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Rob Madge's MY SON'S A QUEER... at the Lyceum February 2024  Oct 18 2023, 01:34:23 AM

Why is this show not Off-Broadway? How could the use of a Broadway house possibly be justified for someone unknown in the US? And hearing about the ticket prices makes it even less appealing. I always wonder who makes these decisions. I do acknowledge that I could be completely wrong, but even if the show is well-reviewed and great, will people go? 

MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG Previews  Sep 20 2023, 07:54:36 PM

I was disappointed by the "stapled playbill" for sure, but the expensive merch was quite nice. Also, the photo booth in the lobby was pretty great, for those who were willing to wait for the chance to jump in and get a picture. 

I was on the side in the second row of the Dress Circle, and found the sound to be quite lacking. Could have been where I was sitting, but it didn't sound great to me.

Nothing will ever be as amazing as the NY Theatre Workshop version,

MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG Previews  Sep 19 2023, 12:55:58 PM

I completely agree with you. That curtain was so distracting, even in a near perfect production. I am going tonight, so I will have an answer tomorrow. I cannot wait to see it, even though I was lucky enough to see the NY Theatre Workshop version three times. 

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW  Dec 30 2022, 02:57:32 PM

I would say this - get there a minimum of three hours before showtime. Closer to four would be better. Make sure that you talk to the others in line (unless you are first) to see how many tickets they are buying, so you know your chances. Don't let anyone tell you they are holding a place for anyone. Not allowed. Each person is allowed to purchase two tickets max. It seems (for the most part) that the max tickets that could turn up are six to eight. Be prepared to be offered tickets for a

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW  Dec 24 2022, 04:16:41 PM

I had mentioned in another post that I would be trying the cancellation line. So, here is my story. I took the train from Phila and booked a hotel so I would have 3 chances to try "the line" This was Thurs 12/22 eve and Fri 12/23 mat and eve. I went from the train to hotel for a bag drop and then to the line. Arrived at 4:45pm and was 8th in line. About 5pm, the first person was called to the box office. Then soon after the next 2 were called and then the next 2 were called. The nex

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW  Dec 21 2022, 12:06:24 AM

Thank you so much for this detailed info. I am going to try this in a few days, so you have prepared me for the magnitude of waiting that long. I was remembering heavy coat, gloves, and scarf, but forgot that a double pair of socks would also be needed. Glad that you got in and thanks again for the info.

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW  Nov 26 2022, 08:29:21 PM

Go to the Jan 22 date and click on it. You'll see the seating chart.


Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW  Nov 23 2022, 04:14:31 PM

You are extremely lucky. I have been hitting the refresh button every few minutes, and nothing but the SOLD OUT letters appear. It really is a matter of the exact time that you happen to refresh. Oh well, you give us hope!

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW  Nov 23 2022, 02:20:21 PM

Wow - I have been refreshing as well (and getting very little work done) Nothing for me.

Enjoy - that is excellent!

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW  Nov 23 2022, 01:22:27 PM

Bravo! That is excellent. Have a great time. Sunday is the day that I was trying to get a ticket.

I was officially notified a little after 12pm today that I had NOT won the lottery for tonight. 

Sounds like perhaps the website and in person are the best way to do it. Wish that I didn't have to get from Phila to NYC each time to wait in line!

Question about resale (Merrily We Roll Along)  Nov 11 2022, 03:39:53 AM

I am also in the "absolutely desperate to get a ticket" crowd. I love this musical so much, and the three leads are absolutely perfect casting for it. If anyone should have a single for Nov 21 - Nov 27 that they would be willing to sell, I would be most appreciative. Thanks.

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