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Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/2/23
 Jul 5 2023, 03:38:27 PM

How are we feeling about the Hadestown grosses in the past few months? Do we think it can stick it out for the rest of the year?

NEW YORK, NEW YORK On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Apr 17 2023, 06:56:05 PM

Alessio2 said: "Does anyone know if there is an in person rush for this show, and if so, where are the seats typically located? TIA"

I rushed the second week of previews and got a first row seat, to the right just off the aisle. I thought they were great seats. The whole first row is considered partial view, but really only the final number is blocked.

Musical Theater Heaven!
 Mar 30 2023, 02:03:30 PM

For rush tickets I was asked if I wanted them printed.

Musical Theater Heaven!
 Mar 30 2023, 12:05:09 AM

I rushed today. Got in line about 15 minutes after the box office opened and there were around 8 people in front of me at that point. The tickets were front row and considered obstructed, but only the titular number is actually obstructed due to an effect. Despite not being able to see any of that specific number, I thought they were great seats.

The show finished at just under 3 hours tonight. It ended around 10:50-10:55 ish.

I loved it! Everyone was great and Anna Uzele was pa

Actors Fund RAGTIME Concert Aiming For Early 2023
 Mar 28 2023, 01:16:59 AM

Call_me_jorge said: "Was there any mention of Marin at all?"

They had an “In Memoriam” section after the intermission which was introduced by Lea Michele

Looking for 1 Ticket For Ragtime
 Mar 27 2023, 10:38:34 PM

Did any of you have any luck?

Actors Fund RAGTIME Concert Aiming For Early 2023
 Mar 27 2023, 10:19:41 PM

There was a notice about filming but I’m assuming it’s just to film something to advertise for the actors fund

Actors Fund RAGTIME Concert Aiming For Early 2023
 Mar 27 2023, 08:55:50 PM

God I am so happy I held on to my tickets for three years. The vocal performances, the orchestra, everything is just breathtaking.

It’s also funny how many people I can hear sniffling around me… but I’ve cried five times and it’s only been the first act so I can’t talk.



Looking for 1 Ticket For Ragtime
 Mar 27 2023, 05:52:21 PM

There is a cancellation line and it was about 8 people long when I walked by 10 minutes ago

Help me pick a show for next week
 Mar 22 2023, 05:05:37 PM

I have a whole week of Broadway planned and I have one or two last slots to fill for next week. What would you choose between: Shucked, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Some Like It Hot, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, or seeing Sleep No More for a second time?

I love Alex Newell but I'm not sure if the rest of Shucked appeals to me. I don't mind corny jokes, but I've heard the songs are dull? I saw Mr Saturday Night last year and I found the jokes fun for the most par

Actors Fund RAGTIME Concert Aiming For Early 2023
 Mar 1 2023, 09:45:46 PM

If you have a few grand to spend, there's 2 tickets up for auction.

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Feb 22 2023, 01:28:53 AM

How is the view from the sides of mezz row A? Some pictures look like there's a railing blocking the view

Lillias White in Hadestown??
 Feb 18 2023, 08:34:08 PM

Interesting, I felt something similarly. I also saw Patrick Page last August and it felt like a bit more of a restrained performance than when I saw him previously in 2019. I wouldn't go so far to say declining health, but I was wondering if it was just age catching up or I caught him on a off day. He was also just coming off of a filming period so maybe he was fatigued from that. My friend didn't think anything was off, but she hadn't seen the show before, so I wasn'

Broadway Discounts
 Aug 3 2022, 11:15:33 AM

LSOH has Direct921 for $69 tickets and TPTGW has PYTMBEY66 for $30 off

New Hermes in Hadestown??
 Jul 13 2022, 06:24:36 PM

If this Lillias White news is true, does anyone by any chance know a time frame for when she'd start?

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