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Plays With One Continuous Scene
 Feb 13 2020, 04:14:02 PM

The Minutes. That one could be debatable though.

Bug at Steppenwolf
 Jan 27 2020, 03:25:01 PM

I'll be there on the 16th.

Dave Malloy's Moby Dick at A.R.T.
 Dec 5 2019, 08:31:48 AM

I really need to *stop* reading people's thoughts and observations as it's still a month until I see it!


Obviously a lot can change in that time, and I'm really interested in seeing a show at this stage of its development anyway. With a project of this ambition that adapts a book like that, the term "mess" doesn't particularly surprise me.

Dave Malloy's Moby Dick at A.R.T.
 Dec 4 2019, 12:01:01 PM

Any ideas as to how they're choosing which people get to participate in the second part?

Dave Malloy's Moby Dick at A.R.T.
 Nov 16 2019, 08:29:25 AM

I became a member solely for tickets for this show (travelling from Illinois) and got tickets as soon as they were available to members and opted for the highest price range......and got row J, center, on the aisle. I had hoped I'd be a little closer and/or immersive but it looks to be a pretty intimate house made all the more intimate by the staging, and just seeing it will be wonderful. Crossing every body part possible that there isn't some sort of blizzard in Chicago or Boston or

So is it okay for audience members to sing along during musicals?
 Jul 28 2019, 07:22:14 AM


Dancingthrulife2 said: "What about mouthing the lyrics? I attended a performance of the Oklahoma! revival, and since the house was fully lit, I could see a lot of the older audience members who probably grew up with the material mouthing the title song. Now it wouldn’t be much of a distraction if the house is dark (although I personally find a show more enjoyable if you choose not to do so), but unfortunately because of the design choice it does take something awa

Excerpts Moby Dick, In Concert Under the Whale
 Jul 27 2019, 10:44:51 PM
Performances at ART on two-show days are 2pm and 7:30pm. It’s not five hours anymore. With those performance times I’d be surprised if it was much longer than 3. People who know Equity rules would know better though.
Excerpts Moby Dick, In Concert Under the Whale
 Jul 27 2019, 07:59:29 PM
i don’t think there’s any relationship at all between Moby-Dick and the Signature residency. He’s still set to have two more shows in the five-year period, as the rewards for his Octet recording Kickstarter suggest.
 Mar 7 2018, 12:32:07 PM

Lindsay is a goddess said: "Idk if someone has already mentioned this, but are there any featured actresses in the show who look good for a nomination? Or is it all just Katrina Lenk?"

The supporting female roles aren't particularly meaty; I would be very surprised if any of them garnered a nomination.

 Feb 26 2018, 07:34:58 PM

Man, I really love this show but I wish the cast recording had even a few bits of dialogue to tie the thing better together. It's probably one I'd eagerly buy the book of were it made available.

How is Daniel Breaker in Hamilton?
 Feb 15 2018, 02:24:08 PM

I've only seen two Burrs (will see Treco in April), but I thought Breaker was pretty good. Nowhere close to Joshua Henry, but then, that's a pretty high bar to set.

HAMILTON Principal Cast Replacements
 Dec 14 2017, 01:05:16 PM

Shoba is fantastic. Jealous that she's not joining the Chicago production.


Joseph Morales is alright. Granted, I saw him in his very first time going on in Chicago the first week, but he lacked the intensity (especially in the first act) that you want to see in a Hamilton.

FOLLIES- National Theatre Live
 Dec 13 2017, 11:56:26 AM

StylishCynic said: "I went to the 7pm showing in Chicago last night, and man did this play to a full house. I'd estimate 150, maybe 200 people. It was at the Music Box Theatre in the main auditorium. This was the only time it's been screened in Chicago, so that explains the enthusiasm. Overall, there was a LOT of love for this production from Chicago."

It hasn't had many screenings in the suburbs, either--I think before this weekend there had been just on

The Band's Visit cast recording available for first listen ahead of streaming release on 12/15
 Dec 13 2017, 11:53:35 AM

Can't listen until later today--can anyone tell me if they re-recorded "Omar Sharif?" I thought Katrina's performance on the audio that's been available on their website for months was perfect.

Tracey Lets new play?
 Nov 1 2017, 02:00:44 PM

Not sure what the status of the transfer to Broadway is, but I actually have tickets to see this twice at Steppenwolf and am really looking forward to it. I greatly enjoyed both "Mary Page Marlowe" and "Linda Vista."

 Oct 11 2017, 03:21:26 PM

A friend was at the first preview and said she loved the music but wasn't as crazy by its plotlessness--but did say that it seems like "my kind of show."


Seeing Annie Baker's "The Flick"--a three hour show of three people just talking, or not talking, is one of my all-time favorite theatrical experiences, so I think this one is right up my alley.

 Oct 10 2017, 05:18:08 PM

I'm fourth row of the front mezzanine, to the SL side. Hoping it's not too far, but couldn't justify spending too much more--I have very intimate experiences in the rest of my weekend with Sweeney Todd and Ghost Quartet, so...

Ghost Quartet to return off-broadway this October
 Oct 4 2017, 04:04:26 PM

Weird. The NYTW site now has a 9:30 curtain time for the first Thursday, Friday, Saturday but still 8:30 for the rest of them.

Looking for Ghost Quartet tickets
 Oct 4 2017, 09:19:27 AM

Not sure if this helps you or not, but they did announce a cancellation line policy yesterday...

Probably will be a long line, I'd guess.

A View From The Bridge in Chicago
 Oct 2 2017, 01:46:02 PM

Going this Saturday evening. I wanted on-stage seating originally and I'm under 30 so I bought their membership, not discovering until afterwards that the  membership tickets are only for the mezzanine level. So that was a bummer, but I did get an email today that members get a free upgrade to on-stage seating!

Can't wait. I'm sitting in the first few rows, center, for the Fun Home matinee earlier in the day too.

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