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What is Digital rush like?  Nov 3 2022, 12:57:53 PM

I figured as much about the lotteries. That's why I'm not even bothering with those. I just wasn't sure how the digital rushes compared.

What is Digital rush like?  Nov 3 2022, 11:44:39 AM

Hi all! I live out of state and I haven't done a rush since college, long before the days of digital rushes and lotteries. I'm planning a trip after Christmas, and I'm curious if there's anything I should know about how digital rush works these days? I'm thinking about doing Moulin Rouge rush, but I'm wondering - how hard is it? Do a lot of people try to get tickets at once? Have you ever logged on right at the time the rush opens and still not gotten tickets? 

Ticket Lottery winners?  Jun 22 2017, 01:22:10 PM

Nope, but no harm in me checking to make sure I did it right, yeah?

Ticket Lottery winners?  Jun 22 2017, 12:53:41 PM

I still haven't gotten an email from the Kinky Boots lotto. Are they usually late?

Hamilton Cancellation Line  Jun 21 2017, 01:54:38 PM

If anyone has any updates on what the line is like now, please share! Haven't been to the city in 5 years and trying to make a plan! Would love SRO but don't know if I can convince my husband to pay for regular price lol.

Dear Evan Hansen Standing room  Jun 21 2017, 01:50:45 PM

Just to make sure I understand...people are showing up the night before, getting a wristband, and leaving?

Hamilton Cancellation Line  Oct 21 2016, 01:13:35 PM

MyFavoriteBrunette said: "AMHM said: "Yes, they do sell SRO. I could be wrong but I think they go for $40? If someone knows better, they can correct me! And yes, the seats are premium or lottery. I don't know about others - other people on this forum might have more information on that.


For the sake of other users, don't confuse "premium" seats with "house/VIP" seats.  

Cancellation line sells:

Hamilton Cancellation Line  Oct 13 2016, 08:25:38 AM

So they sell SRO with cancellations? Cool. And "cancellations" aren't really cancellation right? It's the premium seats they hold for special people?

Hamilton Cancellation Line  Oct 11 2016, 10:17:04 AM

Hi there! So we are going up there next June and I'm trying to get an idea of whether it would be a good idea to try the cancellation line. What are the chances they sell tickets? I haven't been to NYC in four years, so if hate to spend the entire day on line just to not get tickets, but I will accept a CERTAIN amount of risk. Do they sell the regularly priced seats or is it only premium? Is there a better chance of getting tickets on two show days, or do twice as many people show up?

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