2024 Election

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South Florida
#12024 Election
Posted: 4/21/24 at 5:51pm

I watch in constant amazement at the polls that say Dump is tied or winning swing states. Did January 6 and everything that followed invigorate his support? These polls are bull**** right? This is the prolonged nightmare. I have family and friends who said after 1/6 that they were done voting for it, but are they lying?


#22024 Election
Posted: 4/21/24 at 8:21pm

Cmon, you follow politics to know better. These polls now mean absolutely nothing. It was not that long ago that polls on election day were indicating an easy Hillary Clinton win, did not happen did it. As the election gets closer, most voters will vote once again for the party that they are registered. I just don't see a wave of Democrats changing their mind and voting for Trump - lol. These same voters also know that voting for a 3rd party candidate is just as damaging to Biden as voting for Trump. The independent voters that hated the Trump personality in 2020 still hate it in 2024. That is why Republican primary voters are incredibly stupid and stuck with Trump instead of picking Haley or DeSantis.

The electoral map favors Democrats and Trump would once again have to win almost every swing state. Biden has already got California and NY wrapped up with I believe 84 electoral votes. He also has the advantage of not having to spend one dime in either of those two states. Those two states alone will provide Biden with easy popular vote victory. 

There is little doubt in my mind that Biden will win re-election. Trump may win one or two more states but Biden will still win comfortably. The only thing that threatens Biden being re-elected is a health issue or a complete disaster performance by him in a debate.

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South Florida
#32024 Election
Posted: 4/22/24 at 8:59am

Hope you're right.



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#42024 Election
Posted: 4/22/24 at 10:34am

It's quite possible that Biden gets just 40% of the vote and #45 gets 37% if the third party candidates really stir things up(RFK Jr. & Stein). I think we'll get a lower turnout this time but the younger votes will show up to vote against Dumpster.

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