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 Jun 30 2024, 01:24:46 AM
My apologies[train wreck] to everyone else in the company as there has been nothing but glowing reports to everything but.....
I won't share any more T [and there is lots] as it isn't healthy. I just hope Sunset can keep from setting as long as possible with all the other incredibly talent people involved.

 Jun 28 2024, 11:52:00 PM
I have a few friends involved in different sections of all things theater and with this train wreck there is no bottle that the lid is not unscrewed without some gossip escaping.
 Jun 28 2024, 10:01:22 PM
Her brother is the one protecting her, very controlling, and keeping all the press away.
 Jun 28 2024, 01:08:54 AM
BrodyFosse123 said: ""

Rubbish. They should be working on her voice not her calves.
Without SB there would have been no SB. Australia has many who can play that role so share it.
Good luck Sydney---if it gets there. Send MsB home and open with Sylvie.

 Jun 21 2024, 06:26:27 AM
Latest news is that SB won't allow her Understudy to go on so her cover Sylvie Paladeno[might have the spelling wrong]is doing practically all performances--and getting rave responses.
SB is supposed to have hurt her hamstrings running up and down those stairs-most convenient.

 Jun 18 2024, 03:03:56 AM
SweetLips22 said: "I would line up in a heart beat to see this train wreck because there is no doubt in my mind that Ms Brightman lives in cloud cookcoo land and because of this she is perfect for the role of Norma, regardless of how she sings it."

Occasionally I get things right--'train wreck'

 Jun 13 2024, 06:40:27 PM
The back stage gossip from this disaster will almost be as juicy as the previous Sunset at the Regent Theater.
Ms Brightman will never set foot on the Opera House stage unless in one of her candy floss away with the faries heavily mimed gloss and smoke fantasies.
Everything about her puts my teeth on edge.
Yes. I feel better now.

HELLO, I'M DOLLY bio-musical headed for the stage!
 Jun 7 2024, 05:37:13 PM

What a dreadful title, surely they could do better. Maybe it will just be referred to as 'Dolly' . Hello?

How is Jinkx Monsoon as Audrey.
 May 25 2024, 02:28:45 AM

Blue_Lotus said: "I’m not paying upwards of $100 to see a drag queen in an Off-Broadway musical. This is the nadir of stunt casting. Producers cashing in on someone’s reality TV “fame” to line their pockets.

Who cares what you want to pay or see and where?

I find your remark totally offensive to a performer[ANY performer] and have reported such.



How is Jinkx Monsoon as Audrey.
 May 24 2024, 09:03:55 PM

TaffyDavenport said: "

Grey Gardens?



 May 22 2024, 12:14:11 AM

Is that audience sitting? during the curtain call?


Musicals that will never be revived on Broadway
 May 21 2024, 01:18:50 AM

berniesb!tch said: "For some reason I feel like we will never see a revival of Sister Act…and that’s me having no real opinion on the show besides loving Raise You Voice, Life I Never Led and Fabulous Baby."

Keep an eye out for the Australian production with 2 powerhouse performers[not black]

One who will blow the roof off and Rhonda Burchmore 6ft and all legs. No other casting announced.

I disliked the London production. I know the film bu

Is Ben Platt Reopening The Palace theatre with a concert for his new Album?
 May 21 2024, 01:00:27 AM

Where is Peter Allen when you need him??

We need camels/kick lines etc etc

Ben Boring Platt---Nah!

BURLESQUE MUSICAL in development
 May 14 2024, 11:25:48 PM

I fast forward a lot of this movie, even Cher on vocals but the staged musical numbers are great.Just add more tits and feathers and a hunky bar man[or 12], lots of back stage drama and there you have Burlesque.

This could move straight in after Cabaret and use exactly the same everything.

Little Shop...Who Leads? Anyone know?
 Mar 11 2024, 09:57:11 PM

Is Joe Locke too young? Certainly sell.

Little Shop...Who Leads? Anyone know?
 Feb 29 2024, 04:14:47 PM

I'm pleased to see dramamama611 comments about Jinkx has been removed.

Critical comments that harsh were stopped years ago.

CONFIRMED: CABARET at the August Wilson Theatre, Spring 2024
 Feb 29 2024, 12:47:00 AM

In my fantasy world I would love to see Timothee Chalamet as a pansexual Emcee, minus the exaggerated makeup but emphasizing his masculine beauty, long hair flowing, teasing the audience with 'Money' like a stripper and finally with hair pulled back the more he torments the audience.

Of course he would/could replace for 6 months, or maybe even a new film. He is so hot right now in every sense of the word. And of course he would work for minimum, just for the role.

I just

What's next for Joe Locke?
 Feb 24 2024, 04:41:16 PM

Jack in ITW would be perfect for him. Rent. Not that either of these would be done again for ages.

Can't think what a 20yo, quirky character actor/singer could do next but I'm sure a lot more TV will open up before his next musical comes along.

Sam Mendes will direct 4 films about The Beatles (one from each member's POV) to be theatrically released by Sony in 2027
 Feb 22 2024, 03:29:49 PM

What about the one who wasn't?

Rob Madge's MY SON'S A QUEER... not at the Lyceum February 2024
 Feb 22 2024, 02:40:21 AM

This seems like the sort of show that should do the smaller theatre route in Australia like the Athenaeum in Melbourne and The Powerhouse in Brisbane[especially here as there are so many spaces and it's the home to everything Alternative] and HOTA on the Gold Coast. He should be here now for Mardi Gras in Sydney. Forget Broadway and start your new journey here.

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