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Idina Menzel to star in new stage musical REDWOOD at La Jolla  Feb 19 2024, 01:02:05 PM

rg7759 said: "People are on this board because we're anxiously awaiting the first reviews of the show, and we're being forced to sift through reviews of a nearby strip mall."

You're not being "forced" to do anything.

Tyne Daly Withdraws From DOUBT, Amy Ryan To Replace  Feb 6 2024, 05:48:41 PM

Sending my very best thoughts to both Tyne and Amy.

Tyne Daly Withdraws From DOUBT, Amy Ryan To Replace  Feb 6 2024, 05:21:34 PM

BorisTomashevsky said: "Smaxie said: ">Tyne was never coming back. I wonder what the real story is here. Couldn’t learn the lines? Couldn’t stand Liev?<

Have you no shame? Seriously. This is both cruel and unhinged.

The only shame is when false fronts are put up to hide what’s really going on. Theatre history is full of these situations. Do you believe everything you read?


Grammys Best Musical Theatre Album 2024  Feb 4 2024, 05:07:08 PM

I hope the second massive storm scheduled to hit Southern California soon will not negatively impact the Grammy Awards.  Stay safe (and dry) everyone.

Great songs given to minor/insignificant characters  Feb 3 2024, 01:36:22 PM

I don't know if Fraulein Schneider in "Cabaret" qualifies as a minor/insignificant character.  But when I first saw "Cabaret" in 1968 London with Judi Dench and Lila Kedrova, I was knocked back in my seat as Kedrova sang What Would You Do?  A great song.  More than half a century later, it still packs an emotional wallop for me.  Here is Kedrova singing it.


Chita Rivera has died  Feb 3 2024, 01:02:25 PM

A bit of fun with Chita, Carol, Caterina....and Boris.


Do You Have a Famous Doppelganger?  Feb 3 2024, 12:39:43 PM

I am told that in my earlier years, I resembled both Cole Porter and Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman).  I'm cool with that.

And you?

A SAG Life Achievement Award for Barbra  Feb 2 2024, 04:49:51 PM

Back on topic.

Barbra Streisand is receiving this award, in part, for her humanitarian accomplishments.  Here are some of them.  She is truly worthy of this honor.


A SAG Life Achievement Award for Barbra  Feb 2 2024, 02:28:46 PM

Here is a photo gallery of those who have been honored with a "SAG Life Achievement Award" dating back to Eddie Cantor in 1962.  Barbra Streisand is in excellent company.

SARAH BRIGHTMAN To Star in Australian SUNSET BLVD.  Feb 2 2024, 01:52:11 PM

I had the pleasure of attending a Sarah Brightman concert some many years ago.  Enjoyed it much more than I anticipated I would.  Wish I could see her "Sunset Blvd" performance in Australia, but alas. 

A SAG Life Achievement Award for Barbra  Feb 2 2024, 12:05:55 PM

Here is Sondheim presenting the 1992 "Grammy Legend Award" to Streisand.

Enough with the frigging negativity.  Barbra deserves every award she has received.  I'm here to celebrate her latest achievement.  WELL DONE, Barbra Joan Streisand !! 



A SAG Life Achievement Award for Barbra  Feb 1 2024, 07:34:19 PM

Excellent !!,career%20achievements%20and%20humanitarian%20accomplishments.

Seth MacFarlane to Broadway?  Feb 1 2024, 12:54:41 PM

Jamie Parker, Seth MacFarlane and the John Wilson Orchestra


Unpopular Ratings. Share Your Opinions Respectfully Please.  Jan 31 2024, 06:41:17 PM

Have seen "La Boheme" three times, and loved it.

Have seen "Rent" once, and did not love it.

Chita Rivera has died  Jan 30 2024, 04:11:49 PM

broken heart

A Sign of the Times  Jan 29 2024, 05:36:03 PM

Featuring the songs of Petula Clark, Lesley Gore and Dusty Springfield.  Loved their music when I heard it new and fresh in the 1960's, and still love it more than half a century later.  Hope this is a massive hit.  Oh, yeah!


The BWW Tech Support Thread  Jan 23 2024, 01:20:13 PM

Moderators:  Please delete the multiple "spam" threads in the Off-Topic section.  Speaking only for myself, I am not in search of foreign call girls.

Eddie Izzard as Hamlet  Jan 22 2024, 06:11:08 PM

I do hope this is a smashing success.  Eddie Izzard is one of the funniest people EVER!  Surprised (and happy) to learn of Selina Cadell's participation.  She has been such a treat on "Doc Martin".  Does anyone else see a physical resemblance between Eddie and Selina?  Definitely doppelganger-ish.

Prostate Cancer  Jan 22 2024, 04:02:37 PM

In recent days, we learned that King Charles has been treated for what apparently was an enlarged prostate.  And now comes the news that Dexter Scott King has passed at age 62 from prostate cancer.

Some years ago, I took the PSA test to check my prostate health.  Everything was normal.  Two years ago I took the test for the second time, and the PSA number was elevated.  And one month ago, the test continued to be elevated.  After some research and discussions with my primary care doctor and urologist, I am being scheduled for a transrectal biopsy to check for prostate cancer. 

There is no history of prostate cancer among the men in my family.  I had no symptoms that made me think there was a problem.  I adhere to a healthy and fit lifestyle, which includes a vegan diet and exercise.  I am, however, a heart attack survivor of 14 years.

Perhaps the attached info about the prostate biopsy procedures will be of value to some of you.  I don't advise for or against having the PSA test.  I created this thread to encourage others to be aware of their health and their bodies.

I anticipate a good outcome of this biopsy, and will update this thread when the results are in. 

Thank you. 


Funniest Lyrics  Jan 22 2024, 01:19:15 PM

And here, "Miss Otis Regrets" sung in English by the Divine Miss M.


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