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Chita Rivera has died  Feb 1 2024, 08:38:15 AM

Watched the Stars in the House tribute. A lot of photographs and stories, especially how she connected with all the dancers on the stage.

One of my favorite nights of theatre was in London,  mesmerized by her performance in Kiss of the Spiderwoman.

May Chita continue to dance in the footlights of heaven.

White Rose Musical - Off Broadway  Jan 28 2024, 07:21:32 AM

Today’s Wordle is SHILL

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO to close on February 11  Jan 22 2024, 07:29:50 PM

The show lasted longer than Dr Zhivago, so there’s that.

SUFFS is coming to Broadway  Jan 12 2024, 03:27:59 PM

I almost always buy tickets MONTHS in advance when visiting NY from Chicago. I have no interest in SUFFS. It did not make it into my final 7 show purchases for an April visit, but I wish it a successful run.

Los Angeles advice  Jan 9 2024, 12:57:25 PM

If I was in LA in March, I would attend one of the Friday talks at the Academy Museum.  JOHN WATERS: POPE OF TRASH TOURS

HEART OF ROCK & ROLL to open on Broadway this season?  Jan 2 2024, 10:54:36 PM

Sounds like an awful show. I’ve bought a balcony seat for Monday, April 22.

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Dec 14 2023, 12:05:19 AM

Feels like writer Bob Martin has decided not to add a punchline to Trisha’s observation to Betty that there are 8.5 million residents of New York.

Betty simply responds to the remark with a “Gee Whiz”

In earlier performances, Betty replied with “I’m surprised the city doesn’t sink under the weight of all those shoes.”

Then, for a few performances, Betty’s reply was “That’s a lot of bagels.”

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Dec 10 2023, 02:28:26 PM

Swing Derek Jordan Taylor played the role of Director at the Sunday, December 10 matinee.

Faith Prince’s entrance has returned to the pedicab.

David Foster was interviewed on WGN radio Sunday morning. He said he had composed about 40 numbers for the production. Half didn’t make it into the Chicago tryout.

The Wiz returning to Bway in 2023 after National Tour  Dec 10 2023, 09:08:23 AM

The pacing of the show is odd. At times, I felt like I was in one of those awful interstate traffic jams  - where the traffic slows down for no apparent reason. Then just as suddenly speeds up.

Attended a night of the Chicago run, which ends Dec 10.

It’s no surprise that the show is selling well. The 1992(?) three-week run at the Shubert on Monroe hosted capacity audiences, too. The score sells the show.

In the current version, the solid casting of Dorothy, Sca

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Dec 7 2023, 11:40:59 PM

I like how composer David Foster is adjusting the arrangements during the run, with an instrument added or removed from a song - even if it’s a different choice on the electric keys. There is endless joy in Boop’s music.

The Pedicab Entry music has a changed arrangement.

Valentina’s entrance was not in the vehicle. Instead, she walked on tonight. To no entry applause.

The performance was closed captioned, so I made certain to read the ending

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Dec 6 2023, 01:20:35 AM

Ahead of the Press Opening on December 6, Tuesday night's show had an insert added to the Playbill. Though the CAST is the same, the roles of Director, Assistant Director, Malcolm Carter (a news reporter), Cheryl King (a news anchor), and the 3 featured Mascots have been added. 

The revised song list is included, too, on the same one-sided insert. SHE KNOCKS ME OUT is the third number in Act 2, and the closer is COLOR OF LOVE. Both numbers were added late last week.

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Dec 5 2023, 12:48:39 PM

My hunch is that the Director and Assistant Director are under-the-gaydar fanboys of Boop. Near the start of Sunlight, the Director places his hand on the shoulder of the Assistant Director. Then slowly, the Assistant Director raises a hand to the Director’s arm.

But this is easily readable in either direction - are they budding directors with benefits, or simply appreciating the light and glow of Boop.

Their brief duet in the finale - on the stairs surrounded by t

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Dec 3 2023, 11:37:48 PM

We’re good Robbie. Just a frequent ticket buyer.

In Sunday night’s show, I heard a new brief musical nod to Bombay in one of the opening Boop shorts.

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Dec 2 2023, 09:11:34 AM

dramamama611 said: "I am truly interested in this. I love all the positive comments about Jasmine Amy Rogers are very exciting. BUT....oy the colors on stage at what I think is the finale/curtain calls? Really hurt my eyes.

Can anyone tell me if the show is this garish the entire run or is it a plot device (like going from b&w to full color in Wizard of Oz) and only at the end?

Hello DramaMama: 

Six of the songs are presented in bl

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Dec 1 2023, 11:39:21 PM

Two new songs appear in Act Two: SHE KNOCKS ME OUT sung by Dwayne and THE COLOR OF LOVE (guessing on both titles) by the Company. Dwayne’s number appears in the nightclub set that is seen earlier in the show. 

The previous finale number YOU TURNED MY WORLD TO COLOR has morphed into THE COLOR OF LOVE. A similar yet different tune with the same tempo. Much of the new number's choreography is the same. But so much is new at the end of Act 2 that I may not be remembering

can a print out ticket on telecharge that is sold still be used by another person  Nov 29 2023, 06:11:37 PM

There’s a $5 balcony ticket on sale on StubHub for tonight’s Boop! (Wed, Nov 29)

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Nov 29 2023, 10:09:02 AM

Week two of 5 has started and there are no major changes to report. Just a few tweaks since Friday.

During the last few stanzas of GET HER BACK, Grampy has added a black hat before his teleportation to current day.

In Times Square, Ironman had initially appeared with his mask pulled up, resting atop his head. Ironman now arrives with his headgear fully on.

In A CURE FOR LOVE, when Valentina shakes her booty, dog Pudgy now shakes his booty, too.

I wo

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Nov 27 2023, 07:13:15 PM

When I saw MERRILY the first Wednesday matinee of November, Jamila Sabares-Klemm played Mary. I was fine with the substitution as I’m not familiar with Mendez’s work.

There was a slip in the Playbill, but I did not check the lobby cast board.

Jamila did a great job in the role, but I’m always wondering what I may have missed.

Who knows what's playing ??? No one in Brooklyn.....!!!  Nov 25 2023, 07:34:00 PM

I would attend more movies if newspapers still carried movie ads and showtimes. Just sayin’.

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chicago  Nov 25 2023, 12:52:15 AM

I don’t expect any songs or scenes to be dropped or added during the Chicago run.

At the Friday, Nov 24 performance, a different, soft punchline was tested regarding the 8.5 million people living in NY. Neither punchline has hit, but they’ll get there.

I like the new extended length of the chewing gum written announcement at intermission on the front scrim. The announcement was previously only 10 or so seconds, and was easily missed if you were at conces

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