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NY Daily News: Ruthie Ann Miles Injured, Daughter Killed By Driver in Brooklyn
 Mar 6 2018, 03:46:15 PM

Many thoughts for both families.  I'll hit up the gofundme account in a bit.

Celebrating diverse casting!
 Feb 13 2016, 03:17:21 PM

But if only 12% of...

Who holds the rights????
 Jan 17 2016, 01:40:56 AM

Thanks for the clarification!!!


Some years ago I collaborated with a musician who bailed at the last minute because he didn't want his music tied to a turkey of a libretto which was my contribution.

Who holds the rights????
 Jan 16 2016, 10:16:08 PM

I'm not an attorney but it's my understanding that there's special protection for stage plays and stage musicals in the form of  "grand rights" that rest exclusively with the author(s) of the works.  Unlike sound recordings, there is no statutory payment schedule for performance royalties either which requires each production company to obtain a license from the author(s) as well as negotiate royalties.  With records, if there's an existing record

BRIGHT STAR (Pre-Broadway) at the Kennedy Center
 Dec 15 2015, 12:47:34 AM

I'm still on the fence about checking it out later this week.  The one deterrent follows.


Performance Timing: Act One - 65 min.; Intermission - 15 min.; Act Two - 55 min.


Diana Ross's THE WIZ solo album
 Dec 14 2015, 11:35:19 PM

"Can you imagine if they had gotten her as Glinda for the live telecast!?"


Yes, we can.  And that's why we're relieved she didn't curse the latest iteration of the THE WIZ.  

What should be NBC's next Live Musical ?
 Dec 14 2015, 11:09:32 PM

How about Christmas with Bella, Edward, and Jacob?

Diversity on Broadway
 Oct 19 2015, 11:33:14 PM

"(Unless I am totally misunderstanding your question)"


On the contrary, you totally get it and thanks for responding, dramamama611!!!


Some years ago I penned a one-act w/ music but my musician-collaborator and I couldn't come to terms on use of his music.  He was concerned the he wouldn't be able to perform the songs outside of the play without my permission if we jointly copyrighted the play as a dramatic work with music. &nbs

Diversity on Broadway
 Oct 18 2015, 08:37:02 PM

I have a question for the group that relates to "grand rights" for dramatic works in the US.  It's always been my understanding that the traditional performing rights organization have zero involvement in negotiations between the author(s) of a play (or musical) and a theatre company interested in mounting the work.  Royalty rates are set between those two parties or their agents on a case-by-case basis.  The gray area to me as a non-attorney is any change to the dramatic work.  


Diversity on Broadway
 Oct 17 2015, 09:12:27 PM

@firebolts, my big takeaway from the article was the following excerpt from one of the comments,


"Until recently if you were an Asian CEO of a startup about to go public, the investors often insisted that a white CEO be brought in to make the company more attractive to Wall Street. This is now decreasing."


That's consistent with my experience as an over-50 technologist, entrepreneur, patron of the arts, and ethnic minority in

Diversity on Broadway
 Oct 17 2015, 07:33:25 PM

"If shows such as HamiltonIn the Heights, andAllegiance continue to written and produced, I can almost guarantee that the number of white audience members will decrease and the audience will diversify, and that is such a great thing."


I agree and suggest that it's not a zero sum game.  It's a win-win for theatre in general.  I'm heartened by the success stories of some community theater groups to attract a diverse roster of writers,directors, and actors, which FindingNamo alluded to.   Apart from a few warts, I find Broadway to be a helluva lot more inclusive within than other sectors of society without.  And yes, I'm looking at you Silicon Valley.  Context is everything so please read on at the link below whenever you can spare the time.


Finally, as a simple thought exercise, I implore each of you to replace the word racism with "hegemony" as you devise ways to move theatre forward in the US.  The aim here is not to re-write history but to move past the loaded word racism.  We are often not aware of the origins or nature of our biases or hangups.  Consequently, we become either defensive at the mere suggestion that our successes are due in any measure to birth-right or discouraged by the burden of always having to receive the nod of approval of the dominant group. 

 Oct 17 2015, 08:35:48 AM

"I agree that the character make-up and costumes look a little frightening whether intentionally or unintentionally. The poster would look better if they weren't all screaming."



Neil Patrick Harris' first and last year as Oscar host
 Feb 23 2015, 07:20:42 PM
Does NPH deserve a 2nd chance ala Ellen?

I now recall her 1st stab at hosting the Oscars. She never quite settled into her hosting duties and looked ill at ease throughout the event. But, the 2nd time was the charm for Ellen.

As unimpressed and un-entertained as I was by him last night, I'm not quite ready to label him the worst host ever.

Neil Patrick Harris' first and last year as Oscar host
 Feb 23 2015, 08:38:57 AM
"Did no one else notice the single worst hosting transition? When the woman who won a lesser award mentioned losing her son to suicide, within seconds NPH made a joke about the balls on her dress? It was a moment of spontaneity that cannot be blamed on poor writing, and it was gasp-worthy. His tone deafness was startling."

It was crass and it bordered on misogyny. It left me wondering if NPH thought that his orientation gave him license to take a cheap shot at a mature woman who gave o

Neil Patrick Harris' first and last year as Oscar host
 Feb 23 2015, 12:33:06 AM
To me, he tries too hard...his shtick seems so forced.

And the optics...that's a bulbous head on a lanky frame in tighty whities. Didn't work in BIRDMAN nor on that particular stage. I was

Jennifer Hudson in Upcoming
 Jan 10 2015, 05:18:32 PM
"The score is fine. But that BOOK. My God, that book is atrocious!!!"

I passed on an offer of free tickets the first time based. Reviews of friends of mine were similar to quote above. But, I gotta admit that this time I'm somewhat intrigued.

Just let it go
 Jan 2 2015, 06:31:00 AM
To me, Idina's singing voice has always been an acquired taste and I'm just not quite there yet. This particular song exposes a portion of her range that is not exactly soothing to the ear. She's gone shrill in a not so good way before but not like in this song, including the recording for the soundtrack. The problem is her nasally delivery which sounds like a 43-yr old woman impersonating a 12-yr old girl whose voice lacks the maturity to tackle such a demanding number. The cold weather did
thoughts on
 Aug 23 2013, 03:41:49 PM
"That behavior will change as the mobile generation gets older and as gamifying becomes more expected (which i cringe at the thought)."

I agree and that's why I'm happy I'll be eligible to retire next year this time. At work there is this "new media group" dedicated to gamification and millennial ephemera that do zilch to enhance customer outreach at present. In other sectors, gamification is known as incentive-centered design which is a fancy way of saying the design of software ag

Heather Headley 'I Will Always Love You' from The Bodyguard musical
 Nov 23 2012, 06:09:32 PM
Heather Headley performs
 Sep 6 2012, 04:16:03 AM
"I agree that she has star quality, but her voice is low and nasally."

Heather the actress tends to wow me. But, the nasally tone of her mid-range singing voice isn't always pleasant. And at times she can sound a bit forced.

It's like playing a wind instrument. Not all singers can shift registers effortlessly. In her prime, Whitney was one of the best at it so I dread the coming comparisons.

I wish the best for all involved though.

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