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Cole Escola is Mary Todd Lincoln in OH, MARY! Off-Broadway  Feb 16 2024, 05:38:56 PM

The wheelchair seating is the front row, so has to be room for them to get in and out easily.

Boy George in MR  Feb 9 2024, 04:52:52 PM

Is Boy George appearing in multiple shows on Broadway? That would seem to focus us in on one specific show.

Cole Escola is Mary Todd Lincoln in OH, MARY! Off-Broadway  Feb 7 2024, 05:29:43 PM

Leaf Coneybear said: "As a huge Abraham Lincoln nerd, I've decided to fly in in a few weeks purely for this. So excited!"

Hopefully you're not hoping to learn anything... ;-)

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 5 2024, 05:40:27 PM

bwayphreak234 said: "This is an interesting one for me. I love this play, and I loved the original production with Cherry Jones that I saw on tour back in 2006. That being said, this production is passable, but is very “safe” in all aspects for lack of a better word.."

Saw Jones as well, and even after all these years, doesn't seem like I need a revisit. Still too soon?!

Cole Escola is Mary Todd Lincoln in OH, MARY! Off-Broadway  Feb 5 2024, 04:47:40 PM

Caught this earlier than anticipated, so got to use the discount code mentioned earlier, and had a great time. Inadvertently saw three alcohol-related shows (White Chip before, Days of Wine and Roses after), but such a blast at this one.

Naked Boys Singing has closed  Feb 2 2024, 06:07:16 PM

dramamama611 said: "Hater! Long time no see! Hoping all is well with you."

Doing fine. Just realized this site is NOT blocked by my latest employer whereas so many other things are, heh.

Still attend lots of things and visit NYC far too often, but less concerned about writing/commenting about it all that much. Hope all is well with you, too.

Naked Boys Singing has closed  Jan 31 2024, 06:02:18 PM

Last time I saw it, there was no acknowledgment of who the cast members even were. Just anonymous people with rent to pay...

Chita Rivera has died  Jan 30 2024, 03:18:25 PM

Aww, got to see her a few times, most recently in The Visit, and was awaiting her BCEFA Spiderwoman ornament to arrive...

BACK TO THE FUTURE Reviews  Jan 30 2024, 01:30:05 PM

Can't imagine seeing BTTF a second time, but hey, more people seeing that, less people competing for rush/lottery for the other shows ;-)

Cole Escola is Mary Todd Lincoln in OH, MARY! Off-Broadway  Jan 30 2024, 01:11:20 PM

Thanks, trying to go on 2/17, so that doesn't work that far out...

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Jan 30 2024, 01:10:03 PM

Ptero2 said: "Front row center was great IMO (with usual caveats about needing to crane your neck up)."

Phew! Thanks!

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Jan 30 2024, 12:11:57 PM

UWS10023 said: "I have to say that front row partial view was definitely partial view. I have sat in many partial view seats over the years in various New York Theaters and my view from the seat for this particular production was the most obstructive. The frustrating thing was that it could have been corrected by some slight set piece adjustments that would not have compromised anything for the rest of the house. The production design was very chilly and the set design was symmetrica

Cole Escola is Mary Todd Lincoln in OH, MARY! Off-Broadway  Jan 30 2024, 12:05:34 PM

Anyone know of any discount codes? Not seeing anything, not on TDF...

Josh Gad & Andrew Rannells to star in GUTENBERG! THE (BEST) MUSICAL (EVER)  Sep 5 2023, 11:38:57 PM

Anyone know if they sell the box seats at the box office yet?

ALEX EDELMAN: JUST FOR US Reviews  Jul 20 2023, 10:04:46 PM

Alex replied to me on Twitter that the show is usually around an hour 24 minutes, so no go...

ALEX EDELMAN: JUST FOR US Reviews  Jul 20 2023, 03:21:55 PM

Any idea if the 75 minute running time is accurate? Trying to determine if I can do this as a matinee and be out in time to get to Here Lies Love?!

Back To The Future previews  Jul 12 2023, 01:36:34 AM

djoko84 said: "I expect the show's effects and stage design to get raves, but not really anything else, which is why I'm taking the chance and waiting till it opens to try rush/lottery."

Seems little point in waiting since the effects and stage design are already pretty locked down by now.

BACK TO THE FUTURE : Lottery/Rush seats?  Jul 12 2023, 01:31:45 AM

Got last row, center orchestra through lottery, basically two seats next to the pillar/sound board (and only one other person on the aisle next to us). Saw everything perfectly well.

Depedestrianize Broadway  May 29 2023, 09:19:30 PM

If I'm going to a Broadway show and end up on Times Square, I usually feel I messed up... I try my best to route around it. I know a Broadway performer who ended up in a venue east of 7th, and they used to take an extra subway just to pop up on that side of things to not have to go through Times Square every day.

Tonys day show cancellations  May 29 2023, 09:17:10 PM

I've also had issues when seeing shows the Saturday before the Tonys, as I mistakenly did a double bill with Great Comet and Dolly, and many people performing the following day (Groban, Hyde Pierce) did not perform. I said I would remember to not do that again, but then I have & Juliet tickets for Saturday afternoon, June 10. Oops...

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