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Shrek tour
 May 1 2024, 05:26:53 PM

It seems the tour took a layoff to fix it problems and it looks MUCH better!!! Wonder if any music/lines will have been changed?

Shrek tour
 Feb 25 2024, 06:56:54 PM

Sooo thoughts on the new non eq tour??

Peter Pan 2023 Tour
 Dec 3 2023, 02:23:44 PM

Has anyone seen this new touring production? Very curious and excited to hear thoughts.

THE CHER SHOW to (finally) go on tour
 Nov 29 2023, 11:01:24 PM

These pictures look wonderful.

THE CHER SHOW to (finally) go on tour
 Nov 16 2023, 05:40:17 PM

The lighting based off of this reel also looks very impressive- very intrigued to see promotional pictures/more content

THE CHER SHOW to (finally) go on tour
 Nov 14 2023, 09:10:16 PM

A picture of the set is currently on the story of the tour's instagram account- it looks very good

Beauty and the Beast Revival 2024
 Nov 9 2023, 12:36:34 PM

Just heard rumors of a Beauty and the Beast revival being brought to Bway again by Disney. Two leads are apparently already set. Anyone have any insight? Could it really be for the palace?

THE CHER SHOW to (finally) go on tour
 Oct 11 2023, 08:17:17 PM

Looks like these are the tour stops, hopefully we hear casting soon.

 Oct 4 2023, 02:59:26 PM


THE CHER SHOW to (finally) go on tour
 Sep 27 2023, 04:34:30 PM

Looks like @cherontour is the Instagram account for the tour, not the account from the original broadway production...


FUNNY GIRL to Launch National Tour
 Sep 6 2023, 01:40:33 PM

Not sure if this was talked about yet- but it looks like this tour is a non replica of the broadway production that just closed. According to Kevin Adams (@ambermylar on insta) who keeps sharing sneak peaks

BEETLEJUICE Will Re-Open In Spring 2022
 Aug 8 2022, 01:29:25 PM

Looks like a new block of tickets has been released extending the show to January 8th 2023

Legally Blonde Revival
 Aug 1 2022, 11:50:14 PM

The set deisgner from the muny legally blonde (@timmackabeedesign) posted on his story a picture of the what you want scene and said “Closing night…for now” and then on the bottom “stay tuned…” “#legallyblonde” and then the sunglasses emoji. What could this mean?

Legally Blonde Revival
 Jul 30 2022, 08:59:20 AM

After seeing the muny production this week I’ve decided that we need a revival. And Kyla Stone must star as Elle Woods. Everything about her Elle is perfection and necessary. Hopefully this happens soon.


Legally Blonde Muny
 May 31 2022, 09:34:20 AM

Any updates on the muny legally blonde cast??? I feel like we should know by now. Maybe some sort of celebrity cast. Any insight?

BEETLEJUICE Will Re-Open In Spring 2022
 Apr 5 2022, 08:32:41 AM

Michelle Aravena just posted that she will be out of the show for four weeks due to an injury, wishing her a speedy recovery. It looks like Natalie Charle Ellis went on for Miss Argentina for tech as well as Delia since Leslie Kritzer was out for the day.

BEETLEJUICE Will Re-Open In Spring 2022
 Mar 23 2022, 09:43:59 PM

It looks like a new scene is being added to the show, via Adam Dannheisser’s latest Instagram post, interested to see it

BEETLEJUICE Will Re-Open In Spring 2022
 Mar 19 2022, 10:54:05 PM

Was walking through the Marriott today and the doors to the theatre were open bc crews were loading in tech. I was able to get a glimpse of the attic set piece and Delia’s room as well as the roof of the Deetz’s house through the open door. Very excited.

Legally Blonde Muny Cast
 Mar 14 2022, 10:21:49 PM

Have we heard anything about this cast yet? Hoping this show is spectacular 

Legally Blonde Revival
 Feb 4 2022, 08:05:06 PM

With all the recent hype from the muny and just the overall popularity of the Legally Blonde musical do we think a revival is somewhat in the near further. I’d love to see the palace theatre reopen with this!

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