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Jimmy Awards tonight 6/24 at the Minskoff
 Jun 25 2024, 11:12:45 AM

SeanD2 said: "Is it just me or is it a bit scary the emphasis the theater community is putting on the Jimmy Awards at this point? These are high school kids in what's supposed to be educational theater."

Honestly, I have felt a similar unease about the Jimmy Awards. Don't get me wrong, it's valuable and important to uplift the talents of people at this age. Other high school pursuits can lead to a national stage (I think of televised HS baseball or c

What Tony Upset Are You Hoping For?
 Jun 13 2024, 10:22:21 AM

Not necessarily hoping for this, I'd be delighted to see Daniel Radcliffe win, but I would be delighted equally if Sky Lakota-Lynch won for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical. 

Songs from shows that might work in church
 Jun 10 2024, 02:12:00 PM

I think "Hear My Song" from Songs for a New World could be nice. 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/2/24
 Jun 4 2024, 02:14:36 PM

Good on Hell's Kitchen, Suffs, The Outsiders, and Stereophonic - new shows staying level/increasing grosses as others took dips this week. Here's hoping maybe some tourists on summer break and Tony buzz can get some momentum going.

Primary Trust - Roundabout
 May 30 2023, 11:42:29 AM

I looked for this thread after seeing this past Sunday's performance to rave about how much I liked it - and am a little sad to see some of the negative reactions here. Glad to see it's getting positive reviews though.

It's a very quiet piece - there's not a lot of rising and falling action in terms of plot; instead, everything is about the main character. This is definitely a play that can live and die by whoever's playing Kenneth. Luckily, William Jackson Harper i

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