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The Avett Brothers’ SWEPT AWAY musical at Arena Stage
 Dec 14 2023, 01:28:54 AM

TarHeelAlan said: "Just hit the lottery for tomorrow's (Dec 10) matinee. A couple of data points for anyone that's hoping to win:

1. The notices seem to go out right at 2PM, at least for the matinees. If you win, it should be text and email, if no win, just the usual "Sorry" email.


Winners for evening show went out at 2PM day prior as well. I won after a week and half of entries and really lucked out bc I won a ticket on the night

Here Lies Love Rush
 Sep 3 2023, 12:31:31 PM

Got to box office on Sun 9/3 at 11:50AM. I was 25th in line when box office opened at 12PM and go two Tix for 7PM show, rear side mezz row C seats 3&5. Standing was not offered. 

Shorter line than expected for two show day but it was a holiday and US Open weekend. Spoke with a few ot Filipinos in line excited to see the show so there is still buzz and excitement from AAPI community even without Lea. 

Scott Rudin lowers tickets to $50 for all his shows in March
 Mar 12 2020, 12:16:16 PM

Just logged on to check out what the offerings looked like and 815 are a head of me in virtual waiting room. 

Discount Codes
 Mar 11 2020, 02:47:11 PM
MTC emailed the 30 Under 35 code for How I Learned to Drive this morning.

USE CODE 3U3HILTD to Access 30 Under 35 Tickets for Performances
March 27 – May 5

Flying Over Sunset
 Mar 10 2020, 09:36:43 PM

suicidalmickeymouse said: "Where are the LincTix for this show?"

I got third row, third seat in from side. I was surprised they were not rear orch or rear balcony but as others mention all depend on the set design. 

 Mar 8 2020, 02:06:11 PM
I was able to get a ticket when they release a few seats last minute and just saw this last night and still gathering my thoughts. Overall I really liked it and it felt cohesive enough for as many changes back and forth in characters in time periods (contrary to Brantley's critisim). Also I did not connect the dots that the cast was going to play the actual band so that was a very nice surprise to discover cast doubling as musicians because they were fantastic. Shout out to Courtney Reed and her
Which show to see?
 Mar 8 2020, 12:01:07 AM
Tommorow 3/8 is a werid day since some shows just started, Sunday is dark for a lot of newers shows. I was considering extending my day trip today 3/7 to include Sunday but decided against it bc shows I was interested were dark. Company, Diana, The Hangmen, Virginia Woolf, GFTNC, The Lehman Trilogy are examples of shows that aren't playing tomorrow.

For off Broadway I'd suggest either trying for in person lottery for Little Shop which is a really fun production if you haven't seen it ye

Gun & Powder
 Mar 7 2020, 11:41:32 PM

Fis said: "I really want to see this show have a life, and I HOPE that the producers address these issues, arrange one more tryout in another city, and then (fingers crossed), get the show to Broadway without losing Solea Pfeiffer, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Marva Hicks, Donald Webber, Yvette Clark, and Awa Sal Secka (others great too, but these folks are all wonderfully cast in prominent roles)."

Looks like they are auditioning for ensemble members based on below casting notice. 

I hope this is a sign a future transfer somewhere. I saw the production and loved the music. I think it has potential to be something great, with Solea Pfeiffer in particular. 

Girl from the North Country Rush
 Mar 7 2020, 06:26:57 PM
Adding in that my seat was J18. The seat next to me was empty. I think you could get there closer to 10 and be safe.
Girl from the North Country Rush
 Mar 6 2020, 11:17:39 PM

Saturday 3/7 two show day. Arrived at 9:10 and was 10th in line. When box office opened there was about 30 people. 

Flying Over Sunset
 Mar 5 2020, 07:45:46 PM
Extended interview clip with the choreographers and rehearsals.

I'm quite excited for the tap dancing in the show!

Sanctuary City NYTW
 Mar 4 2020, 12:35:33 PM
Curious on this as well. Deciding between seeing Sanctuary City or 72 Miles to Go this weekend since both are based on stories involving immigration and status etc.
Company Rush & Lotto Thread
 Mar 3 2020, 01:29:02 PM
Very curious to hear about initial rush line reports. Will be in the city this upcoming Sat 3/7 but not getting my hopes up since my train doesn't arrive until 8:45AM.
Company Rush & Lotto Thread
 Mar 3 2020, 01:24:23 PM

Company is offering both in person rush and digital lottery. Please post rush and lottery updates here.

"Company's $43 rush ticket policy will be sold in person at the Jacobs Theatre box office on the day of the performance beginning when the box office opens (Monday - Saturday at 10:00 AM; Sunday at 12:00 PM). There will be a limit of two tickets per customer. Seat locations will be at the discretion of the box office and are based on availability."

The Official TDF Thread
 Mar 3 2020, 01:11:24 PM
Any reports on seats for 72 Miles To Go?

It's only $5 difference but wondering if TDF seats are better seats than rear orch HipTix seats.

 Feb 26 2020, 01:01:07 PM

I screwed up and forgot that this show was of course are going to get reviews. I procrastinated and now the show is sold out for my travel date.

Courtney Reed mentioned on the Liveat5 episode that except for last 5, the show is sold out but people should still come for waitlist since there will inevitably be cancelation from season subscribers no shows. Is this historically the case and would they sell at Sig Theater Initative price (if applicable) or assume full price regardless? I'm coming from out of town and already booked my train so I could always see another show but trying to figure out realistically if this show is even still feasible or just change my trip all together for a later date.

ETA: List of Reviews 

Lehman Trilogy to play San Francisco after Broadway
 Feb 20 2020, 12:14:06 AM
Man too bad they aren't starting a few weeks earlier. I'm planning to make a trip out west to catch Swept Away (Averett Brothers musical starting Stark Sands and Johnny Gallagher Jr) at Berkeley Rep and would've nice to push off a show to the SF trip. Too many shows not enough shows slots during my NYC trips!
Engagement Proposal Advice - Moulin Rouge
 Feb 14 2020, 08:15:22 AM
No this is a bad idea. Many things can go wrong. I don't understand how having a Aaron video record elevates or makes the proposal experience more memorable.

Also if this an engagement between you two and representative of love future marriage your relationship etc etc why bring another guy (nonetheless more attractive more talented star you know she loves) that'll just overshadow you?

Loudest gasp you've heard in the theatre
 Feb 12 2020, 12:58:28 PM

Mike Barrett said: "broadway86 said: "Quinn's fatal decision near the end of The Ferryman. It was amazing."

Yep, this was it for me. Loudest gaps could’ve been from me however lol. I nearly got out of me seat in pure shock.

Same here. I went into completely blind so it was definitely a shock and I audibly gasped haha. 

West Side Story
 Feb 6 2020, 02:00:57 PM

jayinchelsea said: "Still not convinced that this WSS production is worth my time on my next visit to NYC. Have seen the show and the movie countless times, and although the recent NYT magazine article was intriguing, hard to imagine WSS without the Robbins choreography (and no "Somewhere" ballet, really?) And I am not a fan of van Hove (NETWORK was a mess, save Cranston's performance, and his "stamp" on classics is all about him, and not the material, imo).

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