purchasing tickets on Theatremonkey


purchasing tickets on Theatremonkey

Theatre Fan3
#1purchasing tickets on Theatremonkey
Posted: 3/2/23 at 5:35pm

I apologize if there is a thread that covers this already.  Just wondering if anyone has experience purchasing tickets on the Theatremonkey website?  I'll be in London in a few weeks and was checking out ticket availability and prices on various sites and found that Theatremonkey had some nice discounts on seats in the same area that other sites were not offering discounts.   If you purchase from there do they email you your tickets or are they strictly "Will Call" at the theatre the day of the performance?  All information and/or advice is appreciated.

#2purchasing tickets on Theatremonkey
Posted: 3/10/23 at 12:36pm

Hi. Yes, I purchase tix from his discount offers. Usually they are emailed to you. Occasionally they are will call. One warning, look at the official seller (you can find this by looking on TheatreMonkey's website at the theatre and he will have the official source listed - lots of resellers for London with price hikes - be careful) because I have found the discounts are great but if it is a non-discounted seat the price is typically higher than the official ticket seller.