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Shorts in the theater
 Jul 11 2024, 11:24:42 PM

As someone who sees a lot of shows and wears a variety of outfits, I am team wear whatever you want. I try to look somewhat “nice“ when going to the theater, but there have been many times where I have been wearing shorts and God forbid a tank top. Sometimes I buy tickets last minute and don’t have time to change, or simply sweat through my clothes that a tank top is literally a more sensible option. I don’t even get why people care. 


Favorite spots for Pre-Broadway Drinks/Dinner
 Jul 10 2024, 09:36:55 AM

My new favorite spot is Spice Symphony. It is a delicious Indian/Chinese place. There is a location in UES as well as right off Times Square on I think 46th street. Delicious!!!

OH, MARY! Previews
 Jul 2 2024, 10:26:45 PM

Saw the show tonight. It was my 3rd time seeing it and it was funny as ever. Didn’t notice too much different. Some new costumes, a few new jokes, and some addition to the medley. It’s so so funny I just can’t believe it. I can’t wait to see it again. Really inspiring as a young queer comedian to see a work like this on Broadway.  

 Jun 19 2024, 11:17:53 AM

Saw the show for the 3rd time last night after being gifted tickets by a friend. I sat first row mezz and it was by far the best view I have had of the show (and my first time seeing Lindsay who was). 

Last night was very special. The audience reaction to Just a Hit was rapturous and you could really feel the love this cast has for each other, particularly those main 3. I greatly enjoy this production and was so glad to see it, but I do not think I will ever underst

Titanic at City Center
 Jun 18 2024, 01:36:32 PM

Saw this again Sunday for the second time and immediately bought a ticket to closing. To each their own, but this is the most unmissable show in NY for me right now. Just splendid vocals and a magnificent orchestra. And I disagree with everyone - I love how the show has so many characters and did not find there to be a lack focus at all! I wish Conrad was able to be in this (But Jose is excellent!)

What Tony Upset Are You Hoping For?
 Jun 13 2024, 08:15:56 AM

I would be extremely happy with a Nikki M James win. 

Titanic at City Center
 Jun 12 2024, 09:33:03 AM

berniesb!tch said: "I’m very tired so I’ll write more in the morning but that may be one of my new favorite musicals of all time. A stunning score sung by a magnificent cast. This show was truly epic. I can’t imagine what it’s like fully staged."

Following up on this. Last night was transcendent. Maury Yeaston's score is one of the best I have ever heard and this cast is singing the bejesus out of it. Not a weak link in the bunch. Special

Titanic at City Center
 Jun 11 2024, 10:40:56 PM

I’m very tired so I’ll write more in the morning but that may be one of my new favorite musicals of all time. A stunning score sung by a magnificent cast. This show was truly epic. I can’t imagine what it’s like fully staged. 

Titanic at City Center
 Jun 11 2024, 03:44:10 PM

Seeing it tonight. Will be my first time seeing the show, or anything at City Center. 

Looking forward to it and will report back!

Performances at the 2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 6 2024, 03:34:13 PM

David Adjmi tweeted they wanted perform but CBS "wasn't into it". SO STUPID!! 

New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?
 May 30 2024, 11:21:38 PM

Saw the show tonight for my roommate’s bday with the new cast. Overall, it was an amazing time! It was my 18th time (give or take) 

Alexandra Socha is phenomenal. Not my favorite Glinda but she was great. Doesn’t overplay the jokes, had a lot of heart. Brad Oscar was also really good. My roommate who has seen the show 8 times said he was her favorite wizard. I don’t agree personally but thought he was wonderful ;)

Donna as Morr

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/26/24
 May 30 2024, 03:17:34 PM

SonofRobbieJ said: "Kad said: "Maybe start popping an edible before you open this site?

How has it never occurred to me to engage with this site in an altered state. Kad...I suspect you're a treasure.


This site is at its best when you've had 3 glasses of wine and an edible. Enjoy!

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?
 May 29 2024, 05:21:09 PM

I need Gabby Beans as Louise.

2025 Pulitzer Prize prediction, with statistics
 May 29 2024, 10:21:16 AM

Dear God please not Mother Play. It would be a disgrace to the award.

 May 29 2024, 12:37:14 AM

Damn. I would have bought a ticket if I knew Kacey Musgraves was showing up! 

THE OUTSIDERS to release cast album on May 22
 May 23 2024, 11:06:05 PM

I haven’t stopped listening to Hopeless War and I could talk to you for hours. I hope this wins musical and score. 

What is the BEST Show You Have Seen on Broadway
 May 23 2024, 11:03:55 PM

Hello, Dolly! with Bernadette Peters will forever be my fondest theater memory. 

What is the worst production you have ever seen on Broadway? What is the worst show?
 May 22 2024, 09:52:37 AM

EvanstonDad said: "Ok, am I the only one who actually kind of wants to see Prymate now?"

I just looked the show up. Seems bonkers and lowkey (highkey) very racist to have a black man play a gorilla with 2 white scientists.

Musicals that will never be revived on Broadway
 May 20 2024, 11:19:22 PM

For some reason I feel like we will never see a revival of Sister Act…and that’s me having no real opinion on the show besides loving Raise You Voice, Life I Never Led and Fabulous Baby. 

What is the worst production you have ever seen on Broadway? What is the worst show?
 May 19 2024, 09:09:01 PM

berniesb!tch said: "The two shows I’ve ever walked out on were &Juliet and Hell’s Kitchen. The books just killed everything good they had going for them.

Edit: Once upon a one more time was pretty rough too! 

Some of these responses are so interesting!



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