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 Oct 16 2023, 04:09:11 PM

sppunk said: "Any discounts for this? Want to see in 2 weeks, it’s more than a half empty theater and I can’t find anything."

At one point I think BISCUITS! was the code I think. I ended up getting $59 balc seats straight from the box office. No issues with the view and loved the show so much! I will be going back

 Oct 9 2023, 11:30:11 AM

Where have rush seats been, and how easy/difficult has it been to get them? Thinking about going tomorrow

 Oct 6 2023, 10:25:20 AM

Has anyone won the lottery for this? Where were the seats?

Ryan & Uzele to lead NEW YORK, NEW YORK On Broadway
 Mar 25 2023, 04:17:21 AM

Glad to see this is getting good reviews, and I'm once again very close to buying a ticket to a show that earlier the same day I had little interest in seeing. 

I'm weary though - I was let down so much by Shucked

SHUCKED On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Mar 19 2023, 03:32:34 AM

I was so excited for a new show that had what seemed to be rave reviews from the beginning.

It was fine

Went with my mom who's a Broadway lover like me and she fell asleep at least 4 times LOL. And that's absolutely out of her character. Nothing about it pulled either of us in.

The actors in the show are doing their best, but its such an ACTING! show because it's staged like a fable that it's just hard to get into it at all. Jokes are one liner

SHUCKED On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Mar 9 2023, 01:09:07 AM

What do they have in terms of merch so far? Just curious

SHUCKED On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Mar 7 2023, 01:11:54 PM

I'm seeing it next Saturday, and I'm so excited! Is there an invited dress tonight? I am impatiently waiting to hear reviews

Rush Tickets
 Jul 25 2022, 08:30:30 PM

Bumping this as i’m thinking about doing rush tomorrow morning - If I get there around an hour before opening will I be able to get seats?

Spring Awakening Reunion?
 Nov 16 2021, 01:00:17 AM

Absolutely incredible, unforgettable night. Ticketing was hell on earth - got to the line about 6:05 and didn't make it in until around 7:15. The waiting didn't bother me though, everyone was so friendly and chatty and I really enjoyed watching all the cars go next door for the Tick Tick Boom! premier. I'm pretending like I saw Andrew Garfield. 

I was handed a ticket not for the seat I bought, and when I got to my seat, someone was already sitting in it with EXACTLY th

Spring Awakening Reunion?
 Nov 15 2021, 05:31:42 PM

So excited for tonight!!

Just trying to plan my travel accordingly - what time is appropriate to arrive? Any idea if there's any merch?

And out of sheer curiosity, does anyone know of any "famous" people to keep an eye out in the audience for haha

Spring Awakening Reunion?
 Nov 1 2021, 01:47:32 PM

Got my tickets earlier thanks to BroadwayWorld announcing the concert earlier than the actors did on their instagrams!

Super excited - I was definitely too young to see the original production but this is one of my favorite shows

Little Shop...Who Leads? Anyone know?
 Oct 28 2021, 10:51:13 PM

itsjustmejonhotmailcom said: "I hear Conrad Ricamora is replacing Jeremy."

I'm not familiar with him but reading that name at first I thought it was Cameron Dallas :|

At least I'm glad that is not the case.

Hoping Christian Borle sticks around for a while longer! Haven't been able to catch this show yet

Which Digital Lotteries Have You Won Since Broadway Has Been Back ?
 Oct 28 2021, 04:49:03 PM

I bought the FLS tickets - they're row L center orch!

Which Digital Lotteries Have You Won Since Broadway Has Been Back ?
 Oct 28 2021, 03:14:32 PM

I just won FLS for tomorrow's 5PM performance. For the people that have won - where were your seats?

 Oct 28 2021, 11:40:00 AM

Does Ghee ever get to have his moment in the show? I know essentially nothing of his character, and I remember very little of the story. I was a big fan of Tootsie and Groundhog Day though, and I'll probably try for those rush tickets closer to opening date.

Only asking because I saw him as Lola in Kinky Boots twice, and his performance of Hold Me In Your Heart has been by far the best performance of any song in any show that I've ever seen. He's an incredible actor, singer

Unpopular theatre opinions
 Oct 25 2021, 01:41:10 AM

KathyNYC2 said: "I really disliked To Kill A Mockingbird. They just trashed the book IMO."

I just saw it today for the first time (and thought it honestly was phenomenal) and I haven't read the book in 5 years. I remembered the major plot points so nothing was a surprise, but I think I need to reread the book now haha. 


As for my unpopular opinions - I never liked Dear Evan Hansen in the first place, and the movie was horrible as well, b

Which Digital Lotteries Have You Won Since Broadway Has Been Back ?
 Oct 21 2021, 04:11:29 PM

I've so far only won and gone to Lion King - the very last row of the orchestra (ZZZ) on the aisle.

I just won Lehman Trilogy for tomorrow night and I am debating going - does anyone know where the seats are? And is it an engaging show? I don't know a whole lot about the subject matter but I am a history nerd

Frozen Lottery
 Feb 29 2020, 12:33:54 AM
Bumping this - I won for tonight’s performance and I’m wondering if it’s the same deal with partial view. They are now assigned at the box office and are $40

oh for Chrissake
 Oct 14 2019, 04:00:27 PM

Thank you to those who gave me an answer - I was inquiring for a friend.


I don't understand why everything has to turn into a fight on this board, but hey, I got the information I wanted :)

Is Santino Fontana still out of Tootsie?
 Oct 14 2019, 10:10:39 AM
Im not sure where I can find this information - thanks for the help!
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