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'Orlando' at Signature Theatre
 Apr 16 2024, 03:17:09 PM

Has anyone heard anything about this production? Looks interesting!

The Avett Brothers’ SWEPT AWAY musical at Arena Stage
 Jan 15 2024, 05:45:16 PM

Great interview with Adrian on the podcast "Drama Fiends" ... he is definitely someone to watch! He seems to imply the show has life ahead of it...

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW
 Dec 27 2022, 01:00:49 PM

The impromptu q&a looked awesome last night! It was nice they did that for the audience. There are a ton of videos on this page:

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Oct 4 2022, 10:38:57 AM

waitwhat0223 said: "Had to create an account so I can come here to say this: Has anyone watched Lea’s Cornet Man clip? Her voice in this song is soooooo satisfying. The belting seems so perfect and effortless.
Also, is it rare that a Broadway show makes a cast recording with a replacement but not the opening lead? I’m only asking this because being an International fan during this COVID pandemic, it’s almost impossible for me to travel to NYC to see Lea live an

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Oct 2 2022, 12:38:53 PM

Anyone know why Lea and Ramin missed the Curtain Up concert today? They were listed in the credits.

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