Streaming Gershwin program and others

Streaming Gershwin program and others

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#1Streaming Gershwin program and others
Posted: 11/9/20 at 2:35am

I really enjoyed the George Gershwin Lyrics and Lyricists program from 92Y last week - it made me just buy a subscription for the whole series. I was surprised by the quality of the filming and the actors were all quite wonderful, and the script etc I found to be really interesting - a lot of things I didn't know before and I'm a Gershwin junkie. (I also have a friend who is in a couple of the later ones and said they rehearsed only that same day and each recorded separately, but they fooled me - I never felt like they weren't all there together). Tonight has the second of five.  I'm not even really into watching much on streaming that is meant to be live, but this was like a PBS special in style, and felt a little more polished and purposeful than any other streaming concerts I've seen. 


With my ticket I also was sent this pretty moving essay written by the artistic director:


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#2Streaming Gershwin program and others
Posted: 11/9/20 at 5:55pm

Thanks for the heads up. I miss the heavy involvement that PBS used to have with the composers for the stage and screen. I remember a long time ago when Sylvia Fine Kaye, wife of Danny, hosted a series on the lyricists and Lynn Redgrave gave me a charming introduction to Kurt Weill and Ira Gershwin's winsome "Saga of Jenny." 

It did throw me for a moment though, to see the series on lyricists broken down into episodes by composers.

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#3Streaming Gershwin program and others
Posted: 11/9/20 at 6:54pm

Aside from the George Gershwin, it isn’t broken down just that way ...
Jones/Schmidt is the team.
Both Rodgers and Guettel wrote/write lyrics (will be curious if they have the songs Rodgers did lyrics for after Hammerstein’s death).
The title is jule Styne and his many lyricists ...
seems like there are lots of ways to still focus on lyricists in the contexts they list ...
What I liked about the Gershwin was it focused on his philosophy of art and music and it’s relationship to a moment in time.