Can we get a Kander & Ebb ‘New York, New York’ streaming tribute?

Can we get a Kander & Ebb ‘New York, New York’ streaming tribute?

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#1Can we get a Kander & Ebb ‘New York, New York’ streaming tribute?
Posted: 5/9/20 at 4:01am

Does anyone ever feel that despite Kander & Ebbs much greater popular success than Sondheim they dont seem to get anywhere near the same recognition within the theatre community?

I suppose it might be much harder to get them on the line but there are a number of associated superstars who could be involved in a steaming concert or performance of some kind: Liza, Zeta-Jones, Robert DeNiro...plus Broadway can bring Chita, Chenoweth, Alan Cumming, Joel Grey...and Im sure they could find others who are interested in their work (Bernadette performed all that jazz on TV in the 70s). Audra can show us her Spider Woman from the reading hehe. The popularity of New York, new york probably means there is some crossover of a popular musical artist who would be keen to participate.

"You can't overrate Bernadette Peters. She is such a genius. There's a moment in "Too Many Mornings" and Bernadette doing 'I wore green the last time' - It's a voice that is just already given up - it is so sorrowful. Tragic. You can see from that moment the show is going to be headed into such dark territory and it hinges on this tiny throwaway moment of the voice." - Ben Brantley (2022) "Bernadette's whole, stunning performance [as Rose in Gypsy] galvanized the actors capable of letting loose with her. Bernadette's Rose did take its rightful place, but too late, and unseen by too many who should have seen it" Arthur Laurents (2009) "Sondheim's own favorite star performances? [Bernadette] Peters in ''Sunday in the Park,'' Lansbury in ''Sweeney Todd'' and ''obviously, Ethel was thrilling in 'Gypsy.'' Nytimes, 2000
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