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SARAH BRIGHTMAN To Star in Australian SUNSET BLVD.  Feb 5 2024, 11:47:35 AM

SweetLips22 said: "I am sure that I remember reading many moons ago that Ms Brightman went to an Italian? vocal coach who completely transformed that way that she produced each note.

You could see that she changed the shape of her mouth, making it more rounder as she sang, and actually produced a different sound because of how she breathed and placed each note. This affected her diction.

I would line up in a heart beat to see this train wreck because there is no

Glynnis Johns has died at 100  Jan 4 2024, 04:28:57 PM

Very sad to hear this, however I’m glad she still had quality of life right up to her 100th birthday, and was well-celebrated.

Immersive AMERICAN PSYCHO Premiering 2025 In Brooklyn?  Nov 19 2023, 06:37:50 PM

That sounds like an interesting concept.

I saw the Cleveland regional premiere of "American Psycho" in October, 2022. It was staged in a very small studio theater, inside a large industrial building, which had been converted into a bunch of art galleries and studios. It worked really well in an intimate environment and felt immersive.

I'd definitely make a trip to Brooklyn for this.

ALL THAT CHAT Message Board down for over a week  Nov 17 2023, 11:53:57 AM

If you go to their standard URL, it re-directs you to a temporary site. Scroll down to the bottom for their status updates.


O'Connell & Coon in Cromer-helmed AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY reading  Nov 10 2023, 11:22:56 AM

I still want to see Jessica Lange play Violet. Somehow, somewhere.

Streisand Will Release First Memoir this Fall  Nov 7 2023, 11:23:44 AM

Jordan Catalano said: "I’m about two hours into the 48 hour run time of the audio book. I still can’t believe she recorded the entire thing - I’m dying to know how long it took.

Right?? Think of how many takes she must have done. How many times did she listen back to the recording, only to re-record a particular line until she was completely satisfied with everything?

SARAH BRIGHTMAN To Star in Australian SUNSET BLVD.  Oct 15 2023, 10:20:50 PM

FANtomFollies said: "I completely forgot about that Carousel recording. She sounds so gorgeous I wish I could hear her sing 'If I Loved You'."

From later in her career, and a bit more operatic in style, but here you go!<

SARAH BRIGHTMAN To Star in Australian SUNSET BLVD.  Oct 12 2023, 11:48:12 AM

I wonder how much creative input she'll have when it comes to this production.  She's notoriously headstrong when it comes to the staging, design and production of her own concert tours, photos, album art and music videos.  She also famously works with the same makeup people, costume designers and photographers on a consistent basis.

For someone who's so used to everyone saying "yes" to her, I would imagine there must have been some concessions built int

SARAH BRIGHTMAN To Star in Australian SUNSET BLVD.  Oct 10 2023, 10:39:51 PM

There’s now a teaser video on the show’s social media accounts where Sarah turns up in a car at His Majesty’s Theatre. She hesitates before walking out onto the stage, as if she thinks the Phantom is about to jump out and get her.

SARAH BRIGHTMAN To Star in Australian SUNSET BLVD.  Oct 10 2023, 02:33:46 PM

I’m imaging her Norma to be something like this, and I’m fine with that! 

SARAH BRIGHTMAN To Star in Australian SUNSET BLVD.  Oct 9 2023, 03:47:34 PM

I’m a die-hard Sarah fan and I must say, this is not something I EVER had on my bingo card!  Wish I lived in Australia! 

The Wiz returning to Bway in 2023 after National Tour  Oct 8 2023, 03:53:08 PM

Per a social media post by the local presenter, Playhouse Square, this afternoon's matinee in Cleveland was canceled "Due to a medical emergency with one of the principal cast members."

As of now they say "Tonight's evening performance is scheduled to go on as planned."

Glynis Johns is 100  Oct 5 2023, 06:49:35 AM

That recent interview is amazing! This is an extremely rare appearance by Ms. Johns. Glad to see she’s happy, enjoying herself, and still full of life. I love that she shows off her much deserved Tony Award! 

THE GREAT GATSBY @ Paper Mill Playhouse Thread  Oct 2 2023, 08:59:05 AM

Fan123 said: "According to, this is a representation of the scenic design byPaul Tate dePoo III:

That design is extremely reminiscent of the 2013 Baz Luhrmann film adaptation.


Faye Dunaway - Sunset Blvd  Sep 6 2023, 11:25:52 AM

I'm confused by what Lloyd Webber really had to lose in this situation.

I'm assuming Glenn Close and the production had already been decently/favorably reviewed in Los Angeles, especially since the company was in the process of leaving for New York.

Would negative reviews of Faye Dunaway merely replacing in the Los Angeles production have affected or threatened the show's success on Broadway that much?

Perhaps someone could clarify the potential impact for me.

COMPANY Revival On Tour - News & Discussion Thread  Aug 8 2023, 11:38:21 AM

CATSNYrevival said: "Lucie Arnaz for Joanne?"

I had the same idea in April.  I think she'd be great in the role! Also would add a little stunt casting element to the tour.

Worst Pet Peeves in Community Theater  Jul 14 2023, 01:08:15 PM

- Actors who are not mic'd.  I don't care how "intimate" your studio theater is. If I've done my homework before attending a performance and can't hear the actors (especially over live musicians), odds are there are a lot of other audience members who are completely lost and have no idea what's going on.

- Multiple email blasts or posts on social media using the phrase "Tickets going fast!", when you can pull up the seating charts for mu

Memory play (or musical) or shows with ghosts?  Jun 22 2023, 11:08:04 AM

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content

The ghostly memory and flashbacks of his mother, whom he believes to be dead during the first act.


Phantom Closing?  Jun 13 2023, 11:33:10 AM

Lot666 said: "Listener said: "Very nice to see Phantom honored tonight during the Tony Awards. Wish more cast members were included in the photos, but at least a few vets got in there."

And, althoughJoaquina Kalukango has a great voice, it's not right for "Wishing". They should have gotten someone from Phantom to sing the song.

Agreed. I wonder if they might have reached out to Sarah Brightman about this, and

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Apr 28 2023, 09:54:55 PM

HBP said: "It looks like all these photos of the set from the NOMTW and Thank Goodness shoots. Couldn’t the production send some security crew o whichever spot that is and stop people from taking pictures?"

These "leaks" and the subsequent hype are exactly what the production wants. Free publicity and quite a bit of buzz.

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