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Chu developing CRAZY RICH ASIANS musical  Apr 17 2024, 12:59:44 PM

rosscoe(au) said: "Spoilers for those that haven’t seen the film. I really wished the film ended on a down beat note, just after the Mahjong game, with her winning and it ending with that stunning speech about how every time she looks at him, she’ll know he’s sad. The film worked brilliantly for me up till the tacky happy ending on the aircraft. Of course that’s not how Hollywood works."

I remember rolling my eyes at the ending change but know

Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler to star in ROMEO & JULIET on Broadway?  Apr 16 2024, 12:08:46 PM

hearthemsing22 said: "Do you think on some level she expected an Oscar nod for WSS, but since that didn't happen, she's hoping for a Tony nod for this?"

I think she's a young performer trying to carve out a space for herself. Not to say that 22 year olds don't care about awards but I think people underestimate how much having a career when you're 22 is about just working. Just being seen. 

Tom Holland's Romeo and Juliet to Transfer to Broadway?  Apr 14 2024, 11:57:18 AM

Dancingthrulife2 said: "I suspect a large portion of the audience that the casting choice is aiming to attract might be in the rude awakening that this is a Shakespear play that requires a proper understanding of the English language rather than West Side Story where the bar is much, much lower."

There is almost nowhere in this country you can go to school where you don't have to study at least one Shakespeare play before you leave the public school system so thi

Jennifer Lopez to Star in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Film  Apr 9 2024, 07:38:11 PM

MerchMan said: "Her new album completed bombed, her "movie" was a disaster and she's cancelling dates on her tour now because of weak ticket sales!!! She's more a Black Widow when it comes to entertainment, everything around her is dying!!!"

As a pophead-in-residence JLo's popularity cannot be tied to her music career as its never really been as successful as people think with many many ups and downs that have done almost nothing to effect her s

THE WIZ Previews  Mar 29 2024, 11:05:18 PM

Whenever reports are bad on things like this or Funny Girl I always return to the question, how much of the response to this is because it's just not good to begin with?

Jennifer Lopez to Star in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Film  Mar 22 2024, 12:24:51 PM

AEA AGMA SM said: "Granted it’s been a while since I read the script, but I don’t recall much discussion, if any, of Aurora as a person, it’s all centered on the characters she played. So I’m not sure what making the character trans would actually add to the story without feeling kind of heavy handed to add dialogue to highlight it (note, that I’m opposed to casting a trans woman to play the part if she was right for it, and I’m sure there are a go

Jennifer Lopez to Star in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Film  Mar 20 2024, 10:39:38 PM

I’ve always felt that the way to draw out of the trans theme in the material would be to make Aurora trans, not Molina. Either way I’m excited for this. No she can’t sing it, but I honestly don’t know if I care after thinking about it for a few months. 

Denzel Washington to return to Broadway in OTHELLO?  Mar 8 2024, 10:47:59 AM

Very interested to hear the backstage stories on this considering how opposite their reputations are.

Days of Wine and Roses to Close Early  Mar 8 2024, 05:39:02 AM

bwaylvsong1 said: "There are several reasons I think this show isn’t sellingwell:

-I haven’t seen ANY advertising for this show outside of theatre-oriented spaces.

-Kelli and Brian are not well-known to the general public.

-I haven’t heard much of the score, but I can’t imagine that Guettel wrote catchy music that a typical theatregoer would enjoy. When I saw Piazza, I was in tears from the beauty of the music, while those arou

Playwright on HIV Med Strike / NYTW Responds  Mar 6 2024, 03:49:27 PM

jv92 said: "I mean, I think it's insulting to the scores of (marginalized) peoplewho died, fought, or fought and died, just so you could have these medications and lead a long, productive life with HIV, but I suppose that doesn't matter to the lunatics trying to runthe asylum now.Good luck with the slow suicide, and I hope Larry Kramer doesn't meet you and the pearly gates, because he'll have some things to say.


I don't me

Denzel Washington to return to Broadway in OTHELLO?  Mar 6 2024, 11:49:01 AM

GottaGetAGimmick420 said: "… there are other directors that do better work than Kenny Leon, Broadway knows that… right?"

Those other directors haven't previously directed Denzel to a Tony Award. This industry is built on relationships, and they have a strong one.

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024  Mar 5 2024, 11:49:08 PM

ColorTheHours048 said: "As far as the special effects go, I recall an article a while back where Kristin Chenoweth was talking about doing workshops for this with Universal Theater Group, including illusion workshopping. I can’t find it now, but it seems like they’ve been working on production elementslonger than, if not as long as, the musical itself."

The movie quite literally changed Hollywood. FX that are common today were invented to

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024  Mar 4 2024, 09:40:42 PM

I have zero faith this will be any good. I'm just here for a belt fest and in that sense Michelle is a perfect for me. Don't care if she can act her way out of a paper bag, the lady can sing. I still don't think that role calls for expansion but we'll see. I'm hoping Hilty gets soprano moments. Madeline Ashton is a character where you could milk both sides of her voice.

Grand Hotel Reunion at 54 Below  Mar 2 2024, 03:59:28 PM

Can we PLEASE walk, wheel, zoom Tommy Tune in to direct something new.

Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)  Feb 22 2024, 07:51:12 AM

Forgive me for having something resembling common sense but isn’t the point of a run a place like Playwrights Horizons where they’re focused on “support and development of new works” to help them glean what they need to cut, change, and otherwise adjust in the show? He has not “turned in” anything unusual since a show being too long is the most common thing in the world for a first performance of a work that’s only had readings and workshops.

Any chance we'll see Daniel Fish's Oklahoma! again?  Feb 17 2024, 11:36:10 AM

For all the antagonism this got on the road, it did make me a bit emotional to read reports often that the only thing middle America responded to in the touring production was Sis.

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Feb 11 2024, 07:08:59 PM

The whole "why are they hiding the singing" thing has become such a go to talking point and just like with TCP it just feels stupid here. Wicked is not some little show no one's ever heard of. Anyone who knows what it is, theatre fan or not, is aware there's singing. It's a minute long teaser that ends with a (really unpleasant) vocal moment. They weren't exactly going to bust out three minutes of Defying Gravity because that's not a tease.

SMASH Reading Lottery  Feb 9 2024, 04:48:26 PM

The creative team has expressed before why they abandoned plans for a Bombshell stage show. An album full of unconnected 11 o’clock numbers (and the Marilyn theming is not really enough connective tissue before someone argues) does not a stage show make. I thought making Smash a show made more sense but that plot sounds dreadful.

Billie Eilish wants to write a musical  Feb 6 2024, 11:50:02 AM

The themes of Barbie the movie are a bit muddled but "What Was I Made For" cuts to the heart of what the script is trying to say. It really snuck up on me. I'm not sure what her singing or their production style has to do with lyricism. Plenty of people cover her songs outside of her style and they tend to keep their effect because they're well written.

I've always thought the Sarah Waters novel "Tipping the Velvet" would make a good musical and I'd

A SAG Life Achievement Award for Barbra  Feb 2 2024, 11:26:06 AM

Jay Lerner-Z said: "She must have manifested it through the power of her mind, the "universe conspiring" to help her.

Not that it is not deserved. It is. She is a great actor, better on screen than on stage. Stephen Sondheim was not that impressed with her in Funny Girl, he said she was unable to act and sing well at the same time.

She has been in some dud movies but her own acting work has always been wonderful. I'm guessing this will mean a lot t

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