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APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco
 Jun 23 2024, 02:00:16 PM

Does anyone know if the co producers who joined for the commercial run were Tony eligible? 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/2/24
 Jun 5 2024, 12:35:01 AM

magicfingers said: "The writers of Suessical, Addams Family, legally Blonde etc would disagree with you. They’ve made a FORTUNE over the last decades on the licensing for those chose. Millions."

The difference is that Addams Family and Legally Blonde ran for a while on Broadway and didn't close at a complete loss. Could HoRR get licensed a lot? Perhaps. They probably aren't going to get much in the way of an advance from the licensing companies. Bu

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/2/24
 Jun 4 2024, 03:20:27 PM

nasty_khakis said: "Some producer recently told me that a lot (not all) of shows are done on broadway knowing they're probably going to fail or struggle but they know they'll make a fortune in both regional and amateur licensing. Heart of Rock and Roll is a fun choice for high schools because of the bigger ensemble, dance numbers, easy paint by numbers love story, etc. Not saying that's what these specific producers are thinking/doing but sometimes you just know high scho

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/19/24
 May 23 2024, 08:02:16 PM

Ensemble1696584123 said: "Obviously not about these specific grosses, but Cabaret did a performance yesterday that was never on the schedule on Seat Geek when I was looking at tickets. Was it a buyout performance?"

They had a special performance for the road conference attendees.

What’s going on at Second Stage?
 May 2 2024, 07:07:01 PM

Forbidden Broadway had the theatre for the summer with the option to extend into the fall. I bet another rental show is already preparing to take that slot.

HEART OF ROCK & ROLL to open on Broadway this season?
 Feb 23 2024, 05:02:51 PM

GottaGetAGimmick420 said: "It blows my mind that Hunter Arnold put all his eggs inthis basket this season..."

This season, he also has eggs in: Once Upon a One More Time, Here Lies Love, Back To The Future, Purlie, Harmony, The Notebook, and Cabaret.

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco
 Feb 10 2024, 04:14:12 PM

DiscoCrows said: "Does anyone know who is producing / managing? When TMO transferred,Barry & Fran Weissler were leading but with general management by RCI."

ATG, Amanda DuBois, Annapurna, and Bad Robot are the commercial producers behind it.

How is the Back to the Future tour NOT going out under the highest level touring contract?
 Sep 9 2023, 08:34:04 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Just saw the Back to the Future tour audition notice and it will be going out under the level 5 touring agreement, which has a minimum salary of$1,056/week. Compare that to the weekly minimums of the tours for MJ, Hamilton, Six, Moulin Rouge, Frozen, Wicked, and etc which is at$2,403/week. I know the show hasn’t recouped yet, obviously, but for a show that is making well over a million dollars a week on Broadway it is striking that equity allowed the tour to pay so little. I’m just confused by the decision making here. If other well known IPs can tour on the higher level contract, why can’t Back to the Future?"

There wasn't a decision by Equity here. Any show can use the SET agreement if the production qualifies for it. And it has nothing to do with IP or Broadway grosses. It concerns the length and financial arrangements of the tour engagements. This is oversimplifying, but if the majority of engagements are one week or less, no engagements are over four weeks, and there are guarantees of under $300k per engagement, it can use this agreement. There is some potential upside to the cast that isn't in the production contract. Once a tour recoups, salaries go up 17%, and in weeks there is profit, each cast member gets .28% of that profit.

Is Investing in Broadway worth it?
 Aug 26 2023, 10:26:50 AM

KKeller6 said: "70-80% of all bway shows fail to break even."

I know this is the standard thought about Broadway, but im reality, I'll never believe it. Almost envy facet of entertainment claims to be a losing venture. Sports, Broadway. Even" The Empire Strikes Back" claims to have never made any money. Don't believe it for a second. Are there shows that losemoney? Sure. But 70-80% today? No way. It would have dried up ages ago if that were

 Aug 18 2023, 01:57:53 PM

Matt Rogers said: "It’s 83% positive on Show score, but only 4 reviews and I’m pretty sure one of them is a shill. However, I just learned that it at another one of these 2 hour plays without an intermission, so I’m out."

Truly curious. Do you have the same issue with movies? Barbie's running time is longer than this show.

“Monty Python's Spamalot” is coming to Broadway?
 Jul 2 2023, 09:46:39 PM

inception said: "By next spring I'm guessing both the Shubert & the St James will need new tenants"

Spamalot is opening in the fall. They have a theater and are waiting on the current show to announce closing before they announce.

Sufjan Stevens & Justin Peck's
 Jul 2 2023, 09:44:37 PM

DramaTeach said: "Just noticed that Peck posted a few days ago saying, “the run is sold out but stayed turned for future performances in Chicago in January. And then…eyes on New York City 👀.” Doesn’t seem like an “if,” it’s more of a “when.” I feel like that also confirms the types of venues people have been naming. They’re not aiming for Broadway, just NYC."


Greg Nobile, producer of Parade a

Broadway and the NYC Air Emergency (June 2023)
 Jun 8 2023, 05:00:07 PM

B212323 said: "It's been clear for a while Ms. St. Martin does not care about Bway performers though not sure why Equity didn't get involved yesterday"

Charlotte doesn't have the power to cancel performances, that rests with the individual theatre owners and producers, or in the case of a major event like this smoke, the executive committee at the league. Charlotte is an administrator, she doesn't make the decision but has an equal vote with the other

AEA May Strike National Tours April 13
 Apr 7 2023, 03:05:00 PM

MayAudraBlessYou2 said: "I'm not super confident that whatever compromise the Broadway League puts forward will satisfy AEA members. These contracts have gotten to a place where its just pitiful. Inflation and cost of living has been far outpacing touring contracts for yeeeears. And the League just let it get to an extreme where instead of increasing pay and amenities with the times, now there is SO much daylight between what is on offer and what AEA actors need to survive.

Ahmanson's Broadway-Bound(?) THE SECRET GARDEN announces further casting
 Mar 19 2023, 04:58:58 PM

BossBroadway said: "Everyone docking this production on its technical elements is not acknowledging the fact that this was produced on a budget of $2 million. Not very much compared to over pre-Broadway tryouts that lose all of its money. The production value would certainly be much higher on Broadway, as well as it's orchestra."

The Ahmanson production was closer to $4M (the enhancement was probably about $2M) 

Full casting announced for GOOD NIGHT, OSCAR
 Mar 17 2023, 11:09:50 PM

quizking101 said: "I was talking to someone close to the business side of the production and even they are perplexed at the high price points.

This has the hubris of those who thought Billy Crystal in MR. SATURDAY NIGHT was going to be a runaway smash and made even the worst of mezzanine seats $199 sans fees.

I guarantee these prices will be coming down A LOT and I can definitely foresee TDF and possibly papering if the going gets that rough.


ROOM will open this spring
 Mar 17 2023, 03:34:32 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "fbueller said: "The investor/investment group should be named for transparency."

We already know it's either Sam Julyan or James Yeoburn. It was specified as a Lead Producer, and those are the other two lead producers in addition to Hunter Arnold. Both are British, relatively young, and have never worked on Broadway prior to this. And asitsjustmejonhotmailcom said, investments are often discussed in a handshake way duri

ROOM will open this spring
 Mar 17 2023, 11:33:33 AM

A couple of things. 1) The producer who departed wasn't investing his personal money. He was raising it from others. 2) In this situation and others like it, an investor didn't "pull out" - they were never in to begin with. Once an investor signs the agreement and wires funds, there is no getting their money back. What likely happened is that an investor committed verbally or over email, but never actually invested. Most producers don't count that as a done deal for exac

A Casino in Times Square?
 Oct 24 2022, 01:09:44 PM

AEA is probably supporting the casino because of pressure from the trade unions that would build it.

Co-producers vs. "Co-producers"
 Sep 8 2022, 07:40:25 PM

Probably the best way is, is you know the name of the LLC, to search the SEC's EDGAR database. Those filings will include the names of the managing members.

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