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NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC  Feb 22 2024, 10:20:44 AM

quizking101 said: "Is stage dooring usually a thing at City Center? I’ve never been"

Yes, I've done it a couple times. It's on the 56th street side, and there's a public access walkway that cuts across just to the right of the main doors when you're exiting. You can also go directly to the 56th street side if you're seated house right and when leaving the main auditorium into the lobby you turn left (in the direction of the stage though you&

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/18/24  Feb 20 2024, 05:03:58 PM

Kad said: "The data is clear and I think a lot of people simply are drawing wrong conclusions from it. Hell, you can pull up a line graph of Hadestown's gross history from its first performance. You see a show that has ups and downs but consistently seems to be breaking even with a few exceptions that have yet to be sustained beyond a few weeks. Since it has already recouped, it is in position to weather those periods."

Speaking only for myself, but I had thought

BACK TO THE FUTURE will transfer to Broadway in 2023  Feb 16 2024, 08:55:42 PM

willep said: "As someone who isn’t very familiar with the movie, I couldn’t get with the dad’s performance. Maybe it makes more sense if you know the movie better."

Having not seen the film either, I totally agree.  i can see how it would be an award winning role, since Hugh Coles is certainly doing a lot, but it just feels like he's in a completely different show from everyone else.

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Feb 11 2024, 06:54:20 PM

Any ideas on what the Dorothy scene is if this movie is ending on Defying Gravity? Though it looks like there could be some other scenes from act 2 in the trailer already so not sure what's going on there. It looks great though, I'm super excited 

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Feb 1 2024, 02:03:32 PM

Depending on how they write it, I think the midpoint you're talking about would be the ball during Dancing Through Life, when Glinda feels bad for Elphaba and makes a gesture to include her.  Obviously it's not as big of a turning point as Defying Gravity, but if the first movie is written to really focus on their friendship and how it came to be, then that seems to be the big moment to me.

The Official TDF Thread  Feb 1 2024, 11:19:05 AM

Doubt is up for a few of the first performances.

Atlantic Theatre crew voting to join union  Jan 30 2024, 01:46:56 PM

It was a passing mention, but it seems like Buena Vista Social Club is also intending to transfer to Broadway.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/28/24  Jan 30 2024, 01:45:06 PM

EDSOSLO858 said: "With the Ohio and Harmony upticks in their home stretches, this may bring up an interesting question: should more new musicals be limited runs in this day and age?"

I think it's more that those shows were fairly middling in terms of reviews/word of mouth, but still had a small group of core fans that really loved and cared about the show so want to show up for the last week to see it another time (which is fairly common for a lot of shows when t

APPROPRIATE Reviews  Jan 29 2024, 03:26:51 PM

I saw this Saturday night and I liked it but didn't love it--it felt to me like an early work of a playwright who wasn't as experienced (which I suppose is true).  It has a lot of ideas and threads I would love to unravel, but it seems to only be interested in bringing up different topics and then glossing over them to go on to the next topic.  So I think it would be a really interesting play to read and study the text for, but in the show, everything seemed to be going by a

CONFIRMED: CABARET at the August Wilson Theatre, Spring 2024  Jan 25 2024, 10:12:45 PM

I just checked and specifically for the May 28th performance it drops the $99 seats to $89 (which is $99 with fees where it was previously $111 with fees).  I'm assuming it's only for the cheapest tier so if those seats have sold out for other dates, that could be why it's not doing anything?

The code is CABARETMAIL, with the promo being weekday tickets from $99 and weekend tickets from $119, valid for performances through March 29, 2025 (blackout dates may apply).&nbs

Jonah @ Roundabout  Jan 25 2024, 10:02:34 PM

Wow, that's great to hear!  This play definitely intrigued me so I'm glad that there are positive notices (especially for Gabby Beans who I always find electric on stage).  Are there any seating locations I should try to avoid?

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Jan 25 2024, 09:54:36 PM

I mean, I could see the case where if Part 1 doesn't live up to expectations, a lot of people will "give up" on Part 2, so by splitting it into two movies, it does sort of add pressure to Part 1 to make people want to come back.  And it definitely depends on how exactly they end Part 1, but I could see audiences unfamiliar with the show thinking that it's a fairly decent stopping point--we see Elphaba's disagreement with Glinda/the rest of society and choosing to go

2024 Tony Awards  Jan 25 2024, 03:08:09 PM
Thanks for putting this together! Shaina Taub would definitely be petitioned for lead in Suffs.
An Oversaturated Spring? Data and opinions...  Jan 25 2024, 11:43:05 AM

General knowledge was that people wanted to open as close to the Tony cutoff as possible because it would give them the best chances at the Tony, but Adam Feldman mentions that in the past 20 years over half of the Best Musical winners did not open in the spring, so I wonder if it's just a paradigm shift that needs to happen? To be fair, if your show closes before January, I do think your chances at winning Tonys becomes a lot slimmer, so it's about playing the game to remain open unt

Actors With Unhealthy Singing Technique?  Jan 23 2024, 04:18:26 PM

Actual opera is also different in that the opera houses are built with these acoustics in mind--that's why they often look different than Broadway houses.  Also, before microphones, I believe a lot more attention was paid to the orchestration and making sure that the orchestra wouldn't drown out the singer.  Now, with things like drum sets and electric guitars being standard in musicals, it's assumed that the singer will be mic'ed so there's less concern over tha

“Jesus Christ Superstar” Ivo van Hove  Jan 22 2024, 04:01:41 PM

I'll be going in a few weeks, though based on the trailer, it doesn't seem like anything too crazy is happening.  The BWW critic gave it a rave, though they didn't talk much about specific staging (link), whereas the NYT review seemed to dislike it mostly based on the musical itself, though they mentioned the direction didn't really make it work either (gift link).  Though from the NYT review, some of the moments they mentioned and disliked actually pique my interest so I'm stil fairly excited about this.

Also there was a video of bows that was taken down or made private, but I got a screenshot of the preview image in case people wanted to see (link)


Here We Are  Jan 22 2024, 02:18:30 PM

berniesb!tch said: "One question: Did Dennis O'hare's character disappear? Every time they finally left the room, Tracie Bennet was seen staying, but I never saw Dennis. It does strike me odd that he doesn't have more of an end to his arc. But maybe I somehow missed something."

I've seen this as a sort of "he's still out there trying to run the revolution" sort of thing, and that the not knowing where he goes is part of his arc.

In the WNYC interview with Denis O'Hare, this is what he says: 

Inferno, he's the hardest to play because he's both deeply angry, and to my estimation, deeply tragic because he founds his entire life on one idea, the idea of revolution. When the revolution happens, he's not part of it. He's trapped in the room too. He's trying to enact his version of revolution in that room, and he fails. He disappears from the play at the end, which is, I think it's chilling. I know what happens to him, I'm not going to say what happens to him, but it's tragic.

Broadway Week ticket buying question  Jan 22 2024, 02:05:53 PM

Yes, a lot of the time the offer amounts more to "half off if you buy more than 2" since I've been able to buy odd numbers of tickets all at the discounted price.  And yes, you can buy at the box office as well, just mention you want to use the Broadway Week offer (and it would be good to look up the seats you want beforehand so you know for sure they're included in the offer).  One minor note on buying in person: when I was getting Hadestown tickets last year, I w

Groban & Ashford in SWEENEY TODD On Broadway  Jan 21 2024, 12:56:18 AM

Piccolo, your assessment on the actors aligns with mine almost perfectly (I saw the show Thursday night).  This is the first in person production of Sweeney I've seen, which I first watched with Groban and Ashford (I liked Ashford more than most but Groban left me a bit cold).  I think Christopher added a dimension to Sweeney that I was missing with Groban and he was able to do more with the songs in terms of showing Sweeney's inner thoughts/struggles.  de Waal plays th

STEREOPHONIC @Playwrights Horizons  Jan 19 2024, 03:23:11 PM

RW3 said: "I did not get the chance to see Stereophonic off-Broadway but would the songs that are used in the show make the show eligible for a Best Score nomination?"

I think it should be, since all the songs were written specifically for the show.

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