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Naya Rivera presumed dead
 Jul 13 2020, 05:27:15 PM

RIP Naya! 

Bombshell Benefit Concert
 May 12 2020, 04:44:11 PM

God awful show. 

CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!! 

PLAZA SUITE Postponed to Spring 2021
 May 12 2020, 03:18:11 PM

Yeah, they really refuse to let go of people's money. They refused to refund me and just scheduled me for next year. Some bull. 

Why do threads keep disappearing?
 May 12 2020, 02:01:25 AM

True, but I was referring to dating relationships. 

Why do threads keep disappearing?
 May 11 2020, 11:31:48 PM

My opinion is valid, and doesn't reflect anyone else. No, the thread was deleted because they erase threads about actors personal, romantic lives. When there was a thread about Eva and Reeve dating (confirmed by both of them and several news articles), it was quickly deleted. 

This place is pretty strange as of late. 

Why do threads keep disappearing?
 May 11 2020, 10:51:41 PM

Darrell, to answer your question on the now deleted thread:

Elaborate? I still remember Noah's pretty harsh comments about Colton Haynes coming out. Since then I haven't been much a fan"

Yeah, that entire interview was really messed up, I have no respect for him regarding comments on Colton and saying things like "I’m still figuring out my own bull*hit. I’ve got struggles of my own. I don’t have time to be your fu*king soothsayer.&quo

Ruthie Ann Miles Announces Birth of Daughter
 May 10 2020, 05:38:20 PM

All the loving vibes to her entire family! 

Next To Normal Streaming Tonight?
 May 10 2020, 05:36:19 PM

They didn't sell tickets to this event, only subscribers to TheaterWorks got to see this. 

Broadway Stars With COVID-19/Coronavirus
 May 7 2020, 11:03:18 PM

ItsMeRaul said: So say the two people most invested in being on top of posting updates...

I wish all three of them everything good in life,don't get me wrong. What you're doing feels creepy/voyeuristic IMO.

Why would you possibly care what other people do? Amanda has made national news with her positive messages and her updates. This is a broadway board and people do care what happens to others in the this community. Your negativity and judgement

 Apr 11 2020, 04:53:10 PM

Sutton Ross said: "Awesome. Good luck at Peppa Pig State!"


Shut down until June 7
 Apr 9 2020, 04:52:12 PM

Here is a section from a New York Times article to allow you understand, although I seriously doubt you will be able to, given your denials that anything is wrong. Good luck, you'll need it. 

"But theater presenters also expect that their stages will recover more slowly than some other parts of the economy because live performance usually involves large numbers of people getting together in confined spaces, which could be viewed as a public health risk, a

Shut down until June 7
 Apr 8 2020, 06:55:13 PM

Yeah, because that's the first thing I'm going to do with my paltry unemployment....go out and buy a premium seat to a broadway show!

Keep dreaming. 

Virginia Wolf cancel altogether
 Mar 25 2020, 04:28:44 PM

Then don't read her posts? Pretty easy solution! 

THE INHERITANCE Closing Very Soon?
 Feb 2 2020, 09:58:59 PM

bxs89 said: "If anyone is curious about rush tickets, I went on Saturday, February 1st and arrived at the theater at approximately 11:20am and got Orchestra Row A seats 5 & 7 for Part 2!"

That is really helpful, thank you!

MEAN GIRLS Recoups and Announces Film Adaptation
 Jan 23 2020, 03:46:30 PM


Shubert now has gender neutral bathrooms
 Jan 22 2020, 08:19:08 PM

Good to know.  Looks like from now on I'll be "identifying" as whatever gender has the shorter bathroom line.

Nope. What a despicable thing to say. Shocker. 

That's really not what it's for. It's for people like me who is not male or female and not comfortable in either bathroom. Having these signs up means if I get harassed or questioned I can say something to someone.

Exactly. I hope you have a much more comfortable

THE INHERITANCE Closing Very Soon?
 Jan 22 2020, 03:32:00 PM

"It's also baffling to me how these problems escaped Daldry all these years."

Perhaps he doesn't think of them as problems....

An All Male West Side Story?
 Oct 4 2019, 12:56:59 AM
They should really change the name then since that's not West Side Story.
The dog whistle of phones in theater article
 Oct 3 2019, 03:31:34 PM

dramamama611 said: "^well, thats not true."

How long have you been here? And you have never read this article posted roughly 2000 times on the website? I find that real hard to believe.

Hadestown prices
 Oct 1 2019, 08:59:16 PM

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