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Stage Door Experiences Lately  Apr 8 2024, 06:02:29 PM

Ptero2 said: "Enemy of the People was surprisingly chill. Was able to get a spot on the railing without rushing out, and the main cast almost all came out (including Jeremy and Michael, who were both lovely)."

I echo this. Saw Enemy last weekend. Lots of people along the gates, but no pushing or shoving. Everyone behaved. Jeremy and Michael were both great. Very patient and gracious. Made sure everyone got an autograph. 

MOTHER PLAY seating question  Apr 4 2024, 06:25:32 AM

Caught a few video clips of the actors taking their bows. Hard to tell, but looks like the stage design is centered…nothing much to the far left or right. 

MOTHER PLAY seating question  Apr 3 2024, 07:15:11 PM

Thanks for the responses. For Appropriate, I sat against the wall in Row G in Orchestra Right (OR). Missed a bit of the action (hence the partial view), but seemed like the actors were facing OR more. Guess we’ll find out more after tonight.

MOTHER PLAY seating question  Apr 3 2024, 11:50:05 AM

MOTHER PLAY opens with previews starting tonight. Would greatly appreciate it if anyone attending can share their thoughts on seating—specifically Orchestra Left vs Orchestra Right. 
Thank you in advance. 

Is Ben Platt Reopening The Palace theatre with a concert for his new Album?  Mar 18 2024, 01:44:25 PM

Man, so many miserable cranks here. Don’t like Ben, don’t go. Did he steal your boyfriends? So much venom. SMH

CBS Sunday Morning Did Not Ask Nicholas Sparks About Racist/Homophobic Comments  Mar 17 2024, 08:02:01 PM

The perpetually and easily offended are at it again. Must be exhausting to be that annoying.

 Mar 9 2024, 06:16:45 PM

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Mar 9 2024, 06:16:35 PM

Wow. I attended last night’s performance and Liev appeared fine. No issues at all. Enjoyed the play quite a bit. 

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 12 2024, 06:22:24 PM

Has Amy Ryan started rehearsals yet? 

MOTHER PLAY casting question  Feb 9 2024, 07:49:57 PM

I’m a bit confused (not a rare occurrence). The synopsis on Mother Play mentions a mother overseeing the move of her two teenage children into an apartment.” But those teens are being played by Jim Parsons and Celia Keenan-Bolger, who are 50 and 46 respectively. So, are they actually portraying teenagers? Are they reflecting back on events that occurred many years ago? Or something else? 

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco  Feb 8 2024, 07:21:45 PM

How long can we expect the current cast (Paulson, Fanning, et al) to continue? Are they committed to performing until March 3…or beyond?

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 6 2024, 05:14:35 PM

Sad to hear about Tyne. Wondered if she was up to the task when the cast was announced. Questioned her stamina to survive a full run. Now Amy Ryan steps in. Those who have seen her, what are your thoughts? Seems interesting that the priest is now older than the head nun. 

Helen Hayes seating for Appropriate  Jan 25 2024, 12:16:24 PM

Sounds like those in Orchestra Left may be worse off than  those in Orchestra Right. 
Would love to hear first-hand from anyone who has already seen Appropriate from these sections.
Thanks in advance. 

Helen Hayes seating for Appropriate  Jan 25 2024, 08:27:41 AM

Thanks for the insight. Switching our tickets isn’t really an option. Our seats are Orchestra R, Row F, Seats 8 & 10. We’re both pretty tall, so perhaps that might help a bit? 

Helen Hayes seating for Appropriate  Jan 25 2024, 05:20:08 AM

Ugh. This is the first I’m hearing of this potential viewing issue. Have Orchestra R, Row F seats coming up. Picked that section because I read the actors face that way for most of the performance.

Would appreciate any Orchestra R folks giving us the scoop. Thanks. 

APPROPRIATE Reviews  Jan 23 2024, 02:03:48 PM

Thanks for responding. Here’s a link to the 2nd Stage site. Should show the asterisks I’m seeing for the 6th and 7th.

APPROPRIATE Reviews  Jan 23 2024, 12:53:44 PM

Any guesses why the Appropriate website displays an asterisk on the 7:00 February 6th and 2:00 February 7th shows? Called and couldn’t get a straight answer. 

How to Fix the Broadway Model  Jan 18 2024, 11:32:03 AM

For me, it’s simply the high prices of tickets. Would love to attend more performances, but simply can’t afford to. Need to carefully pick and choose. As a result, I’m far less likely to take a flyer on an under-the-radar show or one I’m slightly curious about. I understand that it can be pricy to stage a show, but my entertainment budget is already stretched thin.

APPROPRIATE Reviews  Jan 18 2024, 09:58:16 AM

wesleystewart said: "Hi all, had to rearrange my trip to NYC in a couple weeks so I have a ticket to Appropriate for Friday, January 26 Orchestra F10. Just looking for face value if anyone is interested, $128.

Also, anyone know if entire cast is performing both shows on Wednesdays?

Certainly hope so. I have tickets for the matinee on February 7th. For what they charge for tickets, I certainly expect the full cast. Hope this doesn’t become like the N

Unpleasant theater audiences  Jul 5 2022, 09:32:19 AM

People have forgotten how to behave in public. Broadway is just one example. Talking throughout a performance. Constantly checking their phones. And don’t get me started on how sloppy an audience looks these days. No, I don’t expect tuxes and evening gowns. But ratty t-shirts, shorts, pajama bottoms, and rubber flip flops? C’mon, do better. But sadly, I don’t see it getting better—ever. That genie isn’t going back in the bottle. People are loud, rude, self-

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