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The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 16 2024, 08:15:13 PM


Rule #1-- We need to HEAR the lyrics.

Rule #2--Never wear a color (gold) that mirrors the background.

Rule #3--Auditioning for J Lo's understudy on National TV is a no-no.

I've said it from her beginnings--DeBose has the best agent in show business.



The 77th Annual Tony Award Nominations for 2024
 Apr 30 2024, 09:41:09 AM

Thrilled with the love for THE OUTSIDERS--my fave of a middling season. ILLINOISE may have a struggle at the Box office even with the Best Musical and Choreography noms. An ambitious dansical for sure-- the nominating committee couldn't get past anointing it as a fully-fledged Broadway musical.

THE WIZ Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Apr 17 2024, 11:43:09 PM

MemorableUserName said: "Theatermania:

Review: A Big, Empty Revival ofThe WizLacks the Magic of Broadway

Perhaps six months on tour isn’t the best way to kick off a run.

"The dancers give Knight’s repetitive choreography their all but are clearly bored or tired — I’ve never seen so many ensemble members going through the motions all at once, especially on a critics’ night in the run-up to Tony nominations. Williams’s direction is similar: bare minimum, dead behind the eyes. You don’t realize how tricky scene transitions are until you watch the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow just slowly back off stage like they’re in aFamily Guycutaway. There’s no connection, no chemistry, no soul. This is as lifeless a production as I’ve ever seen on Broadway, and, quite frankly, it’s shocking."



 Apr 16 2024, 03:19:20 PM
Well, That GMA performance was underwhelming. I was on the fence on this one, and the praise here almost got me to TDF or TKTS. Certainly looks like the music is the "star" as I guess it would be. While I always admire the talented singers, and especially the dancers, getting up at the crack of dawn to dance their hearts out --this just looks so sophomoric to me. Tired, pedestrian-like choreography with kicks, splits, and a mishmash of movement that goes nowhere. I imagine the TV audience wondered why the handsome and buff man centerstage wasn't singing? I realize it's one of Lewis' biggest hits, but what a missed opportunity to showcase something better, if indeed they have that. At least the underutilized and charming Cott got his push-ups in this morning.

THE OUTSIDERS Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Apr 11 2024, 11:40:06 AM

After just seeing the show yesterday, I'd expect mixed to positive (leaning positive) notices. It's one of the freshest shows in a middling season, and there's plenty of opportunities for Tony nominations. While the sum of its parts are greater than it's whole, it's still an engaging and entertaining show with some breakout performances. And the hunk factor doesn't hurt either.

THE OUTSIDERS Broadway Previews
 Apr 10 2024, 09:20:29 PM

At the matinee: 4/10/24.

Surprisingly good. A true ensemble piece with a fresh-faced, appealing, and talented cast. The trio of brothers (aside from their glorious voices) are engaging and have great chemistry, and others in the cast also shine. While the book is at times meandering, it's effective enough to frame the music, choreography, and design elements, which are often thrilling. I especially admired the "cinematic" touches of stop-motion used throughout t

ILLINOISE at the St. James Beginning April 24
 Mar 21 2024, 06:37:49 PM

Gia Kourlas, NY Times

"It’s hard to pin down what “Illinoise” wants to be, though it clearly has Broadway ambitions. Is it the musical theater version of a story ballet? A concert with dancing? Does it even care about dancing, really? The show, referred to as “A New Kind of Musical,” has little that seems new; it’s drowning in sentimentality, which is about as old school as it gets. And it doesn’t have much of a story, but what is there — by Peck and the playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury — is opaque. There’s no dialogue. It’s the music that is the undisputed star here."



‘Illinoise’: A Place of Overflowing Emotion, but Little Dance Spirit

Buena Vista Social Club at Atlantic Theater Company
 Jan 5 2024, 04:51:32 PM

Wow! The prices for the extension range from $150 (front row) to mainly $175 and $200 seats! At those prices I'll wait for a possible Broadway transfer!

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES to play limited Broadway engagement beginning in January
 Sep 13 2023, 03:44:47 PM

Two choreographers? Is there a dance ensemble?

Choreography by Sergio Trujillo & Karla Puno Garcia

NEW YORK, NEW YORK On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Apr 19 2023, 09:34:07 AM

Does anyone here have experience with winning an online lottery --and then exchanging it (and paying more) at the box office for a better seat if available? Is that even possible? I won the lottery for NEW YORK, NEW YORK for tonight, and recall seeing that info somewhere on their confirmation pages--but can no longer find it. I don't have my ticket yet, but wanted to be prepared to exchange if possible. Thank you.

Ticket buying practices
 Apr 18 2023, 04:12:46 PM


SHUCKED On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Apr 2 2023, 09:33:01 PM

MemorableUserName said: "I won the lottery for this too. The confirmation said the tickets would be emailed one hour before, and if not, to pickup at will call. No email, so had to go to the box office. Ticket was center mezz row D. The confirmation also said to show up 40 minutes before, which I did not, but they weren't kidding. The line to get in stretched all the way to Eighth Avenue. If this was any indication, definitely show up early. I can't remember the last time I&#

DANCIN' Previews
 Mar 18 2023, 08:51:07 AM

                                           Wayne Cilento's DANCIN'

... is very loosely based on choreographer Bob Fosse's ingenious body of work --minus the finesse, sensuality, and smarts of the original creator.

You'll certainly hear the "snaps," but this ill conceived and misguided dance

Lara Spencer Laughs at boys in ballet
 Aug 26 2019, 06:19:37 PM

Absolutely, Bettyboy72.

I'm sure Travis Wall meant well, and his stock just sky-rocketed in response. In addition, I'm sure Nigel Lythgoe will be ALL over it tonight on SYTYCD.

Robert Fairchild (CATS promo) didn't do too bad either. It had social media exploitation all over it. To quote Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in MOMMIE DEAREST, "you wreak of it!"

And considering this whole thing started regarding a six-year old child, why

Tommy Bracco on Big Brother
 Jul 25 2019, 09:48:05 AM

Miles2Go2 said: "I haven’t seen Tommy’s behavior on the live feeds but I wonder if any of this could affect his future employability as a performer on Broadway. On the other hand, the housewives from Bravo seem to have no problem getting cast in Chicago. Of course, they are significantly more famous I suppose which may cancel out some of their misdeeds on television."


Calling all producers looking for a child who can cry on cue.


CATS Film Adaptation Thread
 Jul 18 2019, 09:20:10 PM

AMC Stubs discount Tuesday. Only $5.00

Annie Golden, Broadway Bounty Hunter
 Jul 18 2019, 01:28:20 PM

Curious how the air-conditioning is in this theatre ( I've never been). I'm considering going this weekend with the super-high temperatures expected.

Thanks in advance.

West Side Story revival?
 Jul 10 2019, 04:53:19 PM

Just the thought of the 37 year-old Ramasar knifing it out with the 21 year-old Cook is ridiculous enough!

West Side Story revival?
 Jul 10 2019, 03:40:43 PM

Wick3 said: "WiCkEDrOcKS said: "This cast is a MESS.

I’m getting CAROUSEL revival vibes from this production already...and not in a good way.

I really liked the CAROUSEL production last year. I didn't think that production was miscast (this production was able to get all 4 leads Tony nominated!) Peck's choreography was amazing too (won the Tony!)

I think the issue a lot of people had with Carousel was with the directi

Moulin Rouge! run time
 Jul 7 2019, 03:18:59 PM

The weeknight I saw it the run-time was 2:45 including intermission.

I also arrived at 7:30 and the line was wrapped around the block. If you want to be seated by 7:45 to take in the little pre-show, as well as take photos, I'd gauge your time accordingly. Enjoy!

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