

It has moments of brilliance but not nearly enough to carry the play. I'd say roughly an hour of the running time is truly worth the time spent.

It has already been significantly trimmed as my preview last night stood at 2:45 minutes incl. intermission, but it doesn't seem to have helped much because every single criticism ma

Has anyone tried stage dooring Merchant of Venice?
 Nov 9 2010, 05:03:29 PM
At the Delacorte Merchant Mr. Pacino was the most generous of any major star I've experienced at a stage door, showing genuine appreciation while signing in 95 degree heat.
Has anyone seen THE BREAK OF NOON?
 Nov 9 2010, 04:49:06 PM
Our show ran 105 minutes. Started at 7:30 and we were out front at 9:20.
Has anyone seen THE BREAK OF NOON?
 Nov 8 2010, 03:14:12 AM
Saw it tonight, and while I enjoyed it more than After Eight, I'd still only give it a 6.5/10. It's a serious disappointment if you're expecting anything as strong as LaBute's best known works.

Overall, it was interesting and original enough that it felt worth the time and money invested, but only just.

There were a good number of solid laughs but not nearly enough to carry the play as a black comedy. In drama, all but one scene lacked any significant poignancy though most wer

IN THE WAKE - Anyone Seen It Yet?
 Oct 31 2010, 11:27:48 PM
I actually agree on the asides, though I do feel they were absolutely necessary if you imagine what they play would have been without them altogether. There would have been no natural conclusion to the show if they didn't provide the context (hindsight and self inquiry) for everything else we were seeing on stage.

That said, the show could certainly benefit from most of them being significantly trimmed, and having one or two of them struck altogether.

As for "white liberal gui

In praise of Judith Light
 Oct 31 2010, 10:33:17 PM
Didn't catch her Nora and Hedda, but was at Lombardi on opening night and agree that she was absolutely wonderful.

My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed the show, and neither of us has any interest in Football whatsoever.

 Oct 31 2010, 02:32:41 AM
I agree wholeheartedly with an "interactive play" being a completely inappropriate label. That said, I totally enjoyed it for what it is; an interactive guided bus tour with improvisational comedy both on and outside along the tour route.

Can't say whether it's changed or evolved significantly since Dave experienced it, but myself, my wife and seemingly everyone else on our bus had a blast.

Worth $60? Depends.

When you compare the fact that you can see an excellent d

IN THE WAKE - Anyone Seen It Yet?
 Oct 31 2010, 02:11:10 AM
I don't feel the need to add anything that hasn't already been touched upon apart from the fact that I thought it was superb. Easily in the top 3 of about 50 shows I've seen this year thus far.
A Little Night Music on TDF question for 10/6
 Oct 1 2010, 03:18:59 PM
They don't give refunds or exchanges for TDF purchased tickets, even if someone is out.
ANGELS IN AMERICA Cancellation Line?
 Sep 30 2010, 01:37:29 AM
I too would love to have an idea of how early I should plan on lining up to catch the shows in October.
Creative ways of displaying Playbills?
 Sep 24 2010, 07:29:41 PM
You can greatly increase the longevity of your playbills by investing in the calcium buffered cardboard (boxes and inserts) which are used for the archival of comic books, art, magazines etc.

Helps to neutralize the acids you're speaking of Dollypop.

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