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Posted: 4/17/23 at 1:29pm

I haven't been using Gold Club as much recently because I also started subscribing to Theater Extras, but I felt like I haven't heard from them in a while (since they usually send emails whenever a new show is available) and it seems like there's nothing on their site at all.  Does anyone know what's happening?

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Posted: 4/21/23 at 2:08am

There haven't been any good shows in about 2 years, nor many emails from them. There haven't been any sporting events in a long time too. Another thing that is putting me off is that Concerts used to be just $5 bucks a ticket and NOW it's roughly $25 to see a band play at Sony Hall. I mean a band that doesn't even charge $25 themselves.

May I ask for your honest opinion on Theater Extras, please? 

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Posted: 4/21/23 at 2:10pm

I realized I wasn't seeing anything because my membership had expired (oops), though I'm surprised they didn't send me any communication about that.

I like Theater Extras!  I think their interface is a little easier to use but it can sometimes be a little more competitive to get tickets (and they don't send you emails for every new event so you just have to keep checking).  Gold Club would sometimes have different dates but a lot of the major shows will have overlap.  If you visit LA, they also have offerings there under the same subscription too, which is nice.  Cancelling is also easy if you do it more than 8 hours before the event (you don't get a refund, but you do get a penalty charged if you're a no-show without cancelling).

There are some sporting events, offered at around $20, but I haven't picked up any of those tickets so I'm not sure what that's like.  They've definitely had Sony Hall shows before and I didn't check if there was a surcharge but there isn't one for Birdland (though the minimum is still in effect).  The shows are generally mid-profile Off-Broadway shows, things that I've heard of and had on my radar, but not necessarily the shows that have had their own threads on this board (though some of them have), with a couple larger shows thrown in occasionally.

I believe you can sign up for Theater Extras emails without subscribing, where they'll list some of the shows they have available, but feel free to dm me if you have more questions.

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Posted: 11/9/23 at 12:19am

Thanks for your reply! A couple months late but how were Theater extras this year? Do they continue to provide shows, Music concerts, and sporting events? This will most likely be the last year with Theatergold. They had absolutely no good shows and even bands from the 80's were $25 lol. They were so good for so many years, but the pandemic really hurt them tremendously 

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Posted: 11/9/23 at 4:12pm

I still use Theater Extras!  They've been pretty good with the shows and I've seen some music concerts/sporting events listed though never got tickets to them through TE.  I actually started supplementing with Play by Play as well, which also has a lot of overlap but allows you to watch the same show multiple times which is nice (also the fee is usually $4.50 as opposed to $5, not that it's a huge difference).  I don't think Play by Play has as many sporting events, but might have more concerts/music events (though I haven't done an exhaustive comparison).  The only thing with Play by Play is they require you to deposit money into an account balance that they'd draw from when purchasing tickets, though they also have free refunds within 24 hours (assuming the show you pick isn't' within those 24 hours) which can be nice if you want to just claim tickets and change your mind a little later.

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Posted: 11/23/23 at 11:56am

Awesome! Will definitely make the switch this upcoming year then, Theater Gold just doesn't have anything anymore unfortunately. 

Thanks for also getting back to me and Happy Thanksgiving!