The First Grade Theatre Study honoring Marin Mazzie

The First Grade Theatre Study honoring Marin Mazzie

#1The First Grade Theatre Study honoring Marin Mazzie
Posted: 6/19/24 at 6:27am

Since 2005 The First Grade Theatre Study at PS212 has been going strong over on West 48th St. This year the first graders honor Marin Mazzie by raising funds for Cancer Support Community.

The focus of the year has been on the musicals of Flaherty and Ahrens. Students have met with both Lynn and Stephen, and artists from many of their musicals- who taught them about their characters and songs- including Graciela Daniele, Jerry Dixon, Andrea Frierson, Eric Rily, Leslie Odom, Jr., Hailey Kilgore, Quentin Earl Darrington, Lea Salonga, Darlesia Cearcy, Judy Kaye, Peter Friedman, Mark Jacoby, Jason Graae, John Rubinstein, Rebecca Eichenberger, Larry Daggett, Alton Fitzgerald White, Nikki M. James, Christiane Noll, Robert Petkoff, Bobby Steggert, Bryan Batt, Eddie Korbich, Garrett Long, Eric Leviton, Kevin Chamberlin, Janine LaManna, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Andy Karl, Terence Archie, Steven Pasquale, Shereen Ahmed, A.J. Shively, Katie Finneran, Evan Pappas, Joy Franz, Andrea Martin, Lila Coogan, Max von Essen, Hank Azaria, Mary Beth Peil, Derek Klena, and Liz Callaway. All of these incredible people donated their time for the project, revisiting their roles and sharing songs and scenes with the students. 

Then the students wrote the book to their original musical called The Prince Who Loved. It is based on The Little Mermaid and the score is made up of songs taken from Flaherty and Ahrens's musicals that they learned about. Opening night is June 25th. The first graders have done it all- costumes, sets, lighting, sound, choreography, fight direction, etc. A glorious 13-piece orchestra will accompany them.

Since Marin's favorite flower was the sunflower, it figures prominently in the first graders' musical. Students have named the mermaid- Marin, and when the magical sunflower is placed in her hair, she is transformed into a human. 

Students have been raising money for CSC through ticket sales and the creation of The Sunflower Wall project, selling nearly 400 handmade paper sunflowers that they made with their families, to members of the community. The flowers have been dedicated to people affected by cancer in some way and hung together on the wall at school. 

Please consider offering a small donation to help the students meet their fundraising goal. It is also a way to thank the theatre community who donated their time for the children and supported the arts in public schools.

The money will be presented to CSC on stage before the start of the musical next week. Thank you all!


#2The First Grade Theatre Study honoring Marin Mazzie
Posted: 6/19/24 at 6:27am

I've been away from this board for a while and missed this post. Thanks for sharing this. The First Grade Theatre Study at PS212 is such an amazing project. I had a tiny involvement with it very early on.

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