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Shrek tour
 Jun 11 2024, 04:24:09 PM

GottaGetAGimmick420 said: "Anyone else hear about the copyright takedown notices people have been getting on social media RE: the costume photos? That's INSANE. Is it even legal?"

Is this about that post on Reddit from earlier today?

Not a lawyer, but I have some knowledge about copyright law. I didn't see the original post that was taken down, so it's hard to say. Most likely, it is completely legal. Whenever companies file for copyright p

Show That Have Sat Down
 Mar 24 2024, 11:48:30 PM

Toronto has had several sit-down productions. SIX is a sit-down that is currently running, The Lion King opens one later this year too. They've also had sit-downs of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Dear Evan Hansen, Come from Away, Matilda, Kinky Boots, War Horse, Les Miserables, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, and several others.

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Feb 27 2024, 12:35:22 AM

inception said: "A non-Equity Tina? Who wants to put money on that playing Western Canada?"

Definitely would not surprise me at all.


2024-2025 Touring Season
 Feb 13 2024, 02:20:48 PM

fashionguru_23 said: "The mystery show has to be something that isn't announced yet for tour, or is a transfer from London, or a world premiere. I have a hard time believing they would hold back the name of the show if it was announced in other cities."

That's what I'm thinking. It would make no sense for it to be another tour. It's possible it could be Come from Away (they are just waiting until they announce SIX is closing), but the problem is that

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Feb 13 2024, 01:41:51 PM

forfivemoreminutes said: "So is the Frozen tour ending without ever coming to Toronto? It’s shocking to me that Ottawa got the Frozen tour but Toronto didn’t."

Yeah that baffles me. Edmonton's Citadel Theatre is even putting on their own production of Frozen in February 2025. With Beauty and the Beast starting up next season and Frozen having played just about everywhere, it sounds like the tour is closing up. Fingers crosse

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Feb 13 2024, 01:39:38 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Is Toronto getting anotherLion King sit down as an apology for Frozen never getting there?"

Perhaps lol. I would still have preferred getting Frozen. If Aladdin is any indication, Disney shows sell like crazy in Toronto.

Although I'm not thrilled with Lion King being on subscription, this is a fairly strong season for Mirvish and certainly an improvement over this year's season. I am curious what that 7th show will be.

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Feb 8 2024, 02:22:29 PM

Theatrefan2 said: "Does anyone know when Vancouver may announce? I'm there in early September and wondering if there will be anything worth seeing"

I believe they will be announcing in March

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Jan 29 2024, 01:38:02 PM

Timon3 said: "A.J. said: "The Toronto 2024/2025 season will be announced on Feb 13th.
We’re still waiting for a number of tours from the past few years: Frozen, Beetlejuice, Funny Girl, Company, Moulin Rouge and more.

There is catching up to do on big Broadway shows, I could add several more to the list.

Toronto equally has a track record of looking to take big shows both from Broadway and West End. So wonder if they wo

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Jan 19 2024, 01:40:01 PM

Dallas announced their 24/25 subscription season today:


SHUCKED - December 3-15, 2024

PETER PAN - December 25 2024–January 5, 2025

& JULIET- January 28–February 9, 2025


MAMMA MIA!- April 15-27, 2025

THE LION KING- June 4&ndash

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Jan 14 2024, 01:41:22 AM

Call_me_jorge said: "There is a regional theatre in the Chicago area doing Frozen in the fall(Paramount in Aurora), so I suspect the Frozen tour will close at the end of its currently last scheduled city in San Jose.

Any other tours that might be wrapping up after this season? Hadestown, Ain’t Too Proud, Jagged Little Pill, or Tina? Any of the latter 3 I feel can easily move non-equity.

For what it's worth, Tours To You is saying that Hadest

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Dec 14 2023, 02:25:17 PM

Luminaire2 said: "Which seems to be a new tradition of announcing one big name show in advance of the full season announcement, Broadway Across Canada has announced Lion King will be part of the 24/25 season in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa.

Having The Lion King play in Ottawa presumably at the same time Toronto is doing their second sit-down of The Lion King is certainly interesting. I know there's a distance between Ottawa and Toronto, but still.

2023-2024 Touring Season
 Oct 20 2023, 11:37:37 PM

MelissaF said: "Mirvish Toronto has posted they will be announcing 8 shows in the upcoming weeks. Has anyone bears anything new and exciting that’s coming? Hadestown already announced a return. Thanks!"

My impression is that these are 8 bonus shows being added to the current season (so outside of the main subscription). So, I wouldn't expect anything too significant. Any of the big tours that we still haven't gotten, I would have to think will be co

Paging all theatrical insiders and oddsmakers…
 Sep 6 2023, 02:18:25 AM

OuttaTowner said: "Was looking forward to Chess in this season but alas it appears we won’t likely see that until 24-25

The rest of my wish list is short but equally as up-in-the air. Am hoping that some of you with clearer crystal balls - if mor influential connections than I - can opine about the likelihood of seeing any of these shows open here before the next Tonys?:

Crazy for You (perhaps at the Beaumont) - it seemed

A good season for Toronto Mirvish Theatre.
 Apr 30 2023, 10:34:05 PM

StepShuffleBallchange said: "I noticed Mirvish is a producer on the ALW Wizard of Oz playing London this summer. Maybe this will play Toronto at some point? A stop on the tour or a stand-alone production?"

That makes sense, and wouldn't surprise me.

A good season for Toronto Mirvish Theatre.
 Apr 28 2023, 10:36:15 PM

forfivemoreminutes said: "Speaking of non-Mirvish productions - are there any productions currently running or that will be running in the next year or so that anyone would recommend? I'm already subscribed to the next seasons of Crow's Theatre and the Canadian Stage Company, but always looking for more recommendations!"

It's in Hamilton right now, but I've heard a lot of great things about Maggie, playing at Theatre Aquarius. Some of my friends saw i

A good season for Toronto Mirvish Theatre.
 Apr 28 2023, 02:13:26 PM

Lumiere2 said: "Bettyboy72 said: "Now it feels the Mirvish seasons are just a patchwork of a few tours later in the run and a few odd niche plays that no one is really interested in."

100% agree, and yes. This upcoming year, Mirvish is actually bringing BACK two tours (Les Mis and Aladdin) that already played here 10 years ago. They've never done this before, and the fact two of the seven subscription shows are what are normally &qu

A good season for Toronto Mirvish Theatre.
 Apr 27 2023, 03:31:51 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Since cursed child is closing in July hopefully that means Mirvish will return to presenting larger shows. I wonder how long the refurbishment back to how it was will take. Maybe Frozen will surprise with a sit down.

Wonder if Cused Child would have been better off playing at the Royal Alex.

I don't know about a sitdown for Frozen, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get it in some form next season. Ottawa and Vancouver ar

2023-2024 Touring Season
 Apr 1 2023, 12:21:54 AM

Call_me_jorge said: "I just found out that Ain’t Too Prouds Toronto engagement is booked for the Ed Mirvish Theatre. Has the Toronto production of Cursed Child posted a closing notice yet?"

They haven't posted a closing notice, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do post one at some point with the sales being fairly soft. When is it booked for?

2023-2024 Touring Season
 Mar 29 2023, 11:00:25 PM

BwayinVan said: "Broadway Across Canada have said that Vancouver and Edmonton will be announced in April. I know Hadestown is coming to YVR next season but really curious to see what else is coming. Hoping for a majority of equity tours but I’m not holding my breath."

I've heard rumours about Frozen for what it's worth.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 3/19/23
 Mar 21 2023, 03:32:15 PM

SpookyFish13 said: "bdn223 said: "Life of Pi's numbers are also a bit concerning considering all the buzz the transfer allegedly had with traditional theater audiences. It can't be the cheap to operate, and while it will likely have a lot of success at the Tony's, one has to wonder how deep a hole it will be in until then."

Life of Pi is getting a theatrically released pro-shot here in Canada in a few weeks, so I'm really looking

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