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NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC  Feb 22 2024, 07:29:13 PM

NYT Critic's Pick from Green and a flat-out rave:

‘Jelly’s Last Jam’ Review: A Musical Paradise, Even in Purgatory

Did Jelly Roll Morton “invent” jazz, as he claimed? A sensational Encores! revival offers a postmortem prosecution of one of the form’s founding fathers.

"That painful history can be alchemized into thrilling entertainment is both the central idea and the takeaway experience of “Jelly’s Last Jam,” the jaw-dropping Encores! revival that opened on Wednesday at City Center. Especially in its first act, as it tells the intertwined stories of Jelly Roll Morton and the early years of jazz, it offers up wonder after wonder, in songs and dances so neatly conceived and ferociously performed that in the process of blowing the roof off the building they also make your hair stand on end."


NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC  Feb 22 2024, 06:50:52 PM


The Jazz Age Reborn: At Encores!, Jelly's Last Jam
From tap to vocals, an astonishing achievement for such a short run


The Wrap:

‘Jelly’s Last Jam’ Off Broadway Review: How Jazz Was Born, or Was it?

Jelly Roll Morton gets the anti-hagiography treatment

"Playing the bejeweled angel, Porter is, well, Porter: flamboyant, loud and often downright obnoxious. In the beginning, he nearly wipes the stage with Christopher, who enters with his back to the audience and doesn’t seem to know that he’s being radically upstaged. Fortunately, there’s genius in that approach to playing Morton, who never seems to care what we think of him. Porter demands our attention, Christopher earns it in a slow-burn performance that ends in Morton’s grand self-immolation."

NY Stage Review:

Jelly’s Last Jam: Exuberant Jelly Roll Morton Musical Revived with a Significant Hitch

By David Finkle

★★★☆☆ Robert O’Hara directs the George C. Wolfe–Susan Birkenhead–Luther Henderson bio tuner, starring Nicholas Christopher

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Broadway Previews  Feb 22 2024, 06:36:48 PM

I forgot about the Wicked lottery...and it looks like I'm not the only one since they seem to have discontinued it recently:

Wicked's Historic In-Person Ticket Lottery Ends On Broadway

Maybe not the most authoritative site, so it's also on the Wicked site:

"Currently, there is no Live Lottery for WICKED"

As far as I can tell, Water for Elephants will be the only one.

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Broadway Previews  Feb 22 2024, 12:52:10 PM

teos said: "How does the in-person lottery usually work? It's the first time I've seen this."

They start taking entries a set amount of time before the drawing; a half an hour before in this case. There's usually a separate station where someone is taking names, not at the box office itself, though nearby. You give them your name... I'm trying to think if any gave me a ticket with a number or if they all called by name. It's been so long. You can

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Broadway Previews  Feb 22 2024, 11:16:10 AM

Huh. I'm trying to think of the last show I remember having an in-person lottery. The digital ones are more convenient but I have fond memories of all those times I checked in at in-person lotteries, or running from one theater to the next to hit one after losing another. Kind of a nice throwback. Certainly always felt more communal and social than just checking online entries.

An Oversaturated Spring? Data and opinions...  Feb 21 2024, 06:32:07 AM

I didn't know if this deserved its own thread but NYT also has an article on the crowded spring season today:

What to Know About This Crazily Crowded Broadway Spring Season

Why are 18 shows opening in March and April, and which one is for you? Our theater reporter has answers.

It mentions the TimeOut article as well.

Jeremy Jordan missing in-person rehearsals because he had a few concerts! OUCH  Feb 19 2024, 04:17:12 PM

We live in a world where Beanie got approval to take the weekend after opening off to attend a wedding. That was egregious. This is not.

Any chance we'll see Daniel Fish's Oklahoma! again?  Feb 18 2024, 10:14:17 AM

Dancingthrulife2 said: "There is no wayLynn Riggs would agree with Rodgers and Hammerstein's treatment of his story."

Lynn Riggs was still alive when Rodgers and Hammerstein's treatment of his story came out, attended rehearsals and the opening, and lived another eleven years after the show's debut. Do you have any citations that he disagreed with the treatment of his original story? I would genuinely be interested to read them.


BROADWAY DISCOUNTS  Feb 17 2024, 10:30:31 AM

I also got a mailer for Brooklyn Laundry, which looks different from the one mentioned on the previous page: SC1BKLD

BROADWAY DISCOUNTS  Feb 17 2024, 10:24:48 AM

gschuber said: "Anyone see anything for Suffs yet?"

I got a mailer for Suffs, if no one has mentioned it yet. Special Previews Pricing for performances March 26-April 17, $79 orchestra, $59 mezz. Use SUFFSMAIL at

Any chance we'll see Daniel Fish's Oklahoma! again?  Feb 16 2024, 12:06:59 PM

They already murdered the show the first time around. What would be the point in doing it again?

The Life & Slimes of Marc Summers  Feb 15 2024, 04:29:39 PM

Telecharge says:"Please be aware that the front row is a designated SPLASH ZONE - you may be splashed with stray milk, shaving cream, water, and/or SLIME."

Anyone sit there, or see if people who did got splashed? It sort of seems that if you're interested in seeing this show, the potential of getting splashed would be part of the appeal.


Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 15 2024, 01:37:23 PM

Vulture responds to the commentary on Sutton's leaked audios and video with an amusing solution:

A Bad Idea Worth Considering: I Demand to Ride the Sweeney Todd Death Slide

(I'm sure someone will take it seriously, so, yes, it's obviously intended as humor.)

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 14 2024, 06:51:03 PM

Just noticed the updated photos with Ryan on the Roundabout website. Found it interesting that where Daly looked uncertain and in...doubt, Ryan looks harder and more...sinister? Wonder if that will be a difference in her interpretation of the role.

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Feb 14 2024, 11:09:32 AM

To prove I don't only post negative things here, and as a break from the questionable places the thread has ventured lately:

Original Cast Recording of Jason Robert Brown's THE CONNECTOR Will Be Released This S

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/11/24  Feb 13 2024, 03:31:55 PM

RippedMan said: "Appropriate doing better than some musicals.. and almost reaching Back to the Future... probably not a great sign.."

Pretty good sign for Appropriate, though.

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Feb 12 2024, 08:31:51 AM

Elysa Gardner in the NY Sun (hat tip to JackSDawkins123) is mostly negative:

A Self-Serious, Heavy-Handed Take on the Business of News, ‘The Connector’ Misses Its Mark

"Over the past year, on and off-Broadway, I’ve seen shows documenting all manner of depravity and destruction, from lynching to mass genocide, but I can’t recall a production as darkly self-serious as “The Connector,” a new musical conceived and directed by Daisy Prince — daughter of the late, great director and producer Hal Prince — in which the crime against humanity in question is … dishonest journalism."


"When she’s not dropping names, Robin is prone to whine about how her gender keeps holding her back. “You were born on third base. All you Ivy League boys were born on third base,” she tells Ethan, adding an expletive. “But in your case, I think you truly believe you hit a triple.”

Readers, it is indeed true that a fancy diploma can be a helpful asset in our field, as it can in many. Yet I must add a personal note of protest: I got started as a reporter and critic in the ’90s, contributing to national magazines and newspapers, and I can tell you my editors were tripping over themselves to recruit female talent. Women were certainly star writers at Vanity Fair and the New Yorker by then; one, Tina Brown, had been editor-in-chief for eight years at the former before assuming the same position at the latter back in 1992."


"Yet the unabashed bombast that proved more suitable in “Parade” also informs “Connector,” from its opening number, in which Robin, played by Hannah Cruz, sets up the magazine’s story in a shrill, melodramatic belt — as if to assure us that what we’re about to see is of great, great importance. Ms. Cruz’s singing and acting remain especially overzealous, but I suspect Ms. Prince is at least as much to blame as any performer — or any of her creative collaborators, for that matter — for the general heavy-handedness of the piece."

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Feb 12 2024, 08:25:13 AM


Welcome to the boards. On the BroadwayWorld forums, people have long posted opening night reviews in the shows' threads. I tend to do a lot of them, because I enjoy reading and discussing reviews. You can see the recent Spamalot, I Need That, Harmony, Appropriate, and Oh Mary threads for some examples. My posting in this thread is no different from what I did in any of those. I also posted the NYT and Vulture reviews of the Encores! Once Upon a Mattress production in that thread, both of which happen to have been written by women.

On opening nights I'm usually refreshing Google and the major sites to grab and post reviews as soon as they're published. I generally don't have time to check or find sites outside the major ones. I have to move fast to find the major reviews as soon as they're posted, quickly scan them to determine if they're positive/mixed/negative, pull quotes, post them, and then find the next one, which doesn't leave much time to seek out smaller sites. Google also tends to bring up the major sites on opening night, or the smaller sites post later. In this case most of the reviews from the major sites were by men. I had no say in who wrote them.

As the person pulling quotes from reviews, it probably makes sense that I'm going to pull what strikes me as most interesting. It's dealer's choice. Anyone else is welcome to post any quotes they find more interesting, and often do. Given my response to this show, it shouldn't be surprising that what was most interesting to me were the quotes calling out its flaws.

TimeOut is an outlet I usually post. The reason I didn't post their review because it originally described Ethan as "fresh-outta-Yale" when it's stated numerous times that he went to Princeton, and I found the inaccuracy annoying. They've since corrected it to "fresh-outta-Princeton" though unlike something like the NYT, there's no acknowledgement of the change. I wish I'd taken a screenshot of the original version as proof, but again, there wasn't time. Anyone else was welcome to post it.

I didn't quote from Torre's NY Stage Review review because I was posting so much from Scheck's, which I found more insightful for reasons that had nothing to do with gender.

I don't believe I've ever heard of or the New Haven Independent, which is why I didn't post them. I just now did my usual Google news search for "The Connector review," sorting by date, to see if they came up, and neither did. So I never would have found them. How nice that you did. I don't believe Playbill or BroadwayWorld posted either of those reviews in their Review Roundups either, so I'm not the only one who didn't find them. The reviews posted by Playbill and BWW are also overwhelmingly by male critics, and BWW misattributes Bernardo's TimeOut review to Adam Feldman, a man. Have you also questioned their motives?

The NY Sun used to be behind a paywall, so I usually don’t post their reviews. Thank you for pointing out Gardner’s review. I would have been happy to share it, and am glad to do so now.

I would hope that I've been around here long enough and established myself as a (frequently annoying, unfortunately abrasive at times) poster for people not to have to question my motives. I think I'm upfront with any biases and hope I come across as someone who is honest, if gratingly so, and can be taken at face value. But I understand that questioning people's motives when one disagrees with their opinions, or their review posting, is probably standard for the world we live in today.

Boy George in MR  Feb 10 2024, 08:33:16 PM

BCfitasafiddle said: "Apparently, Boy George had AirPods in his ears today onstage during the performance. He claimed to have not realized they were still in."

Someone posted about it on Twitter this morning so I think it happened before today. Unless he did it again today...


The BWW Tech Support Thread  Feb 10 2024, 08:14:05 PM

CJRochester said: "MemorableUserName said: "Has the ability to edit posts disappeared for anyone else? I no longer see that Edit option at the bottom of any of my posts."

I am able to edit my posts (using Chrome on a Windows laptop, if that helps).

Thank you! It looks like it's back for me too. I swear it wasn't there all day and was afraid I'd broken something.

If a moderator fixed it for me, I appreciate it! Thank y

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