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Doubt - Rush Tickets??  Apr 16 2024, 11:29:37 AM

Is it true that Doubt actually is offering in-person rush tickets? I've seen videos talking about it, but their rush is not publicized anywhere so I'm unsure. 

I never have luck with TodayTix Digital Rush, so I'd love to be able to go in-person.

Appreciate any insight!

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL Previews  Apr 7 2024, 12:03:34 PM

Had absolutely no expectations for this. Went in a bit skeptical and unbothered. Had the BEST TIME. It has a certain charm that you just can't stop smiling from beginning to end. Were there issues? Of course. But I wasn't bothered by them. Corey and McKenzie are wonderful. The whole cast is giving 150%. The dance numbers are electric, arrangements are a blast. I think a lot of work will be done and it'll be even better in a few weeks. 

The audience was on fire, so I&#3

Paper Mill Playhouse 2024-2025 Season  Mar 24 2024, 09:37:13 PM

They're doing White Christmas over the holidays. 

Nine at Manhattan School of Music  Mar 24 2024, 08:12:45 PM

Very lovely production, albeit a bit overstaged. The highlight was the sublime orchestra conducted by David Loud. The students did nice jobs. the young ladies playing Luisa, Carla, Liliane, and Mama Maddelena were big standouts for me. Cool to see Karen Akers (original Luisa) in the house. Overheard some saying they may have seen Maury Yeston there too, but unsure. 

Interesting choice for college-aged students to work on and they should be very proud. 


Nine at Manhattan School of Music  Mar 23 2024, 07:17:58 PM

Going tomorrow. Usually see 1 or 2 shows a year at Manhattan School since it's near my home. Always talented students and great orchestras. Love Nine, but have never seen it so I'm thrilled! 

Have you ever seen a musical on Broadway that didn't get a standing ovation?  Mar 23 2024, 06:40:08 PM

The only time in my life was at Almost Famous. Not only no standing ovation, but it was probably the quietest and tamest audience I've ever been apart of. And the curtain call was essentially a rock concert moment. Incredibly awkward when there's no noise in the house and everyone's walking out or still seated. That was a rough night of theatre IMO.

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread  Mar 8 2024, 05:13:54 PM

So excited about Robyn. Hopefully, this sets a new precedent at Chicago for casting new and age-appropriate Velma's. 

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread  Mar 8 2024, 02:01:03 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "The show needs something like the 2019 Search for Roxie. Emma Pittman came out of that.

Yeah, that completely revamped CHICAGO. Not.

Poor girl had to wait years to get a couple of weeks in the show which produced zero fanfare. Hopefully she’s moved on and closed that CHICAGO chapter and started focusing on other projects instead of waiting for them to reach out again.

That "poor girl" is on quite a

Grand Hotel Reunion at 54 Below  Mar 2 2024, 11:50:21 AM

BCfitasafiddle said: "Anybody else go this past week? I thought it was just wonderful."

She was very missed.

Grand Hotel Reunion at 54 Below  Mar 2 2024, 11:46:02 AM

Dom P said: "BCfitasafiddle said: "Anybody else go this past week? I thought it was just wonderful."

Yes. Im very interested to hear peoples reactions. I think it's wonderful they did this to honor the great Tommy Tune's Birthday. Also wondering if Tommy Tune was in attendance?

Tommy Tune was there at the first performance. They sang Happy Birthday for him.

Grand Hotel Reunion at 54 Below  Mar 2 2024, 10:53:53 AM

Anybody else go this past week? I thought it was just wonderful.

Boy George in MR  Feb 10 2024, 07:54:50 PM

Apparently, Boy George had AirPods in his ears today onstage during the performance. He claimed to have not realized they were still in. 


Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 10 2024, 01:22:44 AM

My prediction: Sutton grows beautifully into the role over these next few early performances. Whereas, Aaron will remain where he is. 

She has proven herself time and time AGAIN how reliable she is. I didn't expect to lover her in The Music Man and I didn't love what I heard of her in audio, but SEEING her performance I fell in love with her Marian. 

I didn't love the clip of her in Mattress, but then I saw the show and didn't stop smiling anytime she w

Grammys Best Musical Theatre Album 2024  Feb 4 2024, 05:35:06 PM

It really is a terrific album. Thrilled for Shaiman and Wittman.

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 4 2024, 04:35:23 PM

It would be great if this could extend beyond May. The fact that this production has introduced so many young people to Sondheim and musical theatre in general warms my jaded heart. If they could extend into the summer to allow for more young people to come over their summer vacations - that would be wonderful.

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 3 2024, 02:41:32 PM

Oh wow. I hope Ms. Daly is okay! 

I'm sure Isabel Keating will be thrilling. 

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 2 2024, 09:40:01 AM

My most anticipated production of the season. I can hardly wait. Going in two weeks to allow for previews to work out whatever needs to be worked out. However, I think with a cast and team like this... it should be pretty thrilling off the bat. Please report back, anyone going tonight!

New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?  Jan 31 2024, 08:16:32 PM

Will definitely be visiting the Gershwin to see Donna. That being said, I'm apprehensive about Alexandra Socha. I didn't love her as Mabel a few years back, and she left much to be desired as Tzeitel in Paper Mill's Fiddler last month. Especially her singing. 

SMASH Reading Lottery  Jan 31 2024, 07:00:37 PM

I got tickets! So excited. Will report back.

Groban & Ashford in SWEENEY TODD On Broadway  Jan 31 2024, 06:43:38 PM

Joe Locke is a PERFECT Toby. His voice soars. I had no idea he could sing like that. I honestly preferred him over Gaten (who I also thought was tremendous). Go see him! 

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