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2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 06:48:26 PM

His speech was short, heartfelt, and perfect!

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews
 Apr 2 2024, 11:28:49 AM

I was at the first preview last night and sat in the West Mezz/Mezz 4. We were in the last row E two seats off the end and I would sit there again in a heartbeat! It felt closer to the stage than the regular mezz and possibly better raked in that I didn't feel like we had to shift between or above heads to see (and we had leg room). And we really did feel close to the stage! Yes there are times that are slightly more "staged" to the other side, but I felt they did a good jo

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews
 Mar 28 2024, 12:30:05 PM

So I know previews haven't started yet and no one "knows," but if anyone has experience based on the London production - would you suggest buying the Two Ladies drink special ahead of time or buying drinks at the theatre. It would be nice to surprise my mom by having that treat set up ahead of time, but we're not big drinkers so if there are likely to be more options available at the bar than offered as part of the package (one mixer cocktails) I may wait.


COMPANY Revival On Tour - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 28 2024, 12:22:22 PM

Sally Durant Plummer - Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts/experience!

Unfortunately Britney Coleman was out when I caught the tour (tho I did see and LOVE the Broadway cast and production).

Hell's Kitchen lotto and rush
 Nov 30 2023, 09:56:55 AM

Here's the link for info and blackout dates:

CAMELOT to close in July
 Jul 15 2023, 02:02:03 PM

If anyone saw or sees Fergie Philippe as Arthur please post your thoughts!

I saw and loved Burnap but would be so interested to hear what Phillippe brings to the role

The 76th Annual TONY Awards!
 Jun 11 2023, 10:25:00 PM

I don't know if it's having more time to perform, but having the scene into song for Into the Woods, Parade, and Kimberly Akimbo is so great! 

The 76th Annual TONY Awards!
 Jun 11 2023, 09:37:04 PM

I am still ecstatic that Topdog/Underdog won best play revival (and loved how they did the nominees) and Into the Woods performance was perfect! 

The 76th Annual TONY Awards!
 Jun 11 2023, 08:53:09 PM

Small thing, but I really enjoy seeing the upcoming casts cheer for the casts that just finished their performance! I'm finding it a fun way to transition into the commercials 

Lunt-Fontanne Seating Advice
 Apr 17 2023, 12:43:38 PM

I posted this in the full reviews thread, but I sat in row XX, seat 113 and it was great! I was a little worried about the mezz overhang and scenes on the upper platform/walkway but i could see everything perfectly! 

Sweeney - Reviews
 Apr 2 2023, 09:46:05 PM

I sat in row XX, seat 113 and it was great! I was a little worried about the mezz overhang and scenes on the upper platform/walkway but i could see everything perfectly! 

2019 Tony Award Nominations and Snubs
 Apr 30 2019, 09:05:37 AM

Unfortunately I have not been able to catch many plays this year, but that Mockingbird could tie in the most nominations for a play and still NOT be nominated for best play is just wow. 

OKLAHOMA! Previews
 Apr 2 2019, 10:37:32 AM

There’s a really great feature in the most recent issue of New York Magazine by Frank Rich all about Oklahoma (the state and the show) filtered through the lens of this revival - including a side interview with Ted Chapin about how he decides which revivals get the green light.


Thank you so much for posting this article! 

I saw Oklahoma! on Saturday evening and am still thinking about the production and how it made me feel and I love that. I was so fascinated by the choices made and quite frankly wish I could go back once it opens to revisit those feelings. There is so much to unpack in this production and reading this article brought even more to how I think about what I saw. 

The prom rush
 Dec 13 2018, 10:16:25 AM

I rushed this past Sunday. Got to the box office around 12:15 pm and got a balcony seat

Mean Girls Rush/Lottery
 May 29 2018, 02:25:52 PM

I am not sure if standing room is sold every day. I went last Sunday and stood in the standing room/cancellation line after losing the lottery. Standing room was not sold immediately after (maybe an hour before curtain). There were 8 spots (I think they said 10 was the max on any given day) and of course they sold out right before me. I did manage to get a $79.50 partial view seat which I thought was great. I missed some projections but that's pretty much it.

2017 Shakespeare in the Park
 Jul 22 2017, 11:37:39 PM

FYI I got in line about 7:40 this morning (Saturday).  A group or two in front of me they announced that there were only single tickets left (I still got 2 but not sitting together). Not sure how many people behind me got tickets.

 Apr 25 2017, 11:40:06 AM

Got it. I don't know much about the show, only that they each play both roles, so I was just curious. Thanks!

 Apr 25 2017, 11:31:54 AM

I had forgotten that Shuffle Along would be considered this year, and I am glad to see their phenomenal choreography and costumes acknowledged with nominations!


Having not seen The Little Foxes, is it weird that Laura Linney was nominated in leading and Cynthia Nixon in featured...?

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