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THE WIZ Previews
 May 11 2024, 10:26:34 AM

True. And Wayne Brady departs June 8.

The Wiz returning to Bway in 2023 after National Tour
 Feb 19 2024, 11:21:34 PM

Small correction this production has NOT recouped. So it is quite imperative the show make change,. I agree about hiring another director. Schele is not the right person for the job.

The Wiz returning to Bway in 2023 after National Tour
 Feb 18 2024, 09:58:39 AM

This review was pretty interesting... I was at this performance of the WIZ, gotta say the theatre was on fire. The crowd was on their feet and with the cast the entire time. 

I also gotta say, the direction of the show was terrible. I was sitting in row M on the right side of the theatre and missed so much of the show. Often times people were just milling around. The comment in the LA Times about the ensembel lacking personality was is as if the ensemble is just there to

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews
 Feb 12 2024, 08:19:15 PM

I so agree. I saw THE WIZ in Chicago. And I must say the show it self has great moments but the overall direction of the whole piece lives down stage right. I mean I too, kept lean forward to see what the hell was happening over there. Reall, really poor direction. 

After seeing the Notebook last ngiht, I can't blame Micheal Grief I look at Schele Williams. 

Makes me no longer wonder why AIDA is not on the Broadway track. 

Here Lies Love and Live Musicians
 May 30 2023, 04:38:02 PM

sppunk said: "I wish the cast could walk out on the first performance. Shame on the producer. Everyone should boycott this show."

Even more terrible when their producer is a BILLIONAIRE. 

If you want to perform to track pay the musicians first. 

 May 30 2023, 02:06:26 PM

Your comment is kind of gross.

I guess Jamie Lee Curtis does not deserve her Oscar because of her parents, right?

Get a life. 

WGA strike impact on the 2023 Tonys
 May 9 2023, 04:33:30 PM

Well then someone tell Lin Manuel because he just pulled OUT! 
CBS may have a contract but we have AEA which is standing in solidarity with the WGA. Both writer's are working on Broadway shows currently and TV shows. They are not crossing the picket line. 

Damn the "contract" Broadway will be supporting THE WGA. 

WGA strike impact on the 2023 Tonys
 May 9 2023, 01:40:55 PM

I assume postponement. I can not see Ariana Debose crossing a picket line to host The Tony Awards. While I believe it will mean the closure of some shows, Just not possible to have awards while the WGA is on strike,

Drama League 2023 Distinguished Performance Award
 Apr 25 2023, 07:45:04 AM

Pass. I think this goes to Jodie Cromer. I sure wish people would just stop the Lea Michelle conversation. There is no eligibility there. She is great in the role and saved the show, but the rules are the rules. 

 Apr 22 2023, 10:41:19 AM

I think it is going to be a tight race. Regardless of who gets the nominations the public has spoken. Piano Lesson is holding a recoupment announcement. Every investor I have spoken with said the production has recouped. 

In this climate I think that speaks volumes.

Window- with an advance less than 1.2M this close out, I would safely say this show has no audience at least by ticket sales thus far. 

TopDog- barely broke even the whole run. The producer

 Apr 22 2023, 10:34:17 AM

Cooper would be considered Featured category as the Producers did not make a concession request.

Tonys Host and Performances
 Apr 6 2023, 03:58:35 PM

No April Fool's Joke. I guess its a scoop it has not been announced so enjoy...usually I am correct. 

Tonys Host and Performances
 Apr 6 2023, 02:38:08 PM

I WOULD LOVE THIS! But, alas, this year's TONY HOST is Ariana Debose again.

The sign in Sidney Brusteins window- Broadway
 Apr 3 2023, 10:37:32 PM

The show will be open in time for the TONY awards of THIS season. Thrilling! Yes, at The Jones, only 10 weeks! 

What Next For The Majestic?
 Mar 9 2023, 06:51:15 PM

Well, thats hysterical. Kristin Caskey, Mike Issaccson and Brian Moreland are the producers. According to paperwork ATG is a co-pro NOT a producer. This show is not going to an "ATG house". I am told it is going in to a Nederlander house. 

What Next For The Majestic?
 Mar 8 2023, 12:02:46 PM

Full renovation of the theatre, and then THE WIZ goes in. 

 Jan 14 2023, 05:31:24 PM

That is incorrect. Samuel L Jackson is back on the stage performing tomorrow/ SUNDAY January 15. I know because my tickets were moved as I changed performances with Telecharge.  CORRECTION- I moved my tickets from Jan 13 to Jan 15 to catch Jackson.

Be accurate please.

 Jan 10 2023, 03:15:19 PM

He is out beginning tomorrow until Saturday. NOT Covid.

Yea, I saw him at that same gala too, but Latanya stayed the whole time looked planned to me

Broadway Grosses Question?
 Dec 22 2022, 07:39:05 AM

Great question.


Without knowing the shows weeklly break even and or "the nut" it is hard to tell. 
But you can make a good guess at a cost.

Not looking to start a war (others feel free to chime in of course)


10 and under for the cast weekly might be around 5- 600K a week(Kimberly Akimbo)

20+ 700K 

30+ 800 -900K (Moulin Rouge, Some Like It Hot)



2 ppl 200-450K (Topdog)

AIN'T NO MO to close December 18
 Dec 15 2022, 07:34:40 PM



And these buy outs still do not help that the weekly nut is 430K. NOT one week, has met their weekly nut, needed to pay. These buyouts....are not happening into the rest of the run. Looks like the Shuberts like Paradise Square will be stuck paying closings costs on the production to move this show out. 


Also, it is a terrible message to have people donate to this show when the GENERAL PUBLIC is simply not interested.

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