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 Jul 14 2024, 01:08:56 AM

Alex Kulak2 said: "TotallyEffed said: "Jonathan Cohen said: "Assassins is a show about attempts on the lives of people who are actively President.

Whatever happened today, and we still don't know far more than we do, it's not that.

Well, that settles that!

It's kind of a technicality, but at the end of the show, they mention Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated RFK Sr.

And Zangara tried t

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Forum film
 Jul 11 2024, 10:58:48 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "I have a general FORUM question

Was the "House of Marcus Lycus" that Ernie Sabella sings on the 90s cast album written for that revival? Or a trimmed song that was reinstated? It's not on the original cast album or in the film, butI don't remember if it was in a licensed stage production I saw a few years back.

If I’m not mistaken, the song has always been in the show, but all of the dance breaks for

Long Broadway stages
 Jul 8 2024, 12:59:17 AM

The Winter Garden isn’t even the largest stage in the Shubert Organization, that would be the Broadway.

Broadway Theatre

Proscenium Opening:46' 6"

Height of Proscenium:27' 0"

Depth to proscenium:54' 3"

Depth to front of stage:57' 4"

Winter Garden

Proscenium Opening:44' 10"

Height of Proscenium:24' 4"

Depth to proscenium:40' 0"

Depth to front of stage:44&#3

Horror On Broadway?
 Jul 3 2024, 03:34:28 PM

If adapting Dracula you need to still be very careful that you aren’t pulling elements that came from other adaptations that may still be under copyright protection. For instance, the idea that sunlight kills him is not present in Stoker’s novel so it could still potentially throw up a rights issue, similar to using the Ruby Slippers in a production of The Wizard of Oz that is not based on the MGM movie.

Why did High Fidelity Flop?
 Jul 2 2024, 04:24:22 PM

One of the rare times where a show actually should have been at least a partial jukebox musical. So much time spent talking about great recording artists and their top hits, and then you never hear any of that music and instead get som pastiche pieces that are watered down versions of the real music that was being discussed 

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Jul 1 2024, 03:46:27 PM

According to IBDB Eden was the standby and Kristy was the understudy 

 Jun 27 2024, 11:55:51 AM

Ensemble1716440075 said: "Bizarre. I didn't think Norma was that physical a role."

Injuries can happen no matter the size or physicality of the role. A slight trip or stumble, especially on a set with multiple stairs and platforms, and you can mess up your body in all sorts of ways. Or it could be something that happens outside of the show. Step off a curb wrong and you can severely sprain an ankle, break a foot, damage your Achilles tendon, or multiple other inj

New Broadway Theater
 Jun 27 2024, 11:48:02 AM

Broadway Flash said: "Yes when Harry Potter closes, I hope they return the lyric/ Apollo it to its pre drabinksy days"

That’s literally impossible. Despite using some elements from the Apollo and original Lyric, it was, for all intents and purposes, considered a new theatre when it opened. “Returning” it to pre-Drabinsky means you are tearing it down and rebuilding two theatres from scratch that no longer exist.

"Untitled Immersive Musical Attraction" from POTO LLC
 Jun 20 2024, 04:28:02 PM

Kad said: "Also, the Sleep No More-style immersive shows of Punchdrunk or Third Rail or Emursivedon’t use Equity contracts. Equity has no contracts for shows like those, which would basically require bespoke contracts for every production due to their demands (and become wildly cost prohibitive)."

Just to point out that Pip's Island was under a modified Equity TYA contract for at least the 2019 run in their custom-built space just off of Times Square (I don

NY Times Today Editorial on
 Jun 16 2024, 04:06:47 PM

For me, it's that this editorial is speaking as if the production is already done and finished. He's asking why wouldn't Rose be trying to model her child's career trajectory after other black entertainers of the time period, but ignoring that depending on how light-skinned they cast the actors for Baby and Dainty June it could very easily be that she's trying to get June to viewed as white. It's not hard to imagine that Wolfe is trying to point out that this Rose want

How did the dueling Wild Party's affect box office
 Jun 8 2024, 09:57:02 PM

It’s also worth noting that they only overlapped for a month during previews of the Broadway production. The Lippa version ran from February 24 to April 9. LaChiusa's version began previews on March 10 and opened on April 13.

While I’m more partial to LaChiusa's, possibly because I saw it and was enamored with the cast recording well before I listened to the Lippa one, I don’t think the competition, such as it was, was the result of its early closing. It was a

Paul Hart's immersive UK staging of THE LORD OF THE RINGS musical to transfer to Chicago
 Jun 8 2024, 09:45:11 PM

darquegk said: "Interesting that Gollum isn’t listed. I wonder if that’s the “special guest performer” role that will have some larger industry clout."

Their website lists Tony Bozzuto as playing Gollum

Ivo Van Hove to direct stage adaptation of The Shining
 Jun 8 2024, 11:26:00 AM

I think one thing that often gets forgotten because of Nicholson (who was 42 during filming) in the Kubrick film is that Jack and Wendy were only supposed to be coming up on 30 in the novel. Not that the age is the most important element, but something about a nearly 60 year old Jack (in the case of Sandler or Stiller) or even a mid 50s Jack (with Norton) just feels off to me.

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 04:01:02 PM

Another aspect that I haven't seen mentioned (or missed it) is that the large majority of kids doing shows in high school do not go on to major in theatre in college or pursue it as a profession. Like in my high school in the 90s, maybe 1 or 2 of us from each year (in the mid to late 90s) are working in the business, and I'm guessing there are plenty of years where no one who participated with the drama program continued doing it professionally. 

The cost of performing on the Tony Awards?
 Jun 6 2024, 03:53:07 PM

One cost that the general public probably overlooks is the cost of transporting the cast. Other than nominated leads who are expected to be sitting in the house while not performing, the rest of the cast typically gets into costume at the theatre and then gets bussed to the venue. They end up waiting on their bus until it's closer to their time to perform. Then, of course, they are bussed back to the theatre to get out of costume. 

Congestion pricing will destroy broadway
 Jun 6 2024, 11:36:29 AM

No one will have to pay it, at least for now. Governor Hochul has suspended the plan indefinitely.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/2/24
 Jun 4 2024, 05:08:34 PM

DramaTeach said: "Tell that to Fester, Gomez, and the other Addams’."

The Addams Family was reportedly very close to recouping when it closed. So while it did technically close as a flop, it was still a flop that ran a year and a half and was, by at least some estimates I had heard, within 90% of its recoupment. That's a big difference than some of these shows that bleed money for the entirety of their run, meaning they are starting almost fro

Musicals that will never be revived on Broadway
 May 23 2024, 12:34:05 AM

Dreamboy3 said: "I didn’t see CZJ in ALNM but in her performance on the Tony Awards she seemed unhinged. Was it different in the show? (I finally saw that production with Bernadette who sings Sondheim like almost no one else and whose Send in the Clowns brought tears to my eyes in what was otherwise a dull and drab production.)"

Yes, that performance was not indicative at all of what she was doing in the show. Something or someone got into her head before the c

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?
 May 19 2024, 01:14:51 PM

Tag said: "My million dollar casting idea of the day: Lea DeLaria

Could you even imagine.

Clearly that’s never happening on Broadway, but I’m actually very intrigued by that idea.

My dream casting that would have needed to happen about 40 years ago is Carol Burnett.

Is Cabaret the next Chicago?
 May 13 2024, 11:50:52 PM

dramamama611 said: "Did anyone here see Molly Ringwald? I remember being pretty impressed with her!"

I saw her and really liked her. I wish she would do more theatre, but I seem to recall she got pretty dreadful reviews for the tour of Sweet Charity a few years later and have to wonder if that soured her from coming back to the stage.

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