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THE WIZ Previews
 Apr 9 2024, 10:47:21 PM

All I’ll say is the audience here is having 1000% more fun and has 1000% more energy than the audience I saw the immersive Cabaret with…and  1000% cheaper. 

could be a case study in theater snobbery 

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews
 Apr 9 2024, 01:37:20 PM

People are really spending their life savings on a show where the only direction choice in Act 2 is put everyone in suits?

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews
 Feb 16 2024, 02:15:09 PM

The person that steals the show in my opinion Is Carson Stewart as the young male millennial nurse 

Smash -- Series Discussion
 Jan 4 2024, 06:19:50 PM

Isn’t the Belasco where the fictional Bombshell played in the show?

Moulin Rouge Christmas Gift Scam
 Dec 16 2023, 05:35:14 PM

The moulin rouge producers said in lieu of Christmas gifts (which they have gotten in the past) the producers will make a tax deductible donation (that the producers can use for a tax break on themselves)

give the company and crew the gifts they’ve worked hard all year for!!!

Peter Pan 2023 Tour
 Dec 3 2023, 02:30:37 PM

Looking at the website the first performance is Tuesday and then they have a 2 month break!? Can someone explain the point of doing one stop and then not having one for another two months?

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along
 Nov 27 2023, 08:49:27 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "I know nothing but it's late fall in New York when there's a lot of allergies and colds going around that can mess with the voice and health. Add to that being a single mom of a young kid and everything she went through last year that the tabloids reported.Stuff happens and sometimes people have to miss performances here & there.

If she was missing performances to film a project, that would likely be pre-scheduled/announced in adv

Kings Academy Miss Saigon
 Nov 26 2023, 12:41:14 AM

Um…how was this allowed

Merrily Ticket Available 11/25 at 8pm
 Nov 25 2023, 05:49:38 PM

Obviously OP was not this generous person

Merrily Ticket Available 11/25 at 8pm
 Nov 25 2023, 04:46:25 PM

Anshel2 said: "Turns out Mendez is out tonight so I got my money back in full. Thanks to everyone who showed interest and offered ridiculously low amounts. Gave me quite a laugh!"

So I guess making money was more important than getting rid of the ticket. Should have put that in your  original post. You got a laugh, but we saw your true colors in your follow up post

Who knows what's playing ??? No one in Brooklyn.....!!!
 Nov 25 2023, 03:57:11 PM

Sir this is a Wendy’s 

Beauty and the Beast Revival 2024
 Nov 9 2023, 01:03:00 PM

So what you are saying is you just watched the sweaty oracle

Broadway Journal: Water for Elephants running cost $960,000 per week
 Nov 6 2023, 09:04:04 PM

Is this just The Notebook but set in a circus?

SPAMALOT 2023 Previews
 Nov 2 2023, 11:25:26 AM

bjh2114 said: "nativenewyorker2 said: "-is this a fun 2.5hrs at the theater? Yes

2.5 HOURS?!!! Spamalot has always been a 2-hour show. Please tell me this is a typo and that they didn't pad out an extra half hour. That would be excruciating.

my phone said 10:25 at curtain call


SPAMALOT 2023 Previews
 Nov 1 2023, 11:32:59 PM

-is this the next groundbreaking revival? No

-is this a fun 2.5hrs at the theater? Yes

- I want to hate Ethan slater because he’s a slimeball but he’s just too damn talented

- you can tell the audience doesn’t know whether to laugh or be upset during “you won’t succeed…”

i walked past two girls after the show and one was trying to convince the other that the show show wasn’t being hateful toward Jewis

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chicago
 Oct 20 2023, 04:05:51 PM

verywellthensigh said: "nativenewyorker2 said: "Jerry Mitchell, the only person who can cast his husband in everything and no one bats on eye"

Nepo baby discourse is so boring. Who should have been cast in this role? You?

Maybe someone who has been working their ass off to make it in the business that hasn’t gotten a credit to their name yet instead of someone who just slept and married the director 

CONFIRMED: CABARET at the August Wilson Theatre, Spring 2024
 Oct 18 2023, 08:29:48 PM

ghosted said: "long time lurker, first time poster

You’ve been square one’d

Sneak peak of the Harmony title song
 Oct 7 2023, 11:25:38 PM

enjoy! It looks like it has potential

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chicago
 Oct 1 2023, 08:10:03 PM

Something tells me if Ben platt casted Noah Galvin

in a show the board would be up in arms 

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chicago
 Oct 1 2023, 11:48:35 AM

Jerry Mitchell, the only person who can cast his husband in everything and no one bats on eye

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