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 Apr 29 2024, 10:00:18 PM

Robbie2 said: "forfivemoreminutes said: "I got an audience rewards ticketfor early June. The seat is N-1, which should be perfect."

Show won't be open in June as I heard a closing notice is coming. Go see it this week!


Oh no, I won't be in NYC until June 3! When will closing be?

 Apr 29 2024, 05:59:42 PM

I got an audience rewards ticket for early June. The seat is N-1, which should be perfect.

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024
 Apr 12 2024, 10:50:13 PM

Is this likely to extend past July 21? Debating whether I should make a trip to Boston just for this or whether I can plan to see it the first week of August when I already have a Boston trip planned.

 Mar 25 2024, 02:08:03 PM

I have two TDF tickets for Lempicka available for Wednesday March 27 at 8 pm. $61 if anyone wants to purchase. I am also attending the show; I just bought different seats when they became available for a good price and now want to sell the TDF ones. I will pick up the tickets at the box office and give them to you in person. DM me if you're interested! Happy to send proof of purchase via email.

The Official TDF Thread
 Mar 24 2024, 10:01:36 AM

Does TDF ever give out partial view seats?

Audience rewards missing points requests
 Mar 23 2024, 01:52:08 PM

I have made about 6 missing points requests for audience rewards over the past month; however, none of these points have yet been added and it still shows as “pending.” How long does it usually take for these points to move from pending to show up in my account? Has audience rewards been particularly slow at this over the past month or is it probably an issue with my account? In the past I haven’t had to wait this long to have my points added.

The Official TDF Thread
 Mar 23 2024, 11:56:08 AM

Has anyone seen Lempicka through TDF? If so, where were your seats?

Itmar Moses' THE ALLY at the Public
 Feb 29 2024, 08:42:45 PM

What are the odds of this extending another week to March 31? I'm in NYC the last week of March (starting March 27) and I'd love to catch this before it closes, but I only have one show slot left! Should I hold off on buying a ticket to something else and try to catch this one?

 Feb 28 2024, 10:04:46 PM

Anything new for either Doubt or Little Shop? Doubt's codes only work until today; they don't work at all for March or April.

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Feb 13 2024, 01:37:41 PM

So is the Frozen tour ending without ever coming to Toronto? It’s shocking to me that Ottawa got the Frozen tour but Toronto didn’t.

 Feb 9 2024, 01:28:29 PM

Anything for Doubt?

Groban & Ashford in SWEENEY TODD On Broadway
 Jan 29 2024, 12:23:30 PM

I was so impressed when I saw the show on Saturday night; de Waal and Christopher were absolutely incredible. Christopher is so intense and menacing, and de Waal sings the score beautifully. Highly recommend seeing the two of them before Foster and Tveit start!

CONFIRMED: CABARET at the August Wilson Theatre, Spring 2024
 Jan 21 2024, 05:52:19 PM

Does anyone have a sense of what the layout of the theatre will be and what the view will be like from the back of the orchestra? I'm looking at seats in row K or row L of the orchestra and I'm not sure if those will be obstructed or too far back, or if those rows are right beside the sound booth, which would not be my preference. Would row K or L be equivalent to row Z in the usual layout of the theatre (which was beside the sound booth in past iterations)? It looks like the stage is

 Jan 15 2024, 12:19:07 AM

Anything for Sweeney prior to Aaron and Sutton starting?

Off-Broadway suggestions for late January
 Jan 13 2024, 09:12:39 PM

Thanks everyone for your help! My plan as of now is to see The Connector, Once Upon A Mattress, Our Class at BAM, Days of Wine and Roses (which I loved off-Broadway), and Sweeney (hoping tickets will be much cheaper after Josh and Annaleigh have left).

Off-Broadway suggestions for late January
 Jan 12 2024, 12:32:57 PM

I'm going to be in NYC January 25-28. Are there any off-Broadway shows playing at that time that I should see?

 Jan 10 2024, 12:21:05 AM

Having seen this play twice now, I think my take is that the themes are incredibly lofty and complex and compelling and topical and multi-layered, AND the play falls short in many ways of its full potential, as a piece of writing and also as a theatrical work. The ideas themselves are there, and in some spots executed beautifully and evocatively, and in other spots (in my opinion with Elodie and Molly in particular) executed rather clumsily. I'm still really glad I saw this show, and it g

 Jan 9 2024, 11:05:01 PM

BWW lists the NYT review as positive, but it's definitely mixed at minimum (maybe mixed to negative).

I also think the Variety review is pretty spot on, particularly in noting "Molly and Patrick representing a sort of naïve and ungenerous unawareness" and "it's in the character of Molly that the show falls flattest." Completely agree.

New App Helps Broadway Theatergoers Find Last-Minute Deals
 Jan 9 2024, 02:41:53 PM

I've used it both to buy and sell tickets; I often enter lotteries for two people with the hope that a friend might come with me, but when I've been unable to find a friend to go with, it's been amazing to be able to sell the second one on Theatr. Usually the ticket sells within an hour, sometimes within minutes, and I've never run into any problems. Much more secure in my experience than other reselling markets. I've also bought some tickets on Theatr. I once even found a

 Dec 20 2023, 01:25:43 PM

TaffyDavenport said: "Regarding seating, I remember house right being much more preferable Off-Broadway, with the majority of scenes taking place on that side. I'm assuming the Broadway staging is the same or similar, so maybe someone who saw it last night can provide some insight."

At the Friedman, I don’t think it really matters unless possibly you’re in the first few rows of the very furthest left or right side. Certain scenes do take place on stag

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