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'CATS: The Jellicle Ball' at PAC reviews
 Jun 15 2024, 06:42:15 PM

Did they announce any rush or lottery aside from the pre-order discounts?

'CATS: The Jellicle Ball' at PAC reviews
 Jun 14 2024, 03:31:39 PM

A few things I heard:

- Sydney Harcourt is cavorting in a jockstrap during Rum Tug Tugger and it’s quite a sight,

- Andre’s Old D wig is HUGE!

- The cast has posted on Instagram pleading patrons to not post anything on social media, at least during previews, since things are still being worked out and part of what has appeared is spoiling the live experience of it all.

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jun 14 2024, 09:59:43 AM

bigbelterbaby said: "Comparing the song list in the playbill, what happened to Jacob's Ladder and Do You Believe in Love ?"

The latter is track 12. The former is sung for only a chorus, so it makes sense that it wasn’t recorded.

Maleah Joi Moon replaced during performance 6/4
 Jun 13 2024, 11:08:17 PM

SFFrontRow said:
“You would think Playbill or Broadway World or Theatermania would have reported this, or reporting a statement from the production."

You are entitled to your board in the lobby and a paper slip in the Playbill - or a midshow announcement if they swing someone in

While I get that COVID was an exception, we aren’t owed any further explanation of why someone called out. To that end, when the public begins to comment and scrutinize act

Performances at the 2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 13 2024, 04:49:18 PM

Jeffrey Karasarides said: "Not only that, but there will also be a special tribute to Chita Rivera, which will feature performances from Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Bebe Neuwirth.

From what I saw on Dylis Croman’s Instagram, it looks like the Chita tribute is the opening number AND will be co-choreographed by Ariana DeBose and Julius Anthony Rubio

Oh, Mary - Broadway transfer
 Jun 12 2024, 09:29:29 PM

Did this really need another thread?

I also saw it off-Broadway 10x and seeing it 3 more. I will also be there on the 29th (evening)

What Tony Upset Are You Hoping For?
 Jun 12 2024, 05:56:48 PM

As long as Kara Young gets her Tony, I could give fork-all who else gets theirs. 

Performances at the 2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 12 2024, 10:22:35 AM

Jeffrey Karasarides said: "CBS Mornings just did a segment on Stereophonic, where it was confirmed that the cast will be performing on the Tonys."

Bullying works

Songs from shows that might work in church
 Jun 10 2024, 01:45:32 PM

“No One Is Alone” and “Children Will Listen” sound like solid choices.

The latter may be haunting for churchgoing adults to hear from a group of children and might spark some discussion and deep thought 

SUFFS -- absences July 3 through July 7
 Jun 10 2024, 01:08:59 AM

Based on pattern, Shaina’s alternator will probably be on on 7/7

West End musicals this month
 Jun 9 2024, 06:36:05 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "I believe the new production of “Mean Girls” has Friday matinees.

Yes it does. I have it for my trip in July.

(I meant to include that in my original reply and forgot so thank you)


West End musicals this month
 Jun 9 2024, 06:03:03 PM

I haven’t seen them yet, but I heard great things about STANDING AT THE SKY’S EDGE.

Also, a production of PASSING STRANGE with Giles Terera (Olivier Winner - Burr in HAMILTON OLC) is playing for a limited run)

Heathers you could probably catch regionally 

STARLIGHT EXPRESS will return to London in 2024
 Jun 9 2024, 05:57:50 PM

Okay - now I’m REALLY happy I pulled the trigger and bought a ticket 

HOME Previews
 Jun 9 2024, 05:12:02 PM

I saw this today and I mostly enjoyed it. One of the major problems here is that while it is very poetic, the delivery makes it seem verbose and hard to follow, especially in the first half hour or so when they are using their NC regional dialect and speaking at a fast clip. I did find the story heartbreaking and I could see how this story would’ve landed in the 1970s, but it almost seems like a relic of the time now. The ending though, while sentimental, did make me feel warm and it wa

HELLO, I'M DOLLY bio-musical headed for the stage!
 Jun 6 2024, 01:27:51 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "However they do the casting, with one dolly or three, McKenzie Kurtz has got to be in this."

Yes. Or Tricia Paoluccio or Megan Hilty.

Also, what a bland title for a musical about a prolific figure 

DOUBTFIRE tour recoups
 Jun 6 2024, 09:41:19 AM

DOUBTFIRE had the problem on Broadway of being split by the pandemic when audiences were still hyper cautious and the politely indifferent reviews/lack of Tony noms didn’t make it a must-see. 

With that being said, it’s a beloved IP that is very accessible for families and those who have nostalgia for the movie, and while Rob McClure isn’t Robin Williams - who is - he remains a gold standard in broad comedy in musical theatre

STEREOPHONIC will extend into 2025
 Jun 5 2024, 12:07:51 AM

Honestly would’ve been shocked if they didn’t. Depending on the success at the Tonys and the forward momentum, I could foresee this being an open run.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/2/24
 Jun 4 2024, 10:19:38 PM

dramamama611 said: "Has any show with zero nominations ever performed? Seems like an odd choice when there are def shows with at least SOME noms that would love the chance."

Remember that they also gave the 11 O’Clock slot last year to an unnecessary vanity moment for Lea Michele in Funny Girl

Phantom Revival - What Happened?
 Jun 4 2024, 05:16:29 AM

As one of Broadway’s larger houses, and in rather prime real estate, I’m curious to know how - in the current post-pandemic market - how commercially viable that theatre will be considering it’s been out of commission to new productions for nearly 40 years.

NYP: Broadway sings New York’s blues as crime, costs slow post-COVID comeback
 Jun 2 2024, 09:12:49 PM

stagepotato said: "8th Ave between Moynihan and the 40s has gotten considerably worse. It was bad before, but now it’s littered with homeless and drug addicts. Don’t come at me and say this isn’t true because I travel this street multiple times a month and see it every time. I agree the city needs to get rid of Adamsbut there’s other focus areas that need to be worked on as well."

Yeah - I’m never one to ever stray away from Broadway, bu

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